GREEN MOUNTAIN GRILL – Daniel Boone Review

GREEN MOUNTAIN GRILL – Daniel Boone Pellet Smoker Review


eclipseNF says:

My traeger is having electronic failures after 4-5 years and tripping my circuit breakers. Instead of repairing it I’m looking at one of these or a Yoder. Only problem is this is 3 times cheaper than Yoder ys640 in Australia

B M**se says:

I bought a GMG Daniel Boone July 5th at Specialty Gas House in Columbus, Ohio. It definitely checked-off ALL the boxes and then some. (I got the non-wifi version) The place where I purchased my pellet grill knocked a additional $50 off the GMG sale price, WOW! We couldn’t load ours up fast enough, LOL…

Randy Summers says:

My Daniel Boone is 35 days old. Cooked some really good things on it too. The smoke does burn clear like it’s supposed to.  I was concerned about it not smoking much until I watched more pros cooking. My gas smoker over smoked food and ruined the mean. the GMG won’t do that. The grill cooks 50 degrees hot on the chimney side. Do you know how to remedy that? The factory had me move the heat shield to the right. It didn’t help. All in all I like it and enjoy using it. BTW. Mac & Cheese is the best ever on the smoker!!!

Clay Maguire says:

Got mine on Apr 14 2017! So far I’ve smoked meatloaf; prime rib, tri-tip; eye round; pork loin… LOVE THIS THING!

Mike Anderson says:

I have. Did ribs, did a wonderful brisket last week. Very tender and good. The more I have been reading the more I see that the clear smoke is best. I’m thinking of getting one of the tubes and put pellets in it. Have you tried that?

Mike Anderson says:

Brandon, when my GMG is warming up to the 150 I see the smoke but after that if I send it to 225 ” no smoke” . The smell is there! Does your GMG do that. I see other smokers with a lot of smoke, I want to see the smoke so that I know it ” smoking” I know the higher the temp the less smoke you have

Backyard Barbecue says:

Thank you all for commenting! I hope all of you are enjoying your GMG grill. Just completed 3 racks of Ribs and a pork shoulder on July 4th. They came out perfect and didn’t have to mess with it once! PS My sister just went to Franklins BBQ before coming to AZ and she said it tasted as good! I was very happy to hear that!

Angelo Cartoscelli says:

Does your grill take awhile to heat up?

Mike Anderson says:

I watched several people on utube use it and seem to like it. There not very expensive so might be worth it. I will let you know

Matt Donaldson says:

Dose yours drip grease ?? Mine dose

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