How to smoke pulled pork on the pellet grill | MAK Grills 2 Star General Review

Pork butt (pulled pork) cooked on the MAK 2 star general. This BBQ pellet grill makes it so easy to smoke pork shoulder! It’s all automatic! Check out this review

Check out MAK Grills.

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Texas Style Cuisine says:

Nice looking grill and great looking pulled pork

Andreas Wittmers says:

Mensch Junge! Your Videos are fantastisch! Keep up the great Wörk! Greetings from germany!

M T says:

That is either the cleanest application of a conformal coating on a circuit board/PCB I have ever seen or it has none. Would you happen to know if the PCB is coated? This is REALLY important for people in humid area or cold places like up here in Canada. Cheers and great video!!!!


Great video bro. Always love watching your channel. I sub’d. Please consider subscribing to my channel. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

Red Banks says:

You have to be one of the most original and funny dudes I know…. this was GOLD… as in CAROLINA GOLD… as in ‘Merica… hell yeah

Owen Thompson says:

That auto set feature looks awesome! wishing my yoder had that

Cobrahjh says:

Review the new pellet grill. Amazing with the new software cooking patterns and memory! That is a game changer.

Blue Collar BBQ says:

So……. Do you own a pellet grill now?

Brian Arevalos says:

That bark was amazing.

Chuck Davis says:

I’m not surprised you got good smoke flavor on the Mac. Yes, some of the lower cost pellet grills are a little too thermally efficient and therefor don’t put out enough smoke (green mountain grill and traeger fall into this category) but there are higher end pellet smokers that do a great job. I love my yoder for this and many other reasons. And is it cheating? Who cares! Is the goal good food or to simply brag about how we stayed up all night and didnt sleep? I’m all about the end results 😉

David Kenworthy says:

Dude no more filming in the shower, men watch the show a little bit of gagging going on here. Now go back to the video

James McGhee says:

I love your sense of humor.I own a Traeger and because I am not very high tech minded, these other computer controlled devices are not for me.I am finding new ways of getting the traditional smoke flavors one would expect with a few modifications.It is not really cheating to set and forget.I like tending to my smoker as well.Keep up great videos.LONG LIVE PELLET SMOKERS

The Wander Life says:

Just getting so so hungry watching through these videos haha

LINE-X of New Braunfels says:

Hi Justin, I’m a new subscriber and love your videos! I’d like to make a request…I’d love to see you cook a pizza on one of your Weber Kettles using their pizza stone insert. Thanks!

Doug Mead says:

Watch and respect your work. Excellent. I have an old Traeger when they were made in OR. Looking to upgrade, and your review of the MAK was interesting. Expensive product, so I will be interested to see your reviews. Pellet grills are easy, like gas, but my experience is they lack character of flavor and smoke. Maybe it’s because I have one of the earliest models. So, looking forward to your honest and critical review of the MAK.

C Burchfield says:

Now that you are in the pellet world, I would be curious to know what you see as limitations of a pellet cooker. I have thoroughly enjoyed mine and actually won 1st place in Ribs last weekend in my first competition. Considering that I only have a pellet cooker, I am always curious of others’ opinions as to pellets vs others. It makes me especially curious since you commented on the smoke flavor you got. Great video!

tomharr51 says:

Justin I’m sure I’m repeating what you’ve read many times but man this is a great video. I look forward to all of your videos, however you’ve really stepped up your game. Nice job. Your always upfront with how you’ve procured your equipment therefore I feel comfortable asking you this question. I’m not in the market for a pellet grill, to completely digress I’m looking to buy an insulated gravity fed charcoal smoker. All in all I really appreciate quality built products and this thing looks like it’s very well made. Would you invest your money in this grill? If you’d prefer not to answer no worries.

Mbalmer19 says:

Great video. The time you spend on these shows. Don’t often make comments but had to for this one. Keep up the good work.

Nando says:

Wow! Amazing video

Dawn McColm says:

First it was sous vide, now it’s pellets! Nooooooo. Love your videos and humor Justin. Thanks.

Dave Remillard says:

Very good review but at the opening you commented there would be things you found about the MAK you didn’t like and would share that later. Unless I missed it you didn’t get back to stating those concerns. I’m serious about getting a MAK since they are built locally and appear to be superior in quality to the prosumer big box store offerings.

David Orona says:

Justin, do you have an observation (or opinion) on why the MAK produces such smoky flavor? Have you been able to compare to other pellet grills? Thanks.

Steffen Pedersen says:

Great video! I’m looking in to buying a pellet grill primarily for smoking. It needs to be available in Europe – Do you have any good suggestions?

Robert Romaszewski says:

Lets see how a pellet popper does a brisket

Elton's BBQ-pit says:

I’ll keep this short; What Troy said..
Cheers Justin

Joshua Deaver says:

I subbed after watching your Q&A with T-Roy. I was impressed with your questioning and his openness about everything. Both of y’all got a new sub that day. I’m sitting here laughing and I woke my wife up. Great vid man!! Great content. I’m a charcoal guy. Only cook on my homemade UDS. About to set out on some new smokers. YS 640 is about to be ordered, but this grill looks like I need to learn more. 1 thing, you said there were somethings you didn’t care for. Was it just the Wifi setup? Anything else?

Miskini 2014 says:

Great job! Hilarious video. This is the best one you have done. Can’t wait to see what you cook next on the mak. I may have to buy one.

04gopackgo92 says:

5:30 KPOP…

T B says:

Just tried some of that rub for the first time…. Put it on flank steak with a little soy sauce and worcesterchire…. Came out great!

SmokinBackYardsBBQ says:

LMAO The end got me cracked up! You funny!

Richard Fleek says:

so what are the things you don’t like about this grill?

Brian's Backyard Q says:

Justin, obviously the first thing that comes to mind is a full packer brisket. What about chicken or turkey since thanksgiving is just around the corner. Salmon is another good option. I have been debating with myself on my next smoker (I have a gasser and a PBC(which I love)) and am going back and forth between a stick burner, pellet smoker and a weber.

Russyl Royer says:

Did you use a smoking tube when you smoked the pork butt? I have seen other videos where people that use pellet smokers use them. I have often assumed that the smoking tubes are used because the pitmaster is worried about not getting smoke flavor in the meat. You make great videos.

Jennifer McMillan says:

I was telling Troy about my new smoker dilemma and I think I just found my answer. I throw big parties and I was looking at a LSG insulated smoker because I hate missing the party cooking. I miss all the fun stuff. I wanted a LSG offset because of the BBQ it produced but have an issue with babysitting. I have a Weber Kettle so if I get the slow and sear I have that as a backup. Please show more vids with this smoker. I’m a year out because of a new home build and I don’t want to move grills several times so I have time to see how this performs. Thanks for the VID!

Nanu Gill says:

Just found your channel. Your content is amazing along with your personality and genuineness. I can”t grill a lot as a college student, but I’m excited to follow your journey!

Louis at R shack BBQ says:

Great video as always. What flavor / brand of pellets did you use?

Kurt Stoddard says:

Your videos are a cut above sir!

Brandon Gaither says:

To bad there was no juice with that.. weak review..

W Stewart says:

Whoa. You gots me seriously interested in one of those Maks. Not every day I sit through what amounts to a 10 minute commercial, but you did a great job in the video.

Ballistic BBQ says:

“Security to isle 1.  We have a crazy guy in a green shirt freaking the customers out.  We have him on camera dancing and dry-heaving…  SWARM!”  LOL!  Funny opening!  That MAK looks KILLER!  Thanks for the upload Justin!

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