Rec Tec RT-700 Bull Review

Here’s my review on RecTec’s newest grill, the RT700 AKA Bull.

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003rog says:

Nice review dude. I had a Big Green Egg, but found it to be a PITA. I’m looking forward to the Bull.

Andrew Eddy says:

My Trailblazer will be over 100 degrees then what its set to. Ribs set at 225 degrees, grill will be 390 degrees. Turn it down “low smoke” (180 degrees) grill will be 290. So awesome!!!

Aaron Mcroodle says:

I’m glad I watched this I think I’m going to get this instead of the Camp Chef smokePro.

MGReveler says:

Thanks for the review. I have been considering this model, it will be the first pellet smoker I buy. I am curious though about what I am seeing in the video. The control panel, is there a protective film on it that isnt removed or is it that warped being brand new?

Also it looks like the stainless is getting some discoloration on the hopper lid due to heat. Maybe its a reflection? Smoke discoloration.

Quite a big investment, im still back and forth. Thanks for any info you can provide.

adamgordon00 says:

can you do a test with a couple external temp probes to see how acurate it is?  I have a LG 800 elite right now and when the unit says it is 300 (or whatever temp) my external probes all read like 75 to 100 over that….

LandToSea says:

Since you didn’t show the time after your battery dies can you clarify the time to get to 500*? Was it 26m total from 79* ambient, or from the first 225* heating period to 500*?

Victor D says:

Thank you for making this video! It has helped me to clearly understand things about the Bull in a detail that I’ve never been able to see before. After having the Bull on my short list for many months and endlessly researching a slew of pellet grills, I ultimately decided to pull the trigger on Friday afternoon. The hardest part now will be the wait!

Before I go, I also noticed that we were neighbors, so if you happen to see a plume of thin blue smoke nearby, that’ll likely be me cooking for my family and friends in West Kendall! LOL!

Thanks again and smoke on, brother!


6 5 says:

Thanks for the review! Will you link a few favorite recipes for ribs and salmon?

Pikachu Iliza says:

They made the 680 with a black lid,was like 100 bucks ish more

Bob Fish says:

I guess I am the only person that put their horns on backwards. But I like them that way I figure less chance of slipping while going in with one greasy hand. lol hand

Food For Men says:

The controls look flimsy. How do they feel?

thatcheeseguy says:

do they not sell them in red anymore?

sami alshahri says:

Hi, if it is no trouble, can you please tell me the cooking area dimension, how many inch by how many inch?

Thank you

John Zimmermann says:

Excellent review. I have been struggling over the Blazin Gridiron, Yoder 640, and Rec Tec. All the commercial reviews seem to be dated and don’t really compare the 700 to Yoder and Blazin Grills products. Seems the electronics are now state of the art and the design using stainless steel trumps the Yoder and Gridiron. A friend of mine who bought the Yoder 640 noticed that a can of paint came with his unit. You have to buy extra a wiFi product to attached to the Yoder, just to get what Rec Tec already has on the 700. What I’d really like you to address is whether the competition cart adds to the stability and height of the unit. The responses on Rec Tec’s web site all are positive about the competition cart but I would value an unpaid opinion from you.

J Hal says:

I have the Rec Tec Bull performance wise it works great at cooking food. But the material its built out of rust real easy and Rec Tec just want you to wet sand or scrub with vinegar and aluminum foil every time rust pops up on the stainless. Happens within a month or two. Kept under fitted cover and in garage but rust still pops up. Shouldn’t have to sand and polish stainless all the time.

hombresg33 says:

What kind of pellets did you use? I’ve been researching pellet grills and one of my biggest concerns is a flameout. I have cooked with charcoal or wood only.

Fidel Damasco says:

Other reviews of the RecTec Bull shows the control panel screwed in place.

ASFx2600 says:

Looks great. I’m thinking about picking up a Bull. The only thing i don’t like is how the controls look like such an afterthought. It looks like a display hanging inside a rough cut hole. I think they could have made the whole display panel area look much better. Overall it seems like the best pellet grill on the market right now though. I just hope the next model has a more refined, more integrated/clean look to it.

Bobby says:

Really appreciate this video as I am also considering this exact pellet grill for my first pellet grill/smoker…Great job my man and thank you for the good info!

Mankite says:

How does the flavor compare to the stick burner?

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