The NEW REC TEC RT-680 Pellet Grill! Unboxing and Review

Unboxing and review of the 2nd generation REC TEC RT-680 pellet grill.

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HyperXism says:

Is the new Rec Tec stainless steel?

George Carmen says:

Nice review! I think I want one.

Rus ridge says:

Chinese junk. Lol. Get a Blaz’n Ironworks and amount to something. Rec Tec best import I’ve seen.

swmp9x19 says:

BTW if you want a cheaper source for pellets. The hardwood pellets at Tractor Supply company are the same regular pellets rectec sales. If you don’t believe me check the upc on them.

Stanley Willis says:

Very nice!!!!
Look forward in some of your results with your new grill.

Mike Newhouse says:

I’ve had a 680 for about 2 years now. I had some igniter issues for the first few months. REC TEC SUPPORT IS AWESOME so all those issues were quickly resolved at no cost. I’m interested to learn how the new ceramic igniter plays out for new customers. Since I got my last replacement, it’s been a solid cooker. I think that will be the biggest functional improvement. Thanks for the update.

All Hallows Ink Tattoo Downtown Fullerton says:

almost sold won’t by china anything

Shorty454 says:

Great tip on the pellet website. I have my Rec-Rec Mini since June of last year. Best grill I have ever owned.


I am ordering one next Thursday. I been looking for a pellet smoker for my videos and these look real nice.

Jason Narmore says:

Love my RecTec 680

Kevin Clark says:

Great video. I am in the market for a grill and recently discovered pellet grills. I thought the Big Green Egg was the direction to go, but not so much at the present time for sure. Your thoughts? Keep up the great work!

dchaney40 says:

go figure…a traeger commercial before a rectec review….

Alex Vigue says:

Now we need a review on the new Traeger renegade elite someone from Traeger has to be watching HOOK HIM UP

Jack Boyne says:

I’m a Rec Tec enthusiast. I’ve had my grill for 3 years or so and it’s been a real pleasure to cook on. I’ve had very few issues, but each time the customer service was awesome and took care of the problem. The new model looks outstanding, but I’m hoping to get past the 6-year warranty before considering any new purchase. This thing cooks.

Ken Goldenberg Media Segments says:

I’ve had the 680 since October 2014 and it’s held up really well. No problems with the igniter but I am more of once a month or so user. (Mainly because of lack of time.) Excited about the new ceramic igniter and if mine goes out hopefully it can be replaced by the new one. But my main envy is wishing mine had the side hole for temp probes. Any thoughts on making one myself using a hole-saw drill bit?

Baby Back Maniac says:

Great video, Steve. My wife has been asking me to get a pellet grill for my channel because she loves the food off them. Was thinking about a Yoder or Blazing Grill works but this new Rec Tec is beautiful. What to do. What to do? Love that we have so many great options these days. Thanks for the video brother. How long do you think that igniter will last?

WHEAT H says:

I”VE been researching pellet grills and my question how many pork shoulders or boston butts can you put in at one time
because the Pellet Pro 1190 holds 4 to 6

Mbalmer19 says:

Been dragging my feet on getting one of these because I love my Smokey Mountain and my Pit Barrel Cooker, but looks like I’m going to have to order one. Good video.

Tango Joe says:

The Rec Tec looks like the way to go when it comes to pellet smokers, affordable and high quality.
Darn good review Steve.

Quinn Person says:

What’s your opinion on the Camp Chef with the sear box?? I wish someone would do a comparison between it and the Rec Tec. 2 different animals but seeing reviews all weekend of them both, they seem to be the ones to watch. I’ll be anxiously waiting…

Food Porn Network says:

The new upgrades look killer, my old mini is still kicking it like a champ!

William R says:

I ordered my Rec Tec today.   Hey, I’m in Texas and I’m wondering on putting it together… can you swap the bull horn handles … and make them point outward?   Like a Texas Longhorn?

Greg Jones says:

Thanks for the video Steve! The RT was always on my short list but after seeing your video here I took the plunge. My RT-680 arrives in Denver on Monday!

Johnny Findley says:

I got my new rectec last month and love it, I also bought the RT680 and they even sent me a free bag of pellets and they also gave me a free set of grill grates. This Smoker is awesome… I cook on it every weekend and food comes out great everytime.

CRAIG Moss says:

Great review but that hopper looks like a pain in the butt to load with pellets. Either way from the front or back – it looks like a pain. Can you someone give me a heads up.

Emjay Cas says:

Is it good

Jim Cash. says:

Looks like that door needs a GASKET ! I see a lot of heat loss……That lid did not sit tight with the drum….Hum !

Night Stringers says:

I hope the enamel coating is better then some I have seen. I had a different brand grill that the enamel peeled off .

mrbrisk says:

great detailed review Steve, your helping to make us informed buyers thanks again

tyler davies says:

Rec Tec doesn’t have a probe?

DroneWolf Media says:

great review! Thanks for sharing!

Andrew Sutt says:

How many butts can you cook at one time ? Looking to cook six at a time . I do a lot of catering but looking for something to make that easier . Because I work a full time job . Don’t want to be up all night manning a fire . I have been kicking my feet on pulling the trigger on this . Thanks man

Gary Free says:

Used those same pellets in my 680 last weekend on 3 racks of baby backs and 8lbs of pork belly burnt ends. All turned out fantastic!!

D. Cain says:

I’ve seen reviews that say it doesn’t give a good smoke flavor. How can that be? Im almost ready to order. I am debating on a Weber natural gas grill and a separate smoker. Anyone just using the Rectec?

Alpha Music NCS says:


Luis Maldonado says:

Can you turn on the blower fan without using the fire pot? ie. using the fan to circulate smoke from a smoke tube for cold smoking?

Kalyn & Robert says:

I have been wanting a rec tec for a few months now. If I do get one I will for sure start my own BBQ channel like this.

TheAncientOne40 says:

I own a gen 1 Rec Tec and I absolutely love it! I plan on getting the gen 2 680 with the optional cold smoker and front stainless steel shelf. The customer service with Rec Tec is second to none. When I got mine, it wouldn’t start and the owners Ray and Ron were on the phone with me all the time until I was finally able to get it working. The patience they showed and the help they gave me, I would have never received from any other company.

HotSauceDaily says:

Excellent job on the video, Steve. That new version 2 of the REC TEC 680 is a beauty!
And your video really shows off the features. Thanks! ~brian

ManCaveMeals says:

Excellent review Steve 🙂

Kevin Clark says:

I dig your videos. I am in the process of buying a grill and I thought the Big Green Egg was the way to go, but it appears as if there are much better solutions such as the Rec Tec you reviewed. Actually, I found your videos where you were using the Weber Kettle which I believe is a valid option as well. Your thoughts? I appreciate any assistance you may render. Keep up the great work!

Brian Moore says:

Good review , Steve.

swmp9x19 says:

This would be an awesome grill if the electronic components were actually decent. Failing after 3 or 4 months use and having to work on it when you are ready to cook absolutely sucks. I hope they upgraded ALL electronic components in 2nd generation, from what i’ve seen though, only the heater rod. @ Stoked, if you don’t have an extra heater rod and temp sensor you probably want to think about getting them. The temp sensor is a bigger issue, if it is failing the grill wont work at all, if the heater rod fails you can light some pellets or get some coal going then turn on the grill and cook.

Ruthless Goat says:

I want one of these so bad, but know if I get one I will never use my custom set-up again. This is a want, not a need and no way I’m going to ditch what I have now. Therefore, I will just admire.

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