Pit Boss Pro Series Product Review

Pit Boss Pro Series Review!

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Rex Roghair says:

I own a Treager for 6 years Now its the Elite one. Been Looking at the Pit Boss Pro Series. Thinking about an Upgrade. Also thinking about a Rec Tec. Heard good and Bad Reviews on the Pit Boss I will keep watching to See what you think in Six Months. Good Video. Love my Treager Except for the Legs.

Tim Nutt says:

Traeger just announced there new release of there new Traeger grills,all wi and Bluetooth.but still no flaming sear thrower too sear steaks.,the prices are off the chart high,but are very nice.you have a very nice pellet grill for a very reasonable price and has all the bells and whistles that any bbq fan could possibly need.


Love seeing the GSDs running around the yard mine love s to be out with me when i’m cooking…..going to go buy the Pit Boss 1100 tonight…..

Louis Krock says:

Hi great video so is the Lowe’s pb1100 a lot better than the Wal-Mart pit boss Austin 1000 ?

Pit Boss Grills says:

That lever to open up the flame broiler will become a standard, it is really just way too convenient. The Austin XL is selling for its price but people see it, try it, THEN realize they really like Pit Boss and want to size up right after haha. Trying to figure out who you spoke to, probably Barbecue Bob, he’s upstairs right now haha. Nice review, really thorough on the side features too!

Hot Pockets says:

Anyone who buys this crap is NOT a Pit Boss. These are for closet homosexual men in the suburbs.

Tim Nutt says:

Overall I like your pit boss,just giving you some pointers from trial and error,been cooking on a pellet grill now for 12 years.

Jason Miller says:

You need to make pork belly and pork butt. There’s awesome on the pit boss

Michael Yogibara says:

The Wal-Mart model ‘Austin XL’ is very similar. It has the same wheels, see through hopper and best of all the same computer. When I hear pro-series I expect to see a thicker gauge metal, upgraded computer and bigger fire pot so that I can cook more than 1-2 steaks at a time. All-in-all though it’s a great buy. The front shelf would have sold it for me.

Java Bean says:

I have the 820 and love it.
Your new one looks awesome!

Tim Nutt says:

That’s a really honest value for the money, the new , but let me ask you this , why didnt you just drill a hole into the old pit boss on the smokestack side , run a 1/4 round long rod through too reach it and you have the same grill like the new one and saved yourself 600 bucks. I can’t see other then the handle how the new one will cook any better it’s the same just a few upgrades such as hangers on front for utensils, as far as the propes you can run those under the hood, or by a probe holder at yoders .

Robert Murphy says:

Thanks for this review. I’m really eyeing this bad boy. I like to grill mostly but do want to have the diversity of being able to smoke ribs etc. For grilling how does it do? I can see the center
part sits over the flame is that where you’d grill your burgers, dogs etc? Thanks

thespig13 says:

What size is the pro?? I got the austin xl and love it man! I’d say alot of the characters i can diy to the austin to make it like the pro or it already has it like the control panel … nevertheless incredible machines either way, I’d take these hands down compared to traegers or chefs

george villanueva says:

It’s my second Pit Boss the 1100 series
Way better and more solid than the big Traeger
Great educational video
I’m only going to customize it by turning the side tray to fold down so the cover is able to do it without having to unscrew it.

Rather Be Flying says:

Picked up my 1100 tonight for $599. Signed up for a Lowe’s Credit Card(which I’ll never use again) and got $100 off bringing it down to $499. Then for some reason – my wife paid the cashier – they gave her another %5 off. So picked it up for about $475. Did the burn off tonight, will start using tomorrow! Love the height of it. Really solid cooker/components. Beautiful smoker/grill!

Ray Lin LeTourneau says:

I’ve had the Pit Boss Rancher 700 from Rural King for about a year. Great smoker but the lid is rusting at the lower edge. I’ve always kept it covered too. I think they stole my mod to the slider grate. I did a very similar thing by attaching a rod that extends out the right side. I have to pull it all the way open but still easier than doing it with a screwdriver an inch or so at a time. I have talked with PB customer service regarding the rust and wasn’t impressed. Hopefully they improve their powder coat process. Still a great buy compared to the competition.

bradley Nettles says:

I was looking at this same set up yesterday at Lowe’s I gotta have it. Thanks for the video!!

Joey Summers says:

Went to Lowes yesterday and bought the 820 yesterday. They had it on clearance for $250. Can’t wait to start using it.

kevinshull89 says:

I have the Auston XL. Love that thing looks like I’ll be picking this one up as well! Great video!

Erik Carlson says:

Show us how you make your beef jerky! Great video

Jeff Kitchens says:

The Pro 1100 is taller than the others as well. That makes it easier on the lower back for us tall guys. Also the side table is designed well for the pit boss magnetic mount cutting board.

