Pellet Grills and the Ultimate Pellet Grill Review If you’re looking for Pellet Grills, this Ultimate Pellet Grill Review is for you. I’ve taken great care and given a ton of attention to giving you exactly what you need to know in order to choose the best pellet grills on the market.

This Pellet Grills article reviews:

1. How Pellet Grills Work
2. How Pellet Varieties Flavor Your Food
3. Some of the most trusted Pellet Grills brands

How Pellet Grills Work

Pellets are fed from a hoppper into a burn pot. As the burn pot ignites, the pellets burn. Heat then carries through the home via convection (air driven) means, thus allowing air flow and a blend of warm and cool air to maintain steady, even burn temperatures. A heat exchanger separates the smoke fumes from the warm air, thereby warming the room without smoking everyone out.

Pellet grills work in much the same way, albeit with the heat exchanger removed so that the smoke produced by the burning wood pellets bathes your food in its goodness and helps render the barbecue product you’re after.

How Pellet Varieties Flavor Your Food

Something you may not have read in other Pellet grill reviews is that there are two key concerns: flavor and fuel consumption. As previously stated, pellet smokers are not known for producing a strong smoke flavor, no matter what pellets you use. Though, some brands can be more pronounced than others. Hardwood pellets provide longer overall burn times per pound than fruit wood pellets. 100 percent fruit wood pellets will also be more expensive on average.

So, if you want to do a pellet smoker cook using 100 percent cherry wood pellets, you’re going to use more fuel than you would with a cherry/hardwood blend, and it’s going to cost you more as well on average.

One comment I see a lot in various forums like is that you want as much efficiency as you can get. As with lump charcoal, this means burning as clean of a cook as you can with as little ash as possible. Different pellet mixes will produce differences in what you get in this area, and the cooker you’re using will dictate this to some degree as well.

Some of the Most Trusted Pellet Grills Brands

This review of Pellet Grills covers Yoder Smokers Pellet Grills, MAK Pellet Grills, Fast Eddy Pellet Grills, Memphis Grills Pellet Grills, and Rec Tec Pellet Grills.

For each of the reviews, you’ll find video content and an extensive write up, along with my recommendations for purchase.

Read the full review selection on these Pellet Grills here:


All Hallows Ink Tattoo Downtown Fullerton says:

i agree with kenneth

MRW1218 says:

Bought the Yoder smoker since you recommended it. Used it on July 4th and everything turned out great. I’ll definitely get a lot of use out of this grill. Also, I found a place not too far from me that sells the Cookingpellets mix for $23 a bag. Can’t go wrong!

Total Access Reviews says:

Nice video, very helpful!

Daniel Rodriguez says:

you can put wood directly on the burn plate…. like wood chips, chunks, and even thinned out logs… also check out Jenuwinejerry retro fit kit for your smoker!

Muhammad Hanin Zaman says:

Hi, what’s your thoughts on Louisiana grills?

chi1abb says:

Great information. I don’t have a lot of money to spend but want a pellet grill. I also live in a townhouse with a smaller attached deck. I’m looking at the Pit Boss Deluxe 440. It’s moderately priced in comparison to others like Traeger and Rec Tec. Also, for $449 it gives me a little more cooking space, a top removable rack and a side serving tray. Similarly priced competitors don’t offer those extras. Is this a reputable brand and model or should I completely avoid it?

chico dade says:

can you guys review campchef woodwind pellet?

RoadBuster67 says:

Excellent video, very informative and helpful. Now I can truly make a well informed decision. On the pellet grill I want to invest in.

MOSES Smith says:

I have a Yoder 640 and I love it. Now I’m off to see your website to look up info on pellets.

Kenneth Tarlow says:

I was hopping to hear about the different smokers on the market I didn’t hear much about it. Basically a waist of my time

SMiller5488 says:

Click bait bullshit video

Joe Dobrich says:

Do you know if the camp chef PG series uses a PID controller? They mention a digital chip in their product description but I’m not sure what that means. Is a PID controller really necessary?

Isaac Hodges says:

What’s your opinion of Green Mountain Grills? I’m thinking about buying one soon. TIA

halfstep67 says:

What about cooking with rabbit pellets?

mark park says:

traeger will fuck up,,,,burn your house down, fuck American company s that charge American made price for china shit. im buying a kansas made yoder.

Nick Alati says:

great information, thanks what do you think of the new Traeger Timberland. trying to decide on GMG, big price difference but that Timberland is built nice. no real information on how it cooks. thanks

Chad Cantrell says:

Any thoughts on the Green Mountain Daniel Boone versus the Grilla Silverbac? Been doing research for a couple months and I have narrowed it down to these two. Specs seem very similar. Thanks!

Daniel Rodriguez says:

also lumberjack has a charcoal Hickory pellet that is good…. I roll with cooking pellets .com mixed with the charcoal Hickory by lumber jack. i have the RT680, RT300, GMG Jim Bowie

Eric Pratt says:

thx for bringin up mojobricks i just placed an order for cherry, cant wait to try em out! never heard of em before today

steven stufflebeam says:

I’m looking at the rectec 680 or the smoke daddy pellet pro 1190 up in theair on them two any words of wisdom to help me make a discussion on witch one to buy

David Lemelin says:

Trying to figure out which grill to buy.  Wondering what your thoughts are on Louisiana LG grills vs. the Traeger. can’t get a Rec Tec in Alaska.  The shipping kills me, over $400.00 in shipping

Chris Anderson says:

Great video Kevin!

Randall Howell says:

If you are looking to get a Traeger, check your local Costco. I’ve looked around and that is were you will find the best price. They all cook the same so for it comes down to price.

Bentley Meredith says:

If you want to know about anything related to Pellet cooking try!

Glenn Castro says:

Really looking into a pellet grill/smoker was thingingrec tec and grilla grill? Looking for some insight?

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