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In this video, we take a close look at Camp Chef’s Woodwind SG pellet grill.
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About the Woodwind SG:
Camp Chef has combined the superior grilling capabilities of the Woodwind and the versatility of Slide and Grill technology to create the Woodwind SG. Slide and Grill technology allows you to switch between direct and indirect flame cooking with just the pull of a knob. With the digital temperature display, simple temperature settings, and an exclusive ash cleanout system, this grill will have you spending less time monitoring your grill and more time enjoying the outdoors and a delicious meal. The Woodwind SG is constructed of durable powder coated steel with a stainless steel lid and fire box. It features a 429 square inch enameled steel primary cooking area and a 382 square inch, 2-piece nickel plated upper rack. This gives you a total of 811 square inches of cooking space, all heated by 25,000 BTUs of cooking power. The 2-piece upper rack is also height adjustable, giving you more room for taller food with having to completely remove the upper rack. With the simple temperature selection system, the grill can be set to temperatures as low as 160 degrees for smoking and up to 500 degrees for the perfect sear. Once you have chosen your desired temperature, the digital display can be toggled between showing the grill temperature and internal food temperature, which is monitored by the included stainless steel meat probe. Smart Smoke technology keeps your Camp Chef pellet grill with 15 degrees of your selected temperature. The automatic auger dispenses pellets as needed from the high capacity hopper, which holds up to 22 pounds of pellets at once. A continuous fan insures that your grill stays evenly heated and smoky, so every bit of food is perfectly cooked. The Woodwind SG grill also features a Sear Box, which is a stainless steel, 16,000 BTU propane side grill that can reach up to 900 degrees. The Sear Box features a 184 square inch enamel coated cast iron grate for the perfect sear and heat diffuser plates to turn the flame into infrared heat. When you are done cooking, clean up is easy, thanks to the exclusive Camp Chef ash cleanout system. Simply pull open the trap door with the side knob and empty the ash cup underneath the grill. This grill also features a pair of large, heavy-duty wheels and a pair of swivel casters for easy rolling and maneuverability, a pellet clean out door so you can keep your unused pellets protected and dry between uses, and a powder coated steel bottom shelf. A hose, regulator, and holding bracket are included for a 20-pound propane tank (tank not included).

Featuring: Randy Watson
Filmed/ Produced by: Paris Frederick


Greg Reposa says:

Great review. Love that grill. Thanks for your help.

Eric Padgett says:

Is camp chef a sponsor of this channel?

George Kidd says:

Question! Mines on the way 🙂 wondering if you wrap the drip tray in foil when not using the open flame. And do you cut holes in the foil where the holes in the tray are? Love the fact that it has the holes but I’m just curious what’s the best way to go about keeping this thing clean

K Weber says:

Great video! Have you experienced any problems with the slotted drip tray when smoking? It seems that would allow more heat to come up directly to the meat and cook the bottom of the meat faster than the top. I know there is a heat deflector below the drip tray, but it still seems a solid (non-slotted) drip tray would be best to help dissipate the heat further when smoking.

Emily Guardalabene says:

Love that burner on the side! Makes a great combo. Can’t wait to get mine

BT Fire says:

Yes, I’d like to order a WOODWIND SG Grill, those 2 slabs of ribs, a bag of pellets, and a pair of Grill Master Randy’s cool sunglasses to go please.

Cullen Boudreaux says:

Very informative, thanks Grill Master Randy!

Phil N Florence says:

Nice features

Kyle aka nastybad says:

My drop tray has oil on it already is that normal

Yakuza Ronin says:

Just received my woodwind with side grill last week. Setup was easy about 1.5 hours solo. 55F outside and the burning at 350F the temperature swings from 325 to 375F over about 6-8 minutes. Then for the actual cook next day it was about 70F outside and the 250F setpoint would swing about 225 to 275F over about 6-8 minutes. Later turning it to HIgh Smoke (220F) it would smoke when more pellets are fed when it bounces off the low point 225F and then no smoke by time it hits 275F. Not sure if that’s what others are seeing but seems like this is just how it works. Food was good and will probably use it over my charcoal grill for smoking. Customer service was very nice when dealing with a lost package too.

Dcxplant says:

I don’t understand the low view count. Best review of this unit out there. Lots of backyard yahoos that drone on and on with little to no editing. Thank you for a highly useful review. This has helped me decide on which smoker to get.

Dave S says:

Whats the best price you can do on one

Ross Carter says:

too bad the bottom grate isn’t stainless steel.

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