Tim Nutt says:

I have Traeger,I’ve seen the pit boss,half the price of my Traeger,I knew sooner or later somebody would out do the oringal pellet maker.wake up Traeger,get your shit together.pit bos is kicking ass,for the money much better pellet grill.go too Lowe’s they have the bit boss and it’s a beast.

Tim Nutt says:

I store my pellets in a dry clean waterproof container with tight lid.dont leave in the bag unless it’s put in a dry non moisture area,seriously.

Francisco Gonzalez Jr says:

I’m sold, so when do I come over! I wasnt looking for a Pit Boss review, so I stumbled across this one. I love my Pit Boss smoker but I got the basic one, and I’ve been looking to upgrade. Well I guess I’ll be looking no more. Thanks for the review, I’ve had my smoker for a couple years now and its held up great!

jim johns says:

Lowes has the 820 on sale for $249 at that price which should I buy 820 or the the 820 pro

4 Seasons BBQ says:

I have a pit boss and it is total crap, money I’ll never get back. The open/close thing only works when it not been used, when it gets full of grease and gunk not so nice. When I do asparagus I lay it opposite the grates no fall thru. I liked your video but mine is crap, I’ll never buy another pit boss. Thanks for sharing.

J luberto says:

Is the flame broiler plate rust proof now?

Tim Nutt says:

I’m thinking of selling my Traeger and go get the bad baby,so freakin nice.

Michael L says:

Got the same one for $399 at Lowe’s. The employee screwed up, with attitude I might add, and attempted to change the price to $499. However, I stuck to my guns and the mgr. honored the $399 and they assembled it for free. Love this Pit Boss its well made and very heavy-duty, not like the flimsy over price Traeger. My first cook was 1inch think pork chops and we could believe how juicy they were.

Matthew Kenna says:

I have been looking at this product, only issue is that i have been hearing about is the burn off. It discolors during the burn.

Kingdom1 says:

Question? How many grills do you need?

Greenpond 1781 says:

That stainless tray on the 820 is for veggies and fish

Big Will's Backyard BBQ says:

I use Rec Tec Grills Stampede, good video

BBQ, Bowhunting and Boating says:

Will you please slow down your talking you’re making my head spin. Would have liked to be able to understand the video

Tim Nutt says:

There’s only better then the pit boss and that’s yoders YS 640. It is the king of pellet 1/4 inch still built like tank but it’s 1600 buckoroos. For 600 you got a bad ass cooking machine, sear steaks at high heat or low and slow, chicken, ribs , brisket . Pork butt. You got a nice grill broths, enjoy. I love pellet grilling.

Tim Nutt says:

Your pit boss should have never had a flucatation of100 degrees,does the pit boss have settings for smoke temp .maybe you had a malfunctioning controller the hole time,that’s not normal for any pellet grill no matter what brand,my Traeger never varies more then 20 degrees from smoke setting too high at 425.

Dennis Crego says:

Thank you

David Miller says:

I just got this exact smoker, 🙂

7th level says:

hello my friend any one that you would recommend that is smoke friendly , no dark smoke. clean smoke

Tim Nutt says:

Need too make sure running dry pellets,if they get wet they will expand inside auger twice the size,take a couple wet them and you will see I have done it,they will jam your auger and slow it down if they get stacking inside auger as it turns sending them too fire pot too ignite, not producing maxim burn at your set temp your cooking on.

jake logan says:

i have the AUSTIN XL

W. Dearth says:

The cheaper Pit Boss Classic 700 sq in. has the two probe outlets and includes a free meat probe. Not sure why the more expensive version didn’t. Guess you’re paying extra for more cooking space and a smokestack. The slider for the heat shield is a bust.

Dennis Crego says:

Did they discontinue the Pitt boss 1100? I can’t find it on Lowe’s.com

TakeDeadAim says:

I have the Pit Boss Austin XL. What an amazing product. Not as big as the Pro but high quality and relatively low price. I was a stick burner for decades but discovered pellets. BUT…use HIGH QUALITY pellets. The PIT BOSS pellets are junk. They’re alder and other assorted hardwoods with natural flavoring(Hickory, Pecan, Mesquite etc…). Find a “CookinPellets” or “Lumberjack” pellet dealer. All made in Wisconsin, ALL 100% hardwood. If you buy Hickory…you’re getting a ground up hickory tree. NOT something else with “flavoring”. Seriously. Read the fine print on the bags…Also, whichever one you get…put a few bricks in it for mass. It’ll help with keeping temp spikes down. Go buy a fiberglass welding blanket at HFT to cover it when windy as well.

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