Trying Out The Pit Boss 340 Pellet Smoker!

Decided to play with the Pit Boss 340 pellet smoker to see how it would perform. Enjoy! Cheers!


canonman223 says:

Why the foil inside?

Steve Molk says:

Why are you cooking at 225 and not smoking at 225…you need to be smoking at 225

ajayonline says:

Parenting 101 – Don’t Touch That! lol. Great price on that smoker! Have a fantastic 4th of July! Hopefully you get some BBQing in this weekend!

Tyler Stargel says:


Your videos got me into smokin and BBQ’n. I started out with an akorn and moved on to kamado joe after getting a hell of a deal on a Classic II ($825). I just wanted to say that you’re a cool ass dude. Love your vids man keep up the good work. Happy 4th to you and yours!

Michael j says:

made in China?

bittyboo52 says:

is this considered the pit boss 340 portable tailgater? and could you put in a 10 pound pork shoulder? thanks…informative and helpful for me!


Your boy looks just like you! 😉

Keith Russell says:

wow I’m hoping I can get something like this in Oz. Those ribs looked so good

bittyboo52 says:

First time using, just got done smoking turkey legs with bbq sauce…did NOT put down foil, so i have a mess….any tips for cleaning? I turned it up to 400 after the legs were out, to get the excess burnt off, but have some sauce burned on below the grates…..did an excellent job smoking the legs, hubby was happy

Art Penna says:

I’ve got one u need to set your p setting then it would b accurate

Kelvin Lowe says:

Your smoker is a little too close to your house. Nice video just got my Pit Boss this week.

Jordan Lindsey says:

Is there anywhere I can purchase this for as cheap as you got it? I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Flying Arrow says:

Oh, I should add…..I honestly didn’t feel like my Pit Boss was smoking much and now I always use a “smoke tube” to add smoke to my cooks. I’ll honestly say I’m disappointed in the lack of smoke w/ my Pit Boss. Mine does not smoke anything like your was once temps settle out. I loved how you said you could hear a pellet drop in and you saw smoke. I don’t hardly ever see smoke w/o the smoke tube.

stonecoldtrk says:

My electric smoker has the heat variation like this sort of. What I think happens is it’s burning hotter and hotter heating up but then it’s can’t just turn off fire so it shoots past it’s goal. In my experience with my little electric smoker, if I set them temp and leave it be it will eventually settle in after about 30 minutes. Then it will fluctuate maybe 20 total, 10 above then 10 below. I’m looking to get one like this in the future so thanks for the video 🙂
Edit: Oh and btw, I wanna see you do a brisket on this!!!!!

quikdrw63 says:

Does that drip pan not have the slots to expose the fire? I have the 840. The pan has a slider to expose the fire. You can get more char. On the burger

Dts1953 says:

Looks a great piece of kit, if I lived in the states I would buy one. Those ribs made my mouth water.. Excellent video. All the best to you and your family.

Whats New BBQ says:

This was a really cool video man! Thanks for sharing. Always enjoy watchin

marc hutchins says:

did you get this from the Academy sale ?

Donald Beal says:

Awesome video. I just picked up the pitboss classic for $100 on clearance at Walmart and can’t wait to try it out.

Flying Arrow says:

Been using a Pit Boss (larger size) for almost a year now. The temps do swing a bit…..but if you leave the lid closed it will settle out. I’ve learned to totally drain the pellets and run the auger shaft “dry” after a cook. I had the auger freeze up b/c of pellets being left in it. Had to tear it all apart to fix. I’m happy with it. Why do you feel the need to keep the pellet hopper 100% full at all times?

the family says:

Just seen one of these for a really good price buy Costco is going to have traeger sells reps in store with deals on the 27th don’t know if I should wait or just pick up this one just wish they had it in bronze

Leo Torres says:

Great video. Very helpful. One question. How big is the cooking surface on the pit boss 340? A x B


You see these every where now and an abundance of them. Always wandered how they perform. Thanks for sharing bro.

castnbash says:

I just snagged one of these last night at walmart end of year clearance $75 ….. so if interested in one of these rush out to your local walmart and MAYBE get lucky like I did … I wasnt looking for a grill or smoker but how do you pass up a $300 unit for 75 bucks

Geoffrey Smith says:

I own a pellet grill too and also a manado cooker with smoking stone. I love both Grills but use the pellet more. It provides plenty of good smoke flavor and great food. The reason you are getting such high fluctuations is the quality of the pellets, humidity and a little understanding of how the grill works. The grill controller allows for fluctuations to create more smoke. The average temperature is what you sent. The temp will go above the set temp when more pellets and they are added when the temperature drops below set temperature. It’s on purpose. I would recommend high quality pellets. I would also recommend cleaning the fire box after a few cooks. It will keep flare outs from happening. Do it when you change the foil on the drip pan. If you do get a flame out , don’t restart the grill without cleaning out the firebox. It will prevent a major flare up and explosion and burn out of your cook

Nick B says:

Hey mate.

Loved your video. I am super keen to getting into smoking. Ribs, brisket (haven’t watched your pellet cook with this yet)
Would you say this would be a good option to start with. Or would the Traeger be better?

I would love to go traditional but thinking this would be a bit easier and also probably a nice way to get into smoking?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Nick. Australia.

KTownFishing says:

I set my P Setting to P6 and it helps control the heat raising. P6 is almost the slowest the auger pellet feed setting.

bhawkk says:

Please do a brisket on the Pit Boss. I’m getting one in a few weeks!

Rocen Rol says:

Dang nice ribs!!!!1 thing i can say. … thats your baby! !!! Identical! !! But

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