Traeger Smoker Grills Review | Is Traeger Smoker Grills Review As Good As It Sounds?

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In this short video I did a Traeger Smoker Grills Review review. At around the 00:37 I talked about it in detail. Here is some more information on Traeger Smoker Grills Review:

“Its summer time! And, if you’re like me, summer time means grill time! Personally I love a nice charcoal or gas grill simply because these types of grills emanate the best flavors and smells!…”

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Ticky Tocky says:

auger not arbor, just sayin’

Slugi Lugz says:

I dont rely comment on youtube stuff but if you are doing a video on a grill why do you need a cookbook, Please stop big guy you sound rough

tomjmail says:

I was getting excited about getting a pellet smoker/grill but thus far my research leads me to believe these are more grill than smoker. Bummer as I have to have a good smoker first, grill second.

BlackCat 56 says:

don’t they smoke like crazy?

Now World says:

I hate how people do these reviews and never start with the basics. HOW DOES IT WORK, WHATS THE ENERGY SOURCE, DOES IT FLAME, IS IT ELECTRICAL ect ect…

gregoryjamesaustin says:

A friend of mine used to sell grills from several companies. He has had a trager for years and swears by it. The taste has been awesome. I have a Weber summit gas and a Weber charcoal. I also have a cookshack smoker. Seriously considering adding a trager.

Jeff Johnson says:

You didn’t talk much about the smoking

mark park says:

traeger+==cheap china juck that might catch your house on fire. i bought one, id like to shove it back up their ass.

Anderson Fireplace says:

I have owned a Traeger smoker grill for 15 yrs, and I have smoked many different meats and vegies. This grill will slow smoke salmon, beef, pork, and chicken. I can get a 3/4″ smoke ring in my pork roast, in about 3-4 hours, I have slow smoked a full pork tenderloin for 9 hours, and it was the most tender and juicy pork roast I have ever eaten. This is one of the best smokers I have ever used.

SJH says:

I have a traeger jr elite. Only problem I have is how high it cooks. I’m cooking a Boston butt right now at 225….and it is hitting 310. Traeger sent me a new temp probe and I’m also monitoring with a separate temp probe. Why if I’m cooking at 225 does it so dang hot? I let it heat up with the lid open…etc..etc…

Probably my last cook with it and I’m taking it back

Jason Ross says:

Traeger Smoker Grills Review | Is Traeger Smoker Grills Review As Good As It Sounds?

Not sure you addressed the topic here. Also I noticed what looked like rust on the hinge. How long have you had this and how well has it held up?

Dinopolese Sharkosaur says:


Shannon Carr says:

This is a awesome grill.>>>    I used it to smoke a brisket. This is the way it should always be done!

Jack Lankford says:

Have only done pork and chicken on mine. Great smoker.

Tbone Maline says:

Don’t buy.  Mine broke in just two months.  How is that possible?  Device wont even turn on.

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