Camp Chef Woodwind VS Traeger Pro 22 Pellet Smoker – Pellet Grill Review

This is my Review of the Camp Chef Woodwind Vs. The Traeger Pro Series 22. This Review is all about the facts. I do have opinions on both of these Pellet Grills, but wanted to leave those opinions out of this video. If you would like a full Review of these 2 Pellet Smokers and my opinions, please leave a comment. In full disclosure both Pellet Grills were given to me by Camp Chef with the understanding that I provide a review that is not biased by the fact that they provided the grills.

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My initial thoughts about these two Pellet Grills:
* The internal parts seem to be almost exactly similar
* The Camp Chef has 811 Square Inches Cooking Space Vs. 572
Square Inches of Cooking Space
* The heating rod sticks out farther into the heating pot on
* The Woodwind has rubber wheels Vs. Plastic wheels
* They both have a pellet release
* The Woodwind has an ash removal system
* The Traeger has 2 meat probes. The Woodwind has 1
* The meat probe port is a sliding piece of metal on the Traeger
* The meat probe port on the Traeger is rubber
* The Camp Chef Woodwind has a 22 pound hopper. The Traeger
has an 18 pound hopper
* The Camp Chef Has a Larger Hopper Lid that can be used as a
* Fuse access on control panel of the Woodwind
* 3 Year warranty on both
* The Camp Chef Woodwind has a Side Sear Box

*****Correction**** In the video I mentioned the Pellet hopper only being 2 pounds more in the Camp Chef. It is actially 4 pounds.

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Camp Chef Woodwind Review – Camp Chef Pellet Grill Review
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No Hippie Barbecue


Ron Zufelt says:

Good review. I think we got a few hints (opinions). Thanks. If I was going to get one I know which I would get. The side searer.

A_ Vasquez_ lift_laugh_love_n_bbq says:

great review! thnx. but my 6yo daughter was upset that you didn’t cook lol

MeatHead says:

Very nice. There’s a reason why I own a Camp Chef. They thought of the small things, also Lyle you get less cooking space inside the Traeger as well due to the round shape, where the Camp Chef is Squared off. For the price, Camp Chef is the way to go.

Marlon Ward says:

Can you cook some ribs on each pellet smoker and compare them?

Steve Harris says:

Great Video, as usual. I don’t know about the rest of youtube world. but I value your opinions. That is one of the main attractions to your channel!

Baby Back Maniac says:

Great comparison. I’d be interested in your opinions.

Chris Kamps says:

Yes, opinion video please.

No Hippie BBQ & Cooking says:

****Correction**** The Camp Chef Pellet Hopper has 4 More pound of pellet capacity in the Hopper, not 2 pounds

Mr FSU says:

Great Video maybe one day I will be able to afford one of those.

Cookingwith Rick says:

Hi Lyle, those are both great smokers I always wanted a treager great review.

Steven Kereszturi says:

At one time I was thinking buying woodwind but lid was build so cheap. I end up buying silverbac grill.

Elton's BBQ-pit says:

Great comparison Lyle.. Don’t think that the Camp Chef is on the Norwegian market.. Treager is.. but.. i fear that american brands might be much more expensive or withdrawn from the european market due to Mr. Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminium.. ticking of a tradewar..
Anyway have a good weekend brother!

imfreetobeme8 says:

Nice review …I miss cooking on the grill

Fire & Water Cooking says:

Good comparison… I have 3 charcoal grills (Weber Performer, Kamado Joe Big Joe, Akron Jr kamado) but i am pellet curious.. I am trying to get someone to send me one… 🙂

Mark R says:

I did look at the Traeger 22 in Costco and thought the size was too small. After that, I went to Dick’s and checked out the Camp Chef Smokepro ZG 24″. The cooking area looked much bigger. I assume that is due to the squared off back. It also came with two ports for the temp probes.

The smokepro did not come with the sear box, so I ordered one and installed it. It does a good job, possibly too good. I found there to be quite a bit of flare up. I was told that replacing the factory grates with the “Grill Grate” brand would reduce flare up. I have them on order and get back to you. Great video thanks.

Gideon Benjamin says:

What was assembly like on both of these smokers ? Was one harder or better than the other ?

Lasse's Food and Barbecue says:

Nice comparison.
Maybe i will have a pellet grill. Traeger we can get here.
My brother got a yoders ys640 last week and is very happy with it so far.

BigMike says:

Always keep it real brotha ! Great vid

paul hamlett says:

You losing weight Lyle? Summer shredding?Keep the vids coming man!

No Star Reviews says:

In my opinion the Camp Chef just seems a little bit better designed

Cooking With CJ says:

Great info brother. Maybe I missed it, but is there a big difference in price? That sear box looks like a big plus for the chap chef.

HatOnBkwd says:

Great review!

Juanelo1946 says:

Lyle, it’s hard to overlook the advantage of that side sear box on the Woodwind. Wow, there’s so many things to consider! Great review!

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