I know this isn’t a sneaker vid, but I wanted to share my thoughts on the GMG (Green Mountain Grill) Daniel Boone w Wifi, and 5 reasons I choose this over the Lil Tex 22 Traeger!

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5 reasons I chose a GMG Pellet Grill over a Traeger in 2017
Thicker Steele, more durable.
All in 1 Grill! Higher temp (500 to 800 w the Pizza attachment!) vs Treager 400, selling my weber
Wifi! Why Wifi? Set Grill Profiles, Program your meals
Meat Probe, w/ app monitoring
Traeger void warranty w other brands pellets


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I4BROWN says:

The Traeger gets up to 450 degrees, I had mine for two months and wouldn’t trade it for any other. I’m a first time smoker/ pellet grill owner and if you don’t have one your missing out.

Dennis Stricklin says:

How long would a 10 lb pork tenderloin take to cook?

dcvince says:

Barefoot? Not sure if you copped it but the Momofuku SB Dunks would’ve been soooo appropriate for this! Missed opportunity, dude! LOL 🙂

Ray Paulino says:

Awesome bruh! I was hella looking for one too! Smoker review!!

YoseMiteEmery says:

I’m a vegetarian but still enjoyed the video! Lol

Peter Jones says:

Great video! I bought the Daniel Boone Wi-Fi version in the UK from a UK stockist. There are two main suppliers here and both have sold out. Just goes to show how popular these grills are.

Quinn Person says:

Because I like your reviews, can you give me your opinion of the Camp Chef woodwind with the sear box? I wish someone would do a comparison with the CC, GMG and the Rec Tec!

Murphy Brown says:

I’m Country brah I’m in the market put I’m use to the old hot water tank build that cost like 350 max and last til your grandson ready to learn how to grill lol

MyNameIsFather says:

9/10 condition

rmyc says:

Winco has pellets for 5$ a bag, seen it yesterday. Not sure if it’s still on sale

Danny White says:

Now smoke some Yeezy’s

Brandon Ridberg says:

Top Reasons start at 2:33

JOSEslayer 101 says:

Resellers are gonna be all over this now

Oscar Yee says:

Not in the market for a new grill but I always wondered how these worked. Great vid hes!

M. DLG says:

I’m not mad at this content! Keep’em coming Hes.

holysmokescharles says:

I originally got a Traegger. Kept getting Ler error which causes grill to shut off and I lost some meats by I wasn’t sure how long the smoker had been off. I tried all trouble shooting recommendations and it continued to happen. I returned it and got a GMG. Definitely more durable and stronger build quality. No issues with GMG grill so far. Works great and the wifi is great. Also the GMG gets higher temps and you can fine tune temperature more then you can on Traeger. Lastly agree using any pellet brand you want is a huge advantage

Ryan Tanaka says:

great vid – been looking for one for a while

Jim Cash. says:

as for the pellets….thats a joke from the grill manufacture. But i’ll be sure to look into this smoker, I’m also looking at a RT. Thanks for posting..

Geoffrey Smith says:

I did the same kind of research and decided on a completely different grill from Grilla Grills, their Grilla model Competition level smoker grill, because of the footprint and quality of construction, it also has a quick pellet dump for changing pellet flavors and a sliding lid instead of having to life the lid. For $799 it’s worth every penny and shipping is included. It also has a meat temp probe that comes with the grill. But alas not WiFi enabled, but has a full 4 year warrantee, heavy stainless steel grates and the customer support is fantastic. Oh, It cooks really well to.

bppyro pyrotechnic says:

I prefer the smoke daddy 1190. Blows this one out of the water. So what for Wi-Fi. That’s not bbqing

UH60crew1 says:

I have a Davie Crockett and so dose my son we both love them.

Tony Barone says:

You should take the foil off! I love my GMG. If you remove the foil you will see the holes in the top grate. Sliding the top grate so the holes are open will give you an awesome direct heat that’s great for grilling. Slide it so the holes close for a more indirect heat good for smoking and slow cooking.

rick perez says:

great video… my wife wants to cook after 40 years, so what is the GMG model or part number to buy?  I would appreciate your opinion…

Erik Whitver says:

Awesome review bro…gonna buy the GMG tomorrow.

swilson032 says:

Dope vid. Thought about getting a traeger for awhile now.

Ivan Aguilar says:

Too fancy for me, nothing like smoking meats in a good ol barrel smoker. Pellet and electric smokers are pretty much crock pots.

Twinkletoes says:

What’s the firebox made out of? Is it easy to clean?

Perez21645 says:

Traeger has a control for 2 meat temp probes. But the hottest Ive gotten my Traeger is 450. Most of the time when I want top to do a sear I use good old cast iron. But Ive done over 80 racks of ribs and 20 briskets and many many wings and have great results. Have you seen or heard of Yoder grills? They are amazing built and you can tell that they are quality just when you lift the handle its super heavy. As far as using just Traeger pellets, there are LOTS of people that use other pellets other than the Traeger pellets. How are they gonna know what type of pellets we used when they are bburned to ashes. But still a great review bc I am a sneakerhead and I also love grilling. Wifey just got me a sous vide for Fathers Day and having a pellet grill and a sous vide has been awesome bc we have been getting creative with our meals.

RATED says:

I bought a camp chef woodwind


I found this enjoyable

Jordan Keuler says:

Did you ever look into camp chefs woodwind ?

Brandon Ridberg says:

#1 Reason – Traeger doesn’t use a true PID controller on the lower model grills. I returned my Traeger after finding out it doesn’t have PID technology.

ChecoKicks says:

Where’d you purchase your GMG? Torn between the wifi and non wifi model. These pellet smokers are so much easier than my stick burner. Pretty much fool proof.

Hula Rock says:

Did you look at the Camp Chef grills?

Lando C. says:

I would love to see a “Barefoot Series” on this channel! Occasional non-sneaker related informational videos would be a lot of fun!

Aaron Tim says:

I like

Nick Alvarez says:

Great vid. I’m in the market myself after trying some pork belly a customer made. I’m a tech guy so I definitely would choose the wifi version. I think the probe is an awesome feature

Curtis Woods says:

Great Video, I did a lot of research last year and was planning on buying one. I didn’t as my job sent me out to another part of the state for 4 months and didn’t want to buy one and have it sit at home while I was away. I am now back in the market and just rechecking on my research from a year ago. One thing I was worried about is searing steaks. Can you really sear a steak? It appears this does not have an actual flame to reach the meat, so that is a concern for me. Do I buy a smaller one just for smoking and keep my Gas Grill or get the bigger one and get rid of my other one.

Joao Ricardo says:

Any more colorways available?

Eli Manning's Turnovers says:

I’ve seared plenty of steak on a Traeger lil tex.

William O'Connor says:

Just bought the same one did my first burn yesterday ready to smoke some meat!

Andrew says:

How much is resale value? I didn’t see these on SNKRS app.

07huaste says:

thank you super video

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