Best BBQ Smoker For Beginners – BBQ Smoker Review

These are our thoughts on The Best BBQ Smoker For Beginners. With so many different types of BBQ smokers it is really hard to say which one is best. The type of BBQ Smokers discussed in this video were:

Offset Smokers:
Offset Smokers give you really authentic BBQ flavor. They are a lot harder to master, and take more work, but once you have this smoker mastered it’s down hill from there.
Offset Smoker I Own: Brinkmann Cimarron 1/4 in. Steel

Vertical Smokers:
Vertical Smokers are a great option because they are pretty much set it and forget it. While they don’t give you the same smoke flavor as an offset smoker, they do provide some good smoke, and you don’t have to babysit them as much.
Vertical Smokers I own: Weber Smokey Mountain 19 Inch and Pit Barrel Cooker
Amazon Affiliate Link:
Weber Smokey Mountain:
Pit Barrel Cooker:

Kettle Grills:
The best part about Kettle Style Grills is flexibility. They are great at grilling and smoking. They may not have the capacity as some other smokers, but if you aren’t cooking for a crowd this may be a great choice. There are a lot of aftermarket accessories to personalize this to fit your needs.
Kettle Grill I own: Weber 22 inch with Slow ‘N Sear and Drip ‘N Griddle
Amazon Affiliate Link:
Weber Kettle Grill:
Slow ‘N Sear:

Electric Smokers:
If you are looking for a constant temperature and a lot of capacity for the amount of space it takes up. These smokers are pretty much one set it and forget it. They pretty much do one thing. Smoke at low temps. The maximum temp is usually around 275 degrees. They are great for fish, cheese and anything that you want a delicate smoke flavor on.
Electric Smoker I own: Masterbuilt 30 Inch Electric Smoker
Amazon Affiliate Links:
Masterbuilt Electric Smoker:

Pellet Grills:
Pellet Grills are a great all around Smoker and Grill. They are great for smoking with little effort and give excellent smoke flavor. These are great for smoking at low and high temperatures. These may be the most flexible of all of the smokers in terms of smoking range and the ability to grill
Pellet Grills I own: Camp Chef Woodwind and Traeger Pro 22
Amazon Affiliate Link:
Traeger Pro 22:
Camp Chef Woodwind :

Komado Grills: I am unfamiliar. Please Check Out Baby Back Maniac. Here is a link to his channel:

Link to his Komado Style Grill Review:

Check Out T&T BBQ:

Video URL:


lowratehitman says:

This was a very helpful video, thanks!

Lasse's Food and Barbecue says:

Great comparison. Not sure why i mossed this but now i am caught up 🙂

Sara Sue says:

my husband is new at bbg

No Star Reviews says:

I had an offset that I didnt really care for, placed it on Craigstlst pretty quick.

tigerlicks says:

Great video fellas, keep it up!

Caney Brach Farm SC says:

Very in depth review guys. Lots of great information to help to decide what is the best smoker.

M M says:

Sweet video guys. I have the weber smokey mountain. Love it! Great reviews and very informative.

James Marquis says:

Lyle, try smiling. You look in a pissed off mood.

BBQ & Brews says:

One of the many things I like about BBQ’ing is there is so much variety! I would have to agree a pellet smoker would be my recommendation for a beginner.

I first tried a Charbroil vertical smoker and that nearly turned me off completely. I later learned on a small Traeger pellet grill, then moved up to a larger Green Mountain pellet grill but also wanted to try an offset smoker. I learned A LOT about fire management with the offset as you describe. I still have my Green Mountain pellet grill, but have added a Weber kettle with a Slow N Sear and I’m pretty settled with these two. I love the convenience of the pellet cooker, but I’ve had the opposite experience with the smoke flavor in that it’s not as strong compared to using charcoal and wood chunks in the Weber. One tip with a pellet smoker others might find useful is when cooking low and slow, raise the meat up off the grate and put a water pan under it. That gets the meat away from directly over the fire pot, and the water pan acts as a deflector and heat sink to regulate temps. Check it out in this video at 5:23 :

Pj Danita says:

Set it and forget is definitely my style. When Thyron said that, I knew that Weber was more of my style. We rarely cook outdoors in the Winter.

The Meat Stall says:

BOYLOOKAHERE…….. Outstanding video fellas. Lyle you already know where I stand and the easiest smoker for a beginner. MASTETBUILT all day but the pellet smoker is a close second. I say that only because of the pellet smoker price point and you have to be mindful with the fuel source (pellets).

