REC TEC Bullseye Pellet Grill Review

Review of the new REC TEC Bullseye pellet grill.

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Russyl Royer says:

i would like to see some ribs smoked on this and perhaps a brisket. Good review!

robert jones says:

No drip pan = no buy.You can talk it up all ya want, but cleaning up the leftovers is far beyond the werk of a charcoal smoker.  Shoot and a miss for smoking Rec Tec.



Steve Harvey Ray Lewis says:

400$ is still way too much come out better with the pbc Jr

xanadude says:

I was disappointed to see the RT 300 Rec Tec Mini was dropped. Now I’m looking at maybe a Traeger or Green Mountain for a small form factor pellet grill.

Mother's BBQ says:

Very nice. I have one on its way. Can’t wait to fire it up.

Stephen Davidson says:

1st let me say that this was a great video & very imformative. But this specific grill costs too much for money for no features such as a digital temperature readout, external grease catching system and now an ash clean out system. I can’t justify paying $400 for this grill when I can go to Cabella’s and get their brand with all of these features for only $150 dollars more which isn’t much at all when you get into these kinds of numbers. 1st time buyers want these features for more consistent cooks & flavorful food.

mbradishable says:

I imagine, for large cooks like a butt or roast, you could set a heavy pie pan or even cast iron skillet right in the center of that deflector to catch most of the drippings. Would save much cleanup effort afterwards.

Fernbark Frist says:

Interesting grill. The dome looks shallow on the video. Do you think it is tall enough to do a beer can chicken or a turkey?

Shrike says:

Been waiting to hear about this thing… Thanks Steve!

Luis Palomo says:

Nice, can’t wait to see the bulls eye in action… Keep them videos coming…

adam soulia says:

can you throw wood chips on the middle of the heat shield?!

Shrike says:

Hope we can get a vid of you cooking something on this. I would like to get one for spring time, moved to a smaller place and had to get rid of my other smoker. This thing would fit perfectly on my deck.

James U says:

I got one for Christmas and it was bad ass did prime roast on it and it was perfect but just after one cook I can’t use the ignition anymore because it keeps flipping a breaker i think it may be a damaged fuse

tdicorato says:

$400?!?!?!? Geez…alot of great cookers at better price points. Great vid though. I was excited for it till I saw the price tag. Pit barrel and a WSM for me. I too would love to see a few cooks on this thing. The lid looks like it’s meant for grilling…a pork butt looks like it would hit the top of the lid pretty easily, could be wrong but looks really shallow. May be constrained to only ribs and grilling.

Cary Kincaid says:

This is worth every penny. We have had just about every grill, smoker, green egg, out there as we cook out year round. I bought one of these for my wife for Christmas. She hates the green egg! Doesn’t like messing with charcoal in the Weber! Scared of the propane grill. She likes our Traeger but I keep in in the shop and she has trouble getting it out. Our Traeger is about wore out and I was checking out the REC-TEC smokers when I saw the Bullseye. Bought it immediately as it’s the perfect grill for my wife. And yes I was right, she loves this thing and I agree. It ROCK’S and is super fast, also easy to move around! Well she got her toy! Now it’s time for me to order my new REC-TEC smoker. Just haven’t decided which one yet. Great video, spot on. Thanks

TeamSurfinSapo says:

What is the lowest temp with smoke?

jelmeromero says:

Can you do a video of you doing an open lid cook. I’d like to see what the grate temp is while the lid is open and if it’s consistent. Great vid!

Lasse's Food and Barbecue says:

Nice reveiw! thank you

TeamSurfinSapo says:

Thanks for the reviews

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