Green Mountain Pellet Grill – Smoker Review & FAQ

Chef Jason Hill chats with Sharm Stiltz of to learn more about the Green Mountain Pellet Grill smoker. This wood pellet smoker is probably one of the easiest to use on the market — in fact it’s like a Crock Pot for smoked meats! Jason’s Green Mountain Grill Review: It’s a winner, and well worth the price.



Zoe Catrice says:

The Green mountain pellet grill is a neat grill smoker. In terms of quality, they are unmatched. The reason we use this is because of the flavor, wood enhances the flavor of the meat. Gas grills don’t give an added flavor at all.

Bianca Lu says:

I like the fact that you could control the temperature on it and that you could even use the temperature sensor to get the individual temperatures of different items. We use a charcoal grill at the moment and it has no method of temperature control and our meat tends to end up burnt very frequently. 

Theodore Bagwell says:

I’ve never seen this technology before and the benefits of it truly amazes me, It is just pure wood and much healthier than charcoal.

Sebastian Finch says:

I like it because unlike a charcoal based grill this one is very clean. It has the drip bucket for the fat and grease that drips down and the amount of ash is just microscopic. You have to clean the charcoal based BBQ every time you use it but I almost never clean the Green Mountain pellet.

Steve C says:

Do not buy this grill it is junk. Will not get hot.

russtex says:

Great review!! I want one!

bobfre1 says:

8:20 — The safe cooking temperature of chicken is 165F. It doesn’t matter how long you leave it in at 150F, it will never get up to a safe temperature. Suggesting that after 5 hours it is perfect is foolish, wrong, and potentially toxic. Good catch Chef.

fafafuhi says:

This one actually smokes the other demos looked like they had no smoke

flipzout100 says:

I like that they have so many “flavored” woods you can use. Price is my biggest concern. I know these pellet grills can get very pricey.

Chef Kendra Nguyen says:

The Pellet Grill looks awesome. I want one. 🙂

WiloThewisp Xaivender says:

I went shopping for Grills and picked up the GMG Jim Bowie (ya the big one) WiFi for $799 ya that’s right $799 the Jim Bowie for the Daniel Boone Price. Now what the heck am I going to do with this Giant thing….. I got the supersize for the Medium price but I wonder? Did I make a Mistake???

Christopher Juliano says:

The meat stays juicy because it does not touch fire, its cooked due to the effects of smoke and the heat trapped in. It’s delicious!

jcl8155 says:

I notice a difference in temps of 25 degrees from the computer to the oven temp below 275 and up to 50 degrees above 400 degrees…anyone else notice this. But love the jim bowie,    cullen

Ray Gilstrap says:

At least they don’t sell to COSTCO….. They help out the little guy and that’s always a good thing

damon323 says:

My Daniel Boone gave a great smoke flavor, but this one in the video smokes way more than mine at around the same temp. Something wrong with mine?

iTSMEE01 says:

Cool technology. Too bad I’m not a grill type person.

Lisa Lohmann says:

Please help!  We just used our grill this evening for the first time for burgers and brats.  The food was delicious and juicy… but the grease/condensation dripped all over the concrete down the front of the grill.  
What did we do wrong?

1fanger says:

20 years ago, our club used to tote around a similar but much bigger version of this grill on a trailer and we used to roast whole pigs. It was essentially an old heating fuel tank from a house with a cooking grate and homemade spit with motor and gear reduction to turn the pig. Of course, we didn`t use pellets, just charcoal and apple wood. Thanks for the demo!.

Micheal Klap says:

I wonder how this maintains the temperature…. It’s wood right? You can’t change the temperature of wood burning?

marko kuzet says:


ryan50ryan says:

The features sound pretty impressive, I’ll admit that guy sure knows how to talk up a product.

Smokey Canuck says:

A lot of money for a lot of moving parts to break e.g. motor, auger, circuit boards. It needs power to work and you always have to buy pellets.

I built a drum smoker for $200, 2 full 22″ diameter grates. 8 Butts or 4 briskets no problem. No power needed, no electronics, no moving parts. Air in, air out. Lump charcoal and wood chunks. Get up to 350 to roast chickens, down to 225 for 16 hours for butts and briskets.

Seems like an expensive and complicated solution to a simple thing.

Go to any BBQ competition and see if you see any of these toys competing much less winning.

fafafuhi says:

Well, i can say this is the best demo ive seen so far on pellet grills

Zoltan Koszegi says:

So, here no need for food chunks isn’t it? But you are unable to bbq without smoke?

realitycheck833 says:

I purchased one of these and regret it. The only decent amount of smoke they produce is at 150 degrees. You will need to add additional smoking tubes to get a smoked product. They do make a great cheese smoker though. Still waiting for a smoked brisket video.

Maryam Mabruk says:

The effort required to cook on and maintain this smoker is just a fraction of other BBQ grills. It’s durable, versatile and easy to use.

Visit Srilanka says:

I also need a one of this. Can i know the price of it and how can i get it down to SRI LANKA?

presbarkeep says:

1/3 of 1/2 of 1% hahahahahahaha

Maryanne Blanc says:

My husband and I just love using this pellet grill. The mean tastes great on this especially the premium gold bend pellets. We use Green Mountain flavors and sauces too the go well with the smoke from the wood.

Chef Tips says:

Thanks Kendra! I really like mine!

David Shultz says:

I’m getting one this summer. Looks great.

Elazul2k says:

Never seen this technology before. I’m sold. I’ll be buying one of these as i’m in the market for a new grill.

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