Camp Chef Pellet Grill – Woodwind SmokePro DLX MODEL #: PG24 – review, un-boxing

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill – MODEL #: PG24 – Review and comparison vs. my gas grill and un-boxing


Raymond Walker says:

The heat isnt working on my electric Camp Chef smoker. How do I fix it?

RATED says:

I have a Traeger, considering on selling it for this. Im sick of my steaks not having grill marks. I am also sick of vacuuming ash

mbrang00 says:

Wrap the drip pan with foil for easy cleaning

Nole Man says:

Great review! How do you feel it does smoking turkeys? How large can you get in there?

Tom Horsman says:

Nice review! Well done!

Don Wilson says:

how is the expense of the pellets? Meaning compared to gas or charcoal? How long does a bag of pellets last you?

MM Reporter says:

excellent review.

Larry Spielman says:

Loftlon – thanks for your great video – I was glad to see my logic on just purchasing this was similar to yours.
Great Food Taste – Good looking quality unit – Great features – Our son has been raving about his popular
brand pellet smoker – which was very appealing – but has just enough on line minor complaints – to make
me look for alternatives – The Camp Chef woodwind seemed to pop up with the best versatility, and value.
Mine was just delivered today. Now I just have to figure out how to move it up a slope into our backyard.
Appreciate you taking the time to go over all of this in detail.  Well done – thx

MilkBone3327 says:

Great review. One question, is this the DLX model or the Woodwind? I see you have both in the title. Thanks

DarkSouljah says:

My wife just bought us this smoker and it arrives on Wednesday. So stoked. Great video by the way.

Jade Jones says:

Quick question, I just bought the DLX and I noticed that there was an excessive amount of sealant where the body pieces come together, I was wondering if yours had the same. It looks like a messy caulking job???

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