Traeger & Pellet Grill BBQ Benefits

Traeger vs REC Tec Pellet Grill? we like the Traeger Pellet Grill and show off the tricks and benefits of pellet grills at home and in competition use. The heat and fuel source (real wood pellets) make this type of grill a real bbq trick in and of itself as some competition sanctioning groups insist on using wood for fuel or face disqualification. These grills allow for temperature precision and a way to set it and forget it (and get some sleep) for some long low and slow cooks.
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Vince Ruland says:

The little gromit on the left of the grill is to run a digital thermometer thru it so it doesn’t stick out the pit.

KRVP176 says:

Your multi rack your using can you provide info on that please?

LongIslandHobbyist says:

The crooked glasses made me realize I have ocd

Karl Joesph says:

Yeah great lets smoke some more red meat and we will all be fat cancer patients like hamburger Dan here

D Hansel says:

Pee Kan pellets ???? What part of the world is he from.
Down here in Texas we call it PeKan (Pecan). 🙂
Love that BBQ

turtlepowersf says:

So I’ve done a little research on pellet smokers/grills myself. The main drawback for me is I dont have a local supplier for pellets. I understand I can get them online no problem, but I would have to make sure to stay stocked up, and I find the pellets to be sort of expensive. I can get a 40lb bag of oak lump for around 15 bucks or wood logs for around the same price depending on what type. I cook on an offset stick burner (shirley fabrication) currently and I would like something smaller for those times when I want to cook just a couple things. About how many pounds of pellets could I expect to go through during a 12 hour cook @250 degrees?

Andy Olsen says:

These are a lot of money for thin metal out of China. Not much value compared to a stick burner.

Ken Whitley says:

I own a Rec Tec and my neighbor has a Traeger.  In comparing the two, they both will smoke meat.  The Rec Tec has a much longer warranty and is constructed of heavier material.  With the Rec Tec you do not have to buy their brand of pellets to maintain the warranty.  My vote is for the Rec Tec.  I guess that is why he did not review the Rec Tec in this video.

Gary Graham says:

first comments

Scott Campbell says:

I don’t care what all these bbq guys say there’s no difference between the woods you use. I can’t tell from hickory to cherry. It’s all the same.

Jeff H says:

LOL @ 1:42

Sound Weave Studios says:

Firepot gets WAAAAY hotter than 400 degrees…….

kf1968 says:

omg pee can? you buy it from over the road truckers? Pecan pah can

BBQ 4 Beginners UK says:

I need one of these! Thanks for the review

Ramiro Flores says:

I personally prefer Green Mountain Grills, but only because i have one lol

steve wujek says:

Lol @ 1:42

James Saefong says:

I thought the art of smoking meat is controlling the temperature yourself. Not a fuckkng a machine

jman890202 says:

You call it Traeger vs Rec Tech and then you don’t talk about Rec Tech. Some comparison.

rschoultz5304 says:

Did he say rub his butt?

Paul Shepardson says:

Copy Cat – Traeger just changed the game!

Mr. Ken says:

Who would throw a pee can on his butts?

James Gomes says:

You can only have a fair comparison if you are cooking side by side. Your video should be titled, “Why I love Traeger.”

James Saefong says:

This is a microwave

Richard Gonzalez says:

Big Green Egg

Eric Smith says:

Academy sports sells the pellets

Chuck Sheldon says:

it’s not pronounced “PEE-CAN”… it’s “PAH-CON”

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