Camp Chef SmokePro DLX pellet grill vs Traeger Lil Tex elite 22

In this video, I am showing you the features and differences between the two pellet grills. These two pellet grills have the SAME MSRP and are both medium size grills and that is why i choose to compare them.

Camp Chef Pellet grill website:

Traeger Pellet grill:


Curt Robinson says:

I bought a Camp Chef Pro last weekend. I’m smoking a roast right now. I looked at the Traeger and GM also. The camp chef has so many more items that I actually use. The salesman also had one and explained everything to me. So far all my meat has turned out great with no problems. Camp Chef has it going for them. BTW nice video.

Christian Cicirale says:

excellent review, very useful!

Vincent Vargas says:

How accurate is the tempure readings on the camp chef smokepro deluxe?

Brady Cooper says:

I just ordered a Camp Chef SmokePro DLX pellet grill today over a Traeger, this video makes me more happy about my decision…

pine 09 says:

Dang man, that was a great review!!

corbyluv says:

Great review. I’m starting up my BBQ shortly, I’m in the process of converting a 1946 General Electric Refrigerator into a electric smoker. But I have been looking for a good pellet grill worth its weight and I think I’m leaning towards camp chef. Thanks for the outstanding video.

MM Reporter says:

Absolutely one of the best reviews of a product ever. Great job my friend…..

MotoMan says:

do you work for campchef? lol good video

Crazy Dogs says:


Mark Wentworth says:

Looking to purchase a smoker, would have liked to see a video that included some cooking to see how well the temp is maintained in the cooker? I’ve noticed in reviews that some complaints involve temperature constancies? I haven’t seen the Camp Chef model yet but did notice the quality of the materials with the Traeger, looks pretty durable. Hope to find Camp Chef dealer in my area so I can get a up close look. Thanks for the review!!

Raf A says:

Thanks for a great video, well done and explains evrything very well.
I would have liked to hear from you the differences in the quality/sturdiness of the build. I heard the Camp Chef lid, for example, is quite thin and often does not align well to seal the smoke in. Also it would be beneficial to provide a review of both smokers’ performance during cooks.

Mac M says:

Thanks for your great review and time spent going over the finer details.

Brian Herring says:

Thanks this is helpful. The only problem is it seems like you are a salesman just pointing out any negative you can in Traeger and never a negative on Camp Chef. Is Camp Chef the epitome of perfection with smokers? I understand the Cabela’s smoker with the glass is made by Camp Chef so I’m wondering if it is just as good? Again thank you and I look forward to watching more of your videos.

Eli Jöhnsön says:

I would love to get a camp chef but they don’t have dealers in my area that sell this Camp Chef so I went with Traeger

kufam100 says:

Great video very detailed comparison.

The Cleaning Teacher says:

This was a helpful review! Thanks for taking the time to point out these major differences.

Brad Schofield says:

Absolutely EXCELLENT job of comparison. I really enjoyed it and wish I had known this before I bought my treagar. Still happy with it though, but you brought many enlightining points out that I was unaware of. Again, FANTASTIC job and I appriciate all the time and effort you have put into this video. Very informative!! My next choice in a pellet smoker will definitely be deifferent…….

Tony Wright says:

Any ideas about burn time per pound of pellets based on temps etc.? Been looking everywhere for this info. Want an idea of how long 20lbs. will last say at 200-250 degrees because I do a lot of overnight Boston Butts. I could calculate the fuel costs with this info vs the propane smoker I use now.

Charles McBride says:

Awesome video. You really know your stuff!

Colin Benson says:

I really appreciate your video. Thank you for putting in all the time.


i love my treager.
you don’t have to clean your fire pit out after every cook. i haven’t cleaned mine out in like a month i and i use mine at least 4-5 times a week

Phil de Martimprey says:

Excellent video! Thanks for taking the time. Made my decision easy just based on the different ease of cleanout features. Wish you could get some sort of commission man!

tonybuddy123 says:

UDATE #2: For additional information on the pellet grills or to purchase, please see the provided links in the description. (This helps support the channel)

UPDATE: Camp chef has released a new pellet grill that has the same MSRP as the ones in this video and its called the Camp Chef Woodwind. I plan on getting a video up doing an overview of the upgraded features by the end of the month. I just did an unboxing and setup but I am not sure if I will post it since the video quality isn’t that great.

Edward McNally says:

Could you make a video and how to take the hopper a part two for cleaning and to change the auger if you have to

prairieskycam says:

Nice review. Very well thought out. I bought a Traeger Pro 22 a couple of months ago and used it 3 times then saw the Camp Chef Woodwind with sear box. Sold the Traeger and ordered the Camp Chef. It arrived yesterday (Friday) but while unpacking it, I noticed it was dented and scratched just above the hopper lid on the side of the grill. I think Camp Chef could pack their parts a little better. I was really excited to use the grill but now I’m waiting to hear from customer service since they are only open Monday through Thursday. I could’ve used it but when paying that much for a grill, I don’t want dents and scratches in it. Thanks for doing this comparison. Wish I would’ve seen it before I bought the Traeger.

LandumC goes there says:

Well done video! Thanks for the info! How well does the CC door seal in the smoke?

Joseph Danieri says:

Thanks for the great video. Also, I wanted to give you a quick heads up. Spoke to Camp Chef today (6/29/17) and was told the warranty is now 3 years!

damian Ballantine says:

where do u get the propane attachment? i cant find it…

MsScorpio67 says:

As a novice looking for their first grill, you changed my mind.  I was set on getting a Trager.

Andy Olsen says:

My stick burner beats both

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