REC TEC Mini Pellet Grill Review

My review of the new REC TEC Mini Pellet Grill.

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Adam S says:

Hey Steve thought I would share this story as you know talking with the Rec Tec guys how great there customer service is. So I just revived my new Mini last week. Did an overnight pork butt which turned out phenomenal. Well I then decided to do some bacon on it for a Mac and cheese side dish. My own dumb fault I didn’t monitor it close enough and a massive grease fire broke out. I was heart broke. All the paint was flaking off the outside. I sent an email to Rec Tec explaining what had happened. They called me back the next business day, I again explained what had happened and he said “You have only had this grill 4 days, we can’t let this happen. I’m going to send you a new grill with a pre-paid shipping label to send us back the damaged one”. AMAZING!

Smoky Ribs BBQ & Southern Cuisine says:

Great review Steve!

Lanford Mims says:

Steve does the Rec Tec mini gril come assembled or did you have to assemble it once you got it.  Also was it shipped UPS or by freight?  great video, Think I’m going to get one:)!!

Ricki Skelton says:

How many decent size steaks can you cook at one time on the mini?

Joe Ovel says:

Hey Steve, I researched a lot before buying, never thinking I could afford a Rec Tec, then the mini came out and I put my order in! I’ve had it almost a yr now, at first the lids paint cracked, I called and they said it was a flaw on the new mini and received a new lid within a month, Great customer service and I love my Rec Tec, I’ve cooked brisket, pork belly, steaks, ribs there is nothing I won’t cook on her, I use her about 5 to 6 days a week and she still like new, girl on her way home now with King Crab legs and there going on the Rec Tec I wouldn’t
cook any other way!! P.S sold my $1200 Weber and never looked back !!!!

Dharmendar Tiwari says:


Dienke Bazil says:


halfstep67 says:

Where are the rec tec grills made?

MamalovesherKamadoJoe says:

Are the rec tec hard to clean after each use?

Lee Setzer says:

Great review Steve! I look forward to seeing some of your cooks with this smaller version of what I keep hearing is a nice smoking machine!

David D says:

will it fit a spiral cut ham?

JustonianInstitute says:

“Can you fit a 20 lb turkey in this mini?” Nope. Around 12lbs is as big as the Mini will handle.

JDT738126 says:

It seems to look and perform just like a Traeger grill

Daniel Beck says:

Hey Steve!
I cannot make a decision on which one to buy. It’s between the REC TEC GrillsTM Mini Portable Pellet Grill or Traeger Pellet Grills BBQ155.01 19.5K BTU Pellet Grill. Your insight and professional opinion on which is more reliable would be much appreciative. Thanks.

The Saguaro says:

Steve — the “Extreme Smoke Setting” on the Mini is from 180 to 250 degrees F (according to my Mini manual, page 12). “It automatically shuts off above 250 degrees.” Just FYI in case you make to correct your review. One thing else to keep in mind, is that for those of us that are in hot climates (such as the Arizona Desert), it is very difficult to keep the temps low. Even when one adjusts the feed rate, the outside air temperatures affect it. RecTec is aware of the issue, but there really isn’t a workaround, other than to keep it in the shade and start early when it is still cool. Even so, my ribs, pulled pork and chicken come out well. One thing you didn’t point out is the ability to start a meat low and slow for the smoke flavor and then you can crank it up to 400 for the last 20% or so of cooking time/temperature and it will crisp up. This works especially well with bone in chicken breasts where I do it at 220 for about 1.5 hours and then 400 for the last 30 minutes. No more rubbery skin!

Thanks for your efforts in your reviews/recipes.


betoxyz68 says:

Can you fit a 20 lb turkey in this mini?

bamamubs says:

Looks awesome!!  Love the mini size as well, but wish the price point was a bit more affordable.

Pitmaster X says:

Nice little pellet smoker Steve

Four Vanks says:

I really like your videos!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Jeffrey Braun says:

absolutely love my mini. food is killer. baddest smoker out there

Slippery Chicken BBQ says:

Nice review Steve

jerry fritz says:

wrecked a coke with wood

YoMoma777 says:

Whats the purpose of the Extreme Smoke button if it automatically works between 180 and 250 degrees?

gxpat says:

Looking forward to seeing someone cook a brisket on one of these mini’s, I’m ready to pull the trigger but need some more evidence of how well it can BBQ.

ega0117 says:

What is the highest temperature setting on a rec tec grill?

Ray Perron says:

Hi Steve, I enjoyed your review of the RecTec RT300 and the comparison the the RT680.
I am debating to order the Mini or the RT680. We are retired & our adult daughter is still at home. We occasionally have 2 – 4 family & guests over for dinner.
What are the differences of the two grills, apart from the grill area, size & footprint?
1. how high is the grilling surface from the ground?
2. how does the pellet consumption compare? I read the RT680 uses more?
3. how much deck space is needed to accommodate each? (our sundeck is 8 x 12)
4. how does each compare regarding the production of smoke?
5. would you consider the difference in length of warranty significant?
Now that you have tried both RECTEC units, woul you say that the RT300 Mini meets most of your cooking needs?
Thanks for any thoughts or advice,

Bob Carson says:

very well done

Dienke Bazil says:


Greg Geis says:

It would be awesome if you could do another video or add some comments on the mini vs full size from a practical user standpoint. Having them both, do you like to use the mini? I assume it used less chips and would handle most jobs more efficiently. When do you start to feel cramped?

Seems like it could handle 5 or 6 racks or ribs with a rack, or a brisket, ribs or 6 steaks or so?

Total Access Reviews says:

Really nice detailed video! Thanks.

_mikelikesbeer_ says:

I’ve been wanting one of these since I first saw them. I have limited space and I think this would be a perfect first pellet grill. Can’t wait to see you do some cooks on it!

Jello Jello says:

Nice grill same as the Traeger tail gator but the REC TEC Grill is like $149 more I fail do see what the major difference is.

TheWolfePit says:

Very cool Steve!!  I love my Rec Tec!

Coakley's BBQ Sauce ® says:

Hi Steve , great review in the mini pellet grill…looked at the mini Weber Kettle today at the store…inspired by you it’s time to find the middle section.

Pam Fry says:


JustonianInstitute says:

Love my Mini! Ribs, chicken, pork butt…just kills it. I’ve only used Cookin’ Pellets Perfect Mix pellets but those have worked out extremely well so far.

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