Grilla Grills vs Traeger – BATTLE OF THE SMOKERS


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Oscar Veras says:

QuickTrim?? not quick Jack, We all can cut faster than that with a butter knife. lol

2bless8 Arrh says:

It takes a full 10 minutes to get the smoke out of the Traeger and that picture doesn’t look anything like the smoke that comes from my Traeger even in five minutes. Your’s just doesn’t look right.

Maddog8148 says:

In your opinion which is the better built?

Katacus says:

I’m a dapper dan man.

Durward Blanks says:

Awesome! As a full beareded, professional Santa, I’m always looking for products to care for my beard.
Would love to try Detroit Grooming Products

Chirstopher Akers says:

I need some bread butter

Kate Shafie says:

I like traeger still

Mac Dee says:

The Grilla is the size of the Lil’Tex Pro by Treager. The Treager your using is much larger thus the price difference.

mike martin says:

I need it please.

Geoffrey Smith says:

Since both smokers use the same technology to provide the smoke and heat. It’s exactly what I thought would happen. The difference is really in features and price of the units tested. I’m assuming you used the same pellets/flavors. Meaning the same manufacturer same type of wood. Why would the meat flavor be different?

gen81465 says:

Jack, excellent video. I remember seeing the infomercial for the Traeger, and it said it was also useful for other cooking methods (i.e. baking, grilling, etc.). I’m just curious if the Grilla Grill is also able to perform these functions. I haven’t decided which one I like better, and there are several considerations for me (including overall price). Thanks for producing a really great video, and if you want my vote for beard butter, I prefer good old fashioned hand churned butter; applied with a couple ears of corn on the cob. :-p

Charlenae Bobo says:

I have an question since both are good grills do both run on wood chips or wood pellets?

Big Jon says:

good video, thank you. can you tell me what the temperature swing from the set temperature is on both.

Makla Bouhlel says:

Nice video. You took it off at 190, did you foil it after taking it off to bring the temp up to 200?

00mysticz says:

grollia for the win that is my next smoker all that for that for less money

Richard Jameson says:

Maybe I missed it, but what kind of pellets did you use in each grill?

Cavzzila says:

What about cooking area? I would think that would be important!

Davida Braxton says:

how many pounds is the brisket you are cooking with? nice size for a small bbq

Joe Joe says:

the butter is shave cream

The BBQ Jerk says:

Smoke ring is a chemical reaction, not actually from smoke penetration.

Randy Puckett says:

Way too much advertising on this video. I could care less about coffee, or grooming supplies. I just wanted to watch the smoker video. Won’t be watching any more of your videos if all you do is advertise other products.

Michael Williams says:

on the silverback, why does it seem to have a lot of problems with the lid lifting after a few cooks?

LastCasualty says:

All I needed was the picture at the end. Same result in cooking with more features for less money? The Grilla Grill is the obvious winner in everything besides cooking area and the dad test lol.

Kevin Thomson says:

Does anyone have the grilling space sq inch stats for each?

wq1299 says:

Camp Chef Woodwind Grill is the best for the average Joe. I researched them all and the Woodwind has all the features and if you go online you can get the package. Cover, pellets etc.. Best part is it has a gas grill searbox.

Food Stamp says:

Could you please compare the Traeger pro series vs rec tec?

TheHollarBBQ says:

Awesome man. Cant wait to fire up my silverback.

willwiel says:

Witch one used more pallets

Rob Baird says:

1:47. Pretty sure the hook is to open your Michigan craft beer. O-yea!

Chef Bambu says:

Great video. Thanks. I’m a Traeger owner and have enjoyed it but would switch if another was considered better for whatever reason. Currently cooking thick pork chops on the traeger, my favorite after soaking in beer…sometimes I also soak the pork chops in beer.

George Thomas says:

As for value the Gorrila grill is the best.

Braden R says:

What is the cooking size of each? The lil Tex looks about the same size as the silverback.

justlookin251116 says:

that is a dermatome…i suggest throw it away….any small child could lose fingers.some folks use it for potatos…too dangerous for a family with kids

Matt Greer says:

People often complain about the inability of the Traeger to maintain temperature. Would have been good to have compared both temperature controls with another thermometer for reference.

Benjamin Gonzales says:

I want a beard butter

Braden R says:

What is the cooking size of each? The lil Tex looks about the same size as the silverback.

Chez Mois says:


Why char / burn these pieces of meat in the first place? Certainly you can get nice smoke flavor and -ring without turning exteriour of your meat to char.

basicems24 says:

I would have liked to see him include the overall grill inside space and grate cooking space for each.

Sean Wildcat says:

It would be great if you dod a rec tec vs. yoder grill

Paully says:

nice video. ..

Braden R says:

What is the cooking size of each? The lil Tex looks about the same size as the silverback.

DoubleTake Entertainment Media says:

beard butter!!!!

Frank King says:

Thank you, very helpful in my search for a good smoker.

avalanche says:

What do you know about rec tec?

kilbrew says:

IMO, this is not a fair comparison. The Traeger Pro series 34 is closer to the Grilla, it has 2 meat probes, hopper door to change pellet flavors and comes with the upper rack which gives it more grilling area. No it doesn’t adjust at 5 degree increments, but for the “non competition” bbq’r, I would think the Traeger controller does a fine job. Hell, I use the old style low, med, high controller for years and never had any complaints. The pro series 34 is $999 now and the elite is $899.

Harleydude says:

so…’s now a battle of equipment, pricing and quality of the grill….along with the warranty

Marco Franchetti says:

When your putting the dry season on next time just push in down done rub it and see if you like how it works better when you rub back and forth it pulls it when you push it done it will keep it even all over the meat

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