Rec Tec Pellet Grill Review – 1 Year Later

We purchased our Rec Tec 680 (RT-680) over a year ago and we absolutely still love it. This review of the Rec Tec 680 can also be used, in general, to understand the Rec Tec 700 Bull (RT-700).

We have made a few modifications to our pellet smoker including upgrading it with the wifi controller. We think that Rec Tec makes the best pellet grill available for the price point, but each person should research the best option for them.

Previous Rec Tec Review (from last year):

Rec Tec 680 Assembly:

High Temp Weather Stripping Around The Lid:

Cleaning A Pellet Grill:


HotSauceDaily says:

Glad to know you’re still lovin’ your Rec Tec. My Rec Tec Mini is still going strong too. BTW, I don’t clean mine after every cook either, but I *do* cover it. I live at the beach and the salt air is murder on grills! Nice video you two!

Eric Mathis says:

I always put the stripping on my cook chamber instead of the lid and it seems to stay better.

Real Estate Uncharted says:

Glad to see a new video from you!

Jeff Spangler says:

Ha! The comments box was covered up at the bottom, but thanks to your input, I was able to find it. Keep the videos coming. I can see you are a good father and husband too! Just ordered the new controller from Rec Tec for my 680.

Jeff Spangler

Four Vanks says:

We hope this video may give a little insight into the Rec Tec and it’s pros and cons. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the grill or our experience with it.


Like your hat Mat, How can I get one. Assuming the pellets are in the back. Do they get hung up if you smoke for a long time ?

James Coddington says:

nice video as always. i really like your editing style.

Jay McDonald says:

We’ve had our RT 680 since August 2017 & are completely happy (unless I screwed it up) with the product it produces. Haven’t had any service problems because it’s built like a tank. But if I did customer service is #1 & they’d take care of me reading the comments on the RT Facebook group I’m in.

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