NEW – Cabela’s Pellet Grill Review (w/ Window)

Just a quick set up guide and overview compared to my 3-4 year experience with a traeger. I am super excited about this thing!

one flaw I have noticed is that the door handle gets really really hot, I needed a hot mat to open it. Also even on a 95f day in Texas the grill only could get to 460f on the highest setting. wouldn’t even break 450 when set to 500

Cabela’s Pellet Grill with Window
Everyday Value
Window on the lid allows you to monitor cooking progress
Digital temperature readout
Included probe checks meat temperature without opening grill
560-sq.-in. cooking area for slow smoking and grilling
Digital controls maintain a 175ºF-500ºF cooking range
Hopper cleanout system for easy pellet changes
Our Pellet Grill with Window does everything from slow smoking to backyard grilling. Convenient window in the lid lets you see how your food is coming. Digital controls and display eliminate the guesswork, resulting in delicious food every time. 560-sq.-in. cooking area lets you cook for a crowd. Simple electronic-start ignition and dial-controlled temperature. Digital controls automatically maintain temperatures ranging from 175°F to 500°F, with a maximum output of 600°F*. An integrated digital readout accurately displays cooking temperatures and food temperatures via the included stainless steel probe. Pellet auger automatically dispenses pellets when needed. Easily swap pellet flavors with the hopper-cleanout system. Simple-to-use cleanout trap for ash removal. Pellet-viewing window lets you quickly check pellet levels of hopper. Hopper has magnetic lid latch and holds approximately 16 lbs. of pellets. Smooth wheels make it exceptionally easy to move. Imported.
49.75″L x 27.5″W x 47″H.
Wt: 127 lbs.


Denny Kreft says:

Thanks for posting this! I was looking at the Camp Chef Woodwind, and I read somewhere else that this is a similar model, just without the sear attachment, and with the viewing windows. What’s your take on it? Similar?

3XR5 says:

Seems like a lot  of money for a cheap flimsy thin metal grill. Legs look like they would fold like a cheap suit. Probably made in China as well. You want quality that will last a lifetime get a Yoder.

Super020469 says:

My brother just picked his up from Cabela’s and I forgot to ask you, how long would you say the hopper will last on 225 degrees for Non-Stop smoke

mk phelps says:

thanks for the review. Plan to buy one. Did a lot of checking on pellet grills and these seem to be the best to buy . For the money. And cabelas is only 20 minutes away.

M Malsam says:

Thanks for reviewing this. I’m going to pick one up in few days. Do you think after a year of use the window will still be usable? My Traeger i had was covered in smoke residue and grease on the lid.

Joseph I says:

Funny how things work. Saw this video at the beginning of my search. I’m a big Cabelas fan. Long story short three weeks and constant debating silently in my head and out loud to my poor wife… I eventually pulled the trigger on this thing. It’s the best value by far. I just wish there was a thicker gauge on the metal. I’m a quality guy and things like that help me sleep at night. Regardless, thank you for a quality video my friend. You should be part of the sales team!

B M**se says:

Thanks… Gr8 review…

Wayne Trager says:

That Cabela grill is a Camp Chef DX pro DLX – the only difference is that a window was installed in the hopper and grill lid. That honey comb hopper protector should NEVER be removed! That little rake that you thought was a grill grate cleaner, is used to move pellets in the hopper to the clean out chute, and to remove pellets that get caught in the corner of the hopper and auger. I pays to read the instructions before doing a YOU TUBE video, so you don’t look foolish when trying to clean a grill grate with a hopper rake. I found it amusing how you were giggling and criticizing the company for including a rake that doesn’t even fit the grill grates, when in fact, it is not supposed to fit those grates. That rake does a great job of doing what it was intended to do.

153624ify says:

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T Sowell says:

Was Traeger unwilling to replace your Lil Tex? Or was it out of warranty? Awesome review thanks

ProWax says:

Great Video review.

Super020469 says:

Does it have even heat throughout the grill and does it sustain a perfect temperature or what I’m trying to ask how much are the temperature swings once you set your temperature ?

Lee Setzer says:

Really similar to Camp Chef features. Nice grill. Enjoy it!

crambone t says:

The construction manual.. Lol

Jacob Cairnes says:

I feel like the window will be “fogged” up with smoke in no time at all. I have the Magnum pellet grill from Cabelas, which is actually Camp Chefs deluxe model. I may be adding the searing station soon. The only problems I’ve had is the probe went out (which Cabelas replaced for free) and the heating element went out (which Cabelas refuses to replace even though they say lifetime warranty on everything they put their name on) I’ll have to replace it myself soon. For now I just get them going with a small torch, lol

Norman Divine says:

good luck trying to get one. there isn’t a cabela’s in north america that has one. they are backordered and they can’t tell you when they will ever have any.

Slick Wally says:

Dicks Sporting Goods have the DLX for $499.99 shipped. No need for a window in lid.

Kameron A says:

cooked a pizza tonight, turned out perfect!

Mark Carter says:

I have a Camp Chef just like this but without the window. I’ve had problems with it burning back to the hopper. I always dump the fire into the cup and dump it before shutting it down. Have not had any issues since I started that process. Wish all pellet grills had that option. Good luck with this one. Great video.

amauppin1 says:

The fork looking thing is actually for the pellet box to help get bellow the grate to feed the oger if it gets jammed

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