Camp Chef vs Traeger pellet grill review July 2017 HD

Review of two leading pellet grills, start up, which one gets the hottest, pellet consumption and the big differences between the Camp Chef Woodwind with BBQ Sear Box $899 and the Traeger Pro Series 22 Bronze $799. Watch my other videos of side by side cooking.


justin sanders says:

great review! i usually set the chimney to a half inch to an inch when cooking at high temps though.

Sean Leon says:

can someone tell me where these grills are made?

Thomas Phillips says:

I have had my Traeger for 8 years and I use it 3 to 4 times a week and never had a major problem. Had a squirrel chew through a wire but was able to call and get it fixed. I like the looks of the Woodwind and the new features but have no clue of the how long they last. I do like the burner on the side .. but I have a high heat sear grill which can go to 900 for searing. Also have Big Green Egg … which I have had for 20 years. There are a lot of good grills available today.

Heldscissors41 says:

I am related to the treager family and I don’t have one

R Carr says:

awesome review and comparison. thank you sir !

Slick Wally says:

Just get the Camp Chef SmokePro DLX. Best grill for the money. Blows overpriced Traegers out of the water. Even the Pit Boss grills are better than Traegers.

Foxtrot1 says:

I was a big Treager fan but they really have not kept up with the competition. Unless you want to buy their $1800!model….

Gregg Hart says:

Traeger is overpriced turd. Camp Chef is awesome.

Quinn Person says:

Or the GMG’s as well.

Jspell says:

Nice video. Glad I bought the Woodwind. Treager’s are cheap made crap in my opinion.

Quinn Person says:

I sure wish someone would do a comparison between the Woodwind with Sear box and the Rec Tec! Can the CC sear box be fitted to the rec tec? Which one is better??

Pat Dempsey says:

Excellent side by side comparison. Very complete. I have a CharGriller which was only $399 on sale for the same cook space, but I like many of the features on the Woodwind and wood consider it should my CharGriller break.

Brandon Ridberg says:

Green Mountain Green should be reviewed here. Get rid of the treager, it’s trash. Not a true PID.

Melvyn Adkerson says:

Great review. Loved the candidness.

marc car says:

Hi There, How long does it take for the woodwind to reach 500 degrees?

Tony Chinn says:

Geesh, I was all excited about going to buy a Traeger Pro Series. I was eyeing the Camp Chef but never had someone’s personal view of both. Thanks much for the video. It helps a lot in my rethinking what I want. One question, how did you get both to do this review ? Did you buy both ? Thanks !

Mike Littlejohn says:

Very biased review. Not knocking Camp Chef, but my Traeger has been no less than awesome for over 8 years now. The clean out on the Traeger is much better, even though there is no hook to hang a bucket. If you can’t realize where the pellets are going to land, you may not need to be using a grill. The pit on my Traeger has absolutely no problem at all. I really think the system to clean out the Camp Chef will erode away in time to eventually be difficult to use. The purpose of this is to avoid removing the grate to clean it, the drip tray needs cleaning when cleaning the grill overall. Guess what… You have to remove the grate to get to the drip pan. There are a few maintenance actions needed on all of these grills. Additionally, there was 9 minutes of time before pellets began on the Traeger to prime pellets, this is only needed for first time use, unless you run it out of pellets. The sear box is a nice idea, but requires a second source of energy to deal with. One problem with pellet grills is the temps do not get as hot as gas and charcoal. The cure to that is grillgrates. They are an absolute must for pellet grills. I am still more than content with my Traeger grill and would not change anything that I have done.

MilkBone3327 says:

Great overview of the smoker/grills. Does the woodwind have a fan that circulates the heat? Watching the camp Chef video online, they say the woodwind circulates the heat but they don’t show any fan. Thanks

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