Camp Chef SmokePro Pellet Smoker/Grill 2 Year Review. Can it Grill Burgers?

Happy July Fourth! I mention in the video that I posted my first video on this pellet smoker on July 4th 2016, but that was on my other channel and to this day that remains my most watched video! With the popularity of that vid I was encouraged to create this channel, as that one is mostly dedicated to pipe smoking.

The one question that I asked that I failed to answer is can you grill on this pellet smoker? In my opinion, not foods that cook quickly like burgers. Yes, the burgers cooked just fine and were juicy and tasty, but I like a burger with a nice char, so that’s why I have the optional sear box on my smoker. But seeing that burgers cook so quickly I prefer to either smoke them low and slow on this pellet smoker followed by searing on the sear box, or grilled over charcoal on my grill.

I fully expect that I’ll get comments saying the brand X or Y can grill, and I’m open to testing them out, but if they only get to 400 degrees they aren’t hot enough for the way I like my burgers cooked, which is over 600-degree charcoal.


vern linkletter says:

no you cain’t grill on a pellet smoker if you cover the fire chamber with foil..


Where do you buy those pallets at I never saw those before

Philip Kachersky says:

Great review. I’d like to make two comments. First, please take a shop vac and clean out the dust. I have done it once in the last year. It’s not hard. Second, if you want a more even heat, get rid of the aluminum foil. It is acting as a reflector. It’s a tough call whether to use aluminum foil or not. I chose not to to have a more even heat and use the grill as designed. Depending on what I’m cooking I have to scrape off the excess from that tray. But in one year the tray is fine. Again the choice is more even heat or easier cleanup. This of course is personal choice.

henrycems says:

The burgers looked great. The deviled eggs were a classy touch love them.

Aron Aron says:

If you seal your lid you will get higher temps I’ve had mine up to 556 when on highest setting

Matt Sturges says:

Great video, my Camp Chef arrives on Monday. I’m excited about it, so doing some looking around at ideas. Question – where did you get those Hickory-Charcoal pellets? Did you notice a “charcoal-y” flavor in the burgers/dogs?

Earl Slusher says:

Since you have the sear box you night enjoy the burgers cooked on it. It takes four to five minutes to grill a 1/4 pound Burger on the warm sear box setting and the taste is great. It’s nice when I want to fix a good quick lunch or not spend a lot of time getting the grill going.

Doug Dreyer says:

So how were the pellets?…..Lumberjack makes a premium pellet but I’ve always wondered about the Hickory/Charcoal…

Hilman says:

Glad to see she’s as good as new.

Steven Leeming says:

It’s NOT GRILLING, it’s an oven that has a bit of smoke

Ghostly Roaster says:

I can smell bbq from here!

BBQ Crasher says:

Enjoying your videos. You gained a new subscriber and Alerts. Glad you made a 2 year video. Just posted a 1 year Camp Chef review. Hope to get more use out of it.

Richard T says:

Yum! Just wondering “cooked a little more done than I like” do you not fully cook your burgers, or are you talking about how you normally have your steak? I know that the current trend is to have burgers that are still red/pink, but I’ve always been concerned with ecoli or a plethora of other nasty bugs. What are your thoughts?

Dan Hamilton says:

I purchased the same model camp chef in june of this year. I also think it’s a great pellet smoker. Camp Chef changed the hopper lid to a simpler design which keeps the water out when raining. I added the front shelf and also purchased the three teer jerky racks which come in quite handy for other cooks. There is a company that makes accessories for pellet smokers. One is a Pizza oven !

Hootie says:

I’m just curious, how long does it actually take to grill burgers to medium or better with the lid closed, start to finish? I was thinking about getting this same model smoker and I’m wondering if it would completely replace my propane grill. If it takes forever to grill burgers, steaks or whatever I would probably keep the propane grill as well. I realize you have that sear station attached to the smoker but I’m not super interested in dumping $200 into that immediately after getting the $500 smoker.

Steven Leeming says:

It took 10 minutes to put the food in lol dude what the fucj

Doug6714 says:

Those burgers look so good. Have done some once and they were great. Keep Smoking!

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