Camp Chef Woodwind v/s Treager Pro 22 Comparison & Review

Camp Chef Woodwind v/s Treager Pro Series 22 pellet grill comparison and review! Leave questions and comments here! These pellet smokers are a lot of fun to use and made GREAT FOOD! A couple things I forgot to mention in the video:

Good things cost money! Consider you will be using this grill for 10 years or longer! (Instead of throwing a cheaper grill away every year or so! These are an investment just like your house range/oven!

The Woodwind has an added a substantial shelf on top of the pellet hopper and a bottom shelf that gives you another place to set stuff and store pellets with the grill!

The cord on the Woodwind is supported and solidly attached where with the Treager it just kind of hangs out of the bottom of the hopper. It just seems much sturdier.

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Danny Storey says:

have you compaired the camp chef against the rectec

Kevin Ross says:

Great video! Camp Chef it is!

Mark Walker says:

Thanks Scott – what do you think about Rec Tec Grills ? I want the Wood Wind – I like the easy clean feature. What about doing brisket ? thanks …

Chris Dixon says:

Big help. Thank you!


Good job

Ticky Tocky says:

Not a huge smoke flavor kinda guy, does everything taste like smoke instead of bbq?

Rich Nell says:

excellent video, thank you.

Franklin Varney says:

What part of Virginia are you

Matt Uebel says:

This is a great video, thanks Scott! The Woodwind with Searbox looks like the grill I need to get.

Jamie Johnson says:

Have you had any experience with the Pit Boss?

Justin says:

I have the pro 22 when i want to sear a steak on it in have a cast iron skillet i keep on it from the start. Works great

Shadow ninja says:

Are they still working good?

Theo Jeffords says:

Im new to the grilling scene and really considering a pellet grill, Would the wood wind pellet grill be simple enough and worth getting as a starter grill? thanks and great video

Travis Pittman says:

My woodwind on either smoke temp produces no smoke. Whenever I open my lid.. there is no smoke. There seems to be smoke only coming out of the bottom every once in a while.. Any idea if it’s a defective woodwind or am I just a tard… please advise

GunnySGT1911 says:

Great review. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to getting a Woodwind.

Will Netterville says:

It has come down to these 2 grills for me. What has been your experience when it comes to temperature flux on? Does one hold consistent temperature better than the other?

KiloWhiskey716 says:

How does flavor profile compare to charcoal? I’m a big charcoal fan but maintaining heat and having to attend to it ever so often is a pain in the ass, so looking into a pellet grill isn’t to far off.

ashane67 says:

It’s nice to see an informative, straightforward comparison like you’ve done Scott. I used to repair appliances, I know temperature fluctuations even in very expensive ovens are often 20 degrees. I do have a concern about “LOW AND SLOW” pellet smoking on the Woodwind. I’m a huge Pastrami and Brisket fan and one complaint I’ve seen with some pellet smokers is regarding the ability to smoke for long periods -12 to 14 hours – at 200 degrees.

Have you done brisket on the Woodwind utilizing this technique? How did it compare to other smokers?

I have a nice little electric smoker I use now but it only goes to 275. It maintains the low temperatures nicely. I am looking for a unit that will DO IT ALL and this Woodwind is the closest I’ve seen yet. That sear box is fantastic.

Tim McCool says:

That was good and informative.

David Rupp says:

You didn’t mentioned that you can change out your pellets using the pour out shuu

Rick Deiss says:

My green mountain Daniel Boone grill went to hell Memorial weekend. Looking at the camp chef wood wind as the replacement. Is the dump out box just a gimmick? Either way you still need to vacuum it out. How rugged is the construction? When I used to cook on charcoal or gas you’d sear the steaks before cooking them to seal in the juice. Is this a little bit like closing the bard door after the horse got out?

Roderick L says:

Good job, man!

I’m looking into those type of cookers.

Thing that turn me off on both is the clean up part. Vacuuming?.. I’ve never vacuumed my Weber kettle grill.

However, I’d definitely use one or the other if I’m going to smoke some brisket or whole chicken or whatever.

Keep doing what you’re doing, man…


Ron White says:

This was a great review. I was leaning toward the Treager and ill be damned if I did not end up buying a GMG pellet grill LOL pellet cooking rocks. They all work great. Happy pellet grilling everyone

Darren Franz says:

I tried to purchase direct from the Camp Chef website but the check out wouldn’t take my postal code being in Canada. After some reading through the info on the website it states this product is not delivered to Canada? Do you know of any access to the woodwind in Canada so I could purchase one?

Willie Maykit says:

One more question Scott, then I’ll leave you alone! What kind of burn time do you get with a full hopper of pellets when doing a low smoke for instance? I like doing pulled pork. What about higher temps, like around 400°? Thanks!

Lou Jones says:

I just ordered the Woodwind Grill. What accessories do you all recommend?? And what good cookbook for smoking food?

Boodieman72 says:

I doin’t want the sear box as I want to get away from propane.

wq1299 says:

Get a Yoder!!

krbby says:

Great video liked and sub looking forward to the year later reveiw. I was going to get the pro, but you sold me on the woodwind

Tim Urry says:

I seen a camp chef smoke pro dlx. The wood wind seems to be very similar. Is the lid as flimsy on the woodwind as it is on the smoke pro dlx?

Willie Maykit says:

Scott, does the Woodwind come with a propane tank when you buy it with the sear box?

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