Traeger’s smart Timberline smokes up fantastically good food

The Traeger Timberline 850 pellet-powered grill smokes delicious food with a smart connection.
Traeger Timberline 850 Grill review:

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IP Films says:

We almost bought one of these at costco yesterday. I really wanted this LMAO

Steve Jensen says:

Traeger over promised and under delivered with this grill. All the hype and I’ve heard of nothing but problems. They aren’t posting negative reviews posted on their website.

vengeance says:

That ain’t no grillin for a real man… that’s for rookies who can’t grill

Aaron Goshen says:

Cool grill, but you can get Traegers for about $700 at Costco that looks and performs very similar to this grill imo. Not worth paying an extra $1,000 for WiFi and extra height in grilling space.

Carson Redford says:

Get one at Costco ya’ll

Stephen Ojwang says:

There are many pellet smokers in the market.. Green mountain, rec teck, Yoder, fast Eddie, Mak grills, Memphis, Louisiana … CNET you are looking credibility with this reveiw

Mark Sandorf says:

Can I ask a question here ? How is it that some guy is able to post a review on the performance of a high end grill, and get in-depth about what a smoker should or shouldn’t be, when he doesn’t even know enough about grilling to put the racks in correctly ? Upside down and backwards ?!? Really ? Do you do shoe reviews also. Maybe bag on the new Nikes being uncomfortable when you have the shoes on the wrong feet ? Now I’m not saying it’s a good grill or not. That’s what I’m trying to find out, but if you are going to hold yourself out as an expert, maybe try to at least look the part ?

Gay Guard Moose Saucy says:

This guys a idiot, every “problem” he’s brought up is due to lack of just cleaning and taking care of your possessions …you know…that adult stuff. Stick to your crappy webber rookie.

Dept246 says:

Next Bar-B-Q grill

D Tyronee Shepard says:

Maybe if I was able to use regular wood chips.

searles400 says:

I don’t own one yet, and I’ve been researching it a lot and there weee definitly a lot of known issues with the timberline when it first launched. That being said traeger worked with a lot of people from smoking forums and with multiple firmware updates and a change in some parts, from what I’m hearing the problems are gone and it’s an awesome smoker.

Charles Eye says:

Traeger? Blech! It’s all about Green Mountain Grills!

*EDIT: THIS IS NOT THE ONLY NON-PORTABLE SMART GRILL YOU CAN BUY.* This reviewer is completely uninformed. Both of my Green Mountain Grills are smart grills. Wifi, apps…the whole enchilada. Furthermore, they both cost MUCH less than this thing (roughly half the price).

Paul Shepardson says:

Your review of this smoker is pure bullshit. Any wood pellet the is designed for cooking/smoking will work. I have had my Timberline 850 since they were introduced and is has worked flawlessly every single time. You might want to do some more research before you publish inaccurate information.

Kelvin Waters says:

$1700 and proprietary wood pellets?! Hell nah.

FastLikeUNO says:

Im hungry now 🙁

Dennis Dowd says:

My sister had a wood stove like this to heat her home, but she had exactly the same problem with it. When it was cold and you needed it to light, it wouldn’t. She got tired of it really soon.

Barak Patterson says:

There’s nothing proprietary about wood pellets. Many pellets are not only cheaper, but work better than the Treager branded ones. As far as cleaning goes; cleaning the grills is part of life with any BBQ, but you shouldn’t be cleaning anything else. Expect a quick vacuuming of ashes off the bottom and inside the fire pot. Which I’ll admit is a lot easy if you have a small shop vac.

Iron dog says:

Shitty review !
Gmg Green Mountain Grills have been doing WiFi way longer !

Matthew C says:

Sometimes smart isn’t that smart

Zachary F says:

Now no one can say first

Albert says:

you got the grills upside down and front to back wrong too

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