Camp Chef Woodwind Grill & Smoker Review

We review the Camp Chef Woodwind, their newest pellet grill and smoker! This review will cover everything about this grill. Post any Questions you have and we will do our best to answer them in the comments below. Here are the things we liked most about the product in no particular order:

More Temperature range than any other pellet grill we’ve tried! This grill temperature ranged from about 180*F to 510*F giving you the ability to not only smoke food but to truly GRILL things like burgers and hot dogs when you want a higher temperature and even serve as a real wood fired pizza oven!

This grill gave amazingly rich flavor to everything we cooked from simple hot dogs to Brisket. The Camp Chef pellets lend a rich, smooth smoke flavor unlike some of the harsher flavors that you can sometimes get from some other wood chip or pellet products. There is nothing better to cook chicken and burgers and hot dogs get that extra kiss of smoke flavor. Reverse sear steak off of this cooker will ruin you forever from eating steak out other than from the most expensive steak houses!

The ash management system sets this grill apart in that you can dump the ash from the burn pot without disassembling the grill, letting you go dozens of cooks in between vacuuming out the barrel instead of only a few like most others.

Mobility! The front casters make moving the cooker around a breeze. It’s heavy but with 4 wheels it moves around very easily.

Temperature probe. The probe on the Woodwind lets you monitor your meat easily with a two position switch on the control. Push the button and the display will read the food temperature until you press it again. Great for when you are getting close to your target and don’t want to keep messing with the button. The probe was accurate, and very easy to use.

The Reverse sear burner makes this like getting two grills for the price of one! It is adjustable so you also have a great cast iron burner gas grill on the side that you can cook just about anything on as well as a sear station that will go to 900*F!

The only thing we didn’t like is the guard screen within the pellet hopper. It was in the way when changing pellets making you have to use a little rake tool that comes with the grill to work around it. None of the other pellet grill have this and you can remove it to get back to normal and irritate lawyers. Of course you do so “At your own risk”. This is a minor irritation for what otherwise is one of the best thought out smokers we have ever cooked on!

Overall we highly recommend the Camp Chef Woodwind for anyone looking for a pellet grill. It has more features than any other we have tried, and is extremely well thought out with the cooking enthusiast in mind.

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crempster says:

Just bought one of these and so far I’m pretty satisfied with it.

Travis Lawton says:

Great review! I love my Woodwind!

John Butler says:

Got it, love it

Jack Dotzman says:

Camp Chef makes a great grill but we had two problems.  The ashes are blown out of the fire cup and are all over the bottom of the grill, we cannot open the ash gate on our grill to empty the fire cup of ashes without taking the grill apart in order to get to the ash pan.

We smoked a 16 lb brisket recently,
 about 10 hours into the program we experienced an explosion in our grill.  Don’t know why, don’t have a clue what caused it but it blew the lid open and was rather loud.  Didn’t damage anything, but it was a definite explosion.   We are going to contact Camp Chef to see if they know what happened.

With all that said, this is a very high quality smoker, we are very happy with the quality of food we have prepared on out grill.

Mauricio Robles says:

Would you use the grill greats on it? By the way my fam loves the poke chops…

Koot 1971 says:

What’s the Price on this Smoker?

a_r says:

Thank you great review.

Eric Andreychek says:

I’m considering buying one of these — what are your thoughts on the smoke flavor? Ever been concerned that there’s too much? Word is that pellet grills tend to be light on smoke, but I’m curious as to your take on it.

Dwayne Shippey says:

Good review, I did extensive research before spending my money on a pellet Grill. This grill is fantastic. I bought the camp chef woodwind grill, For three main reasons number 1 Ash clean out system 2 pellet Hopper clean out system 3 temp prob for meat. WOW this is the only grill with the patented ash I clean out system. Everything I have cooked on this grill has turned out amazing and I considered many other brands grills.

Willie Maykit says:

Hi Scott. The sear burner runs off of propane if I follow correctly. Does it use the small Coleman type throw away bottles? I don’t see a tank. Good video, I appreciate the review!


I have a kamado style smoker/grill, and and Weber gas grill alone with a ems. My newest purchase has been this campchef and all I can say is this is a great pellet grill. I get a nice smoke flavor, and a good smoke ring. And it’s almost idiot proof. If your looking for a pellet grill this a great option.

Doug6714 says:

This smoker looks great. My wife is going to get me one for Christmas. I won’t be getting the searbox yet but will try to get it for my birthday in January. The smoker I have know is a Masterbuilt. It has done pretty good for the last 3 or 4 years. It doesn’t get to high temps and it doesn’t give that smoke ring I am looking for. Does the Camp Chef give a good smoke ring? I am excited about getting one. Keep the videos coming.

bobby l says:

Man you did a great job, best review on this grill I have seen. Thanks!

Dwayne Shippey says:

You want more bang for your buck, you want fantastic food every time you cook. Get off the fence and buy a woodwind grill. I have had my grill now for six months.Cook on it twice a week. Best money I ever spent.

Super020469 says:

You got to stop that buddy you’re making me hungrier than you could possibly imagine / have you tried a pork butt in that smoker ?

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