– Yoder YS640 Pellet Smoker High Temp Test Firmware U18 – BBQ Equipment Review – Yoder YS640 Pellet smoker & grill high temp test and performance review. See why the Yoder YS640 is the most versitile pellet smoker & grill on the market. Highest quality in build, service and support. Made in the heartland of the USA!


Rob Green says:

@gwapogorilla1 If you have a cooker with decent seal to the door, closing the damper will cause excessive back pressure reducing the fan output and starving the fire of needed air. You can however change your start up heat mode. H1 heats up the slowest. H2 heats up faster and H3 will heat up even faster. This change only effects initial heatup.

Rob Green says:

These changes can also be used to fine tune your pit. If you notice your pit takes too long to reach temp then excessively over shoots the set temp, you can increase to the next heat mode and resolve this issue. Yoder did an outstanding job designing the firmware to adapt to different climates and changes in weather and seasons. Something the others fall short of doing.

Mark Fadale says:

Thanks for the informative video…again! 🙂 Hey, one question Rob. If you were to close the lid on the smoke stack, would it come up to temp faster? I plan on getting my YS640 in a few months(gotta make sure the kids get Christmas before I do) and your tips/tricks videos would really helps us newbies/wannabes shave some of the frustration off of the old ” trial and error”.
Keep up the good work.

flex93312 says:

That’s a good price on that smoker. I used to think, there’s no way I’d pay that price for a smoker/grill, until I was asked by a friend to build one. After all the work and labor it took to build it, plus the cost of materials, it’s much easier to just buy one new. It took me several weekends to build, it would have been cheaper just to buy it new.
Thanks for supporting our troops as well, HOOAH!

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