MessengerOfTruth says:


I love offset. But the because the Broil King is so expensive, it gave me more trouble than my simple CharGriller ever gave me!

The top doesn’t “fit” as much as the price tag suggests. I had a little bit of smoke leakage in my Char Griller, but nothing like this. I’ve had to seal it, and it looks like I’ll need to put another level on. It’s still smokes from all around profusely.

The offsmoker lid does NOT close right, at all! The left side has a hug gap. it’s so bad, there is no way this thing was inspected before put on the market! The heat has poured out, discoloring my new grill the FIRST time I used it, and buddle the pain on the outside.

I reported it and they asked for the serial #. Well, there was no serial #! I still had all the boxing and I looked through ALL of it (bulk day hadn’t come yet). No serial #. So, they asked for pictures and crap, twice, and then they sent me a new lid. I went through the trouble of unscrewing my existing led, and when I went to install the new one, IT WAS TOO BIG!!


So now I’m pissed. I go to send the idiot an email about it, and guess what the email say??

Thanks for your email. I am no longer with the company. If you need immediate assistance, please contact customer service at or by calling  1-800-265-2150.
Pranjoli Sonawane”

So I wrote a review on the Broak King webpage. Naturally, they did not allow it. Their excuse is that a 3rd party (which they PAY, I’m sure) manage is. Laughable fool. Don’t get anything – ANYTHING – from Broil King!

But offsmokers? Yeah. Love em. Just don’t get this brand. You can get something for half this price with 1/2 the problems!

GiveRegard2 Truth says:

Thank you – very helpful presentation

Everyday Life with Steve says:

Love the video Lyle. A lot of what you said about buying an offset from a big box store, and being turned off by not being able to master the basics, is so true. I’ve gone through some periods with my grill where I may have only used it once or twice in a year; this was before I actually took the time to find out more about fire control and temp management.

Louis at R shack BBQ says:

Great job guys. I started out on a pellet grill and have progress through a barrel smoker to kettles and now experimenting with an offset. I do agree that starting with a pellet or electric smoker is the way to go to learn about prepping foods and how they cook then move on to the grills that require more hands on attention. You tube is a great resource that is for sure. Keep on grillin and filming.

PartyUpLive says:

I got the Slow N Sear for the Weber kettle while trying to decide what type of smoker I wanted to get. The Slow N Sear(I got the cheapest model) has worked great. I got a hover rack for when I need more space. It holds the temperature pretty well and it is very efficient. I am thinking of of sticking with it. But if I do decide to get a dedicated smoker, I’d probably go with a offset smoker.

Henry Fabian says:

Awesome video, you guys make a good team! I agree about watching YouTube videos. I bought a kettle a few yrs ago & didn’t like it or use it after a few cooks. My cheap barrel rusted out & I went back to the kettle cause it still looked new after sitting outdoors for 2 yrs. I watched some videos & Justin convinced me to buy a slow n sear. I also upgraded to a 26″ about a month ago. I’m interested in the pit barrel cooker again, the 26″ won out last month.

How long will these pellet smokers last, yrs or decades? It seems like if you want something good, you have to spend some $$$.

kênh của tôi says:

subscribe and turn on the bell. You subscribe yourself and turn on the bell nhé Vietnam

REEF X mr says:

Don’t knock the gas grills. No one can tell the difference in steaks cooked on my Weber Q or kettle. I can fire that thing up in 10 minutes and be grilling steaks in 15 minutes.

Plus it’s very portable. Can take it anywhere.

Perfect for when it’s just me or the gf and it’s getting late.

The Root Boy Cooks ! says:

I guess I have to put my two cents in.I don’t have experience with the WSM or a stick burner, but for a beginner, the PBC Rocks! And the fat dripping on the coals adds an element of flavor, and cleanup is a breeze! Just my opinion, and opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and they all stink! excellent video Lyle!

Baby Back Maniac says:

Thanks for the shout out!
I agree on the 26 kettle, Lyle. “You can go long, or you can go strong” That’ll preach, Thyron. 
Great info, guys.

anth0r says:

Great videos man. I barely started watching last week when I got my wsm. Very informative and easy to understand your videos thanks

Cheryl K says:

Great job guys!

Oren says:

I cook on all my smokers, grills and such. It ain’t complicated for having your choices.

Elton's BBQ-pit says:

Great video gent’s!
Alot of good info on different smokers/pellet/grill/offset’s..

ronald nelson says:

Hey Lyle I didn’t mean to sound like a butt head in my last comment. I know I get mad at my self when I get lazy and my water runs out and then I get a super hard mess to clean up. I’m with you on the not using water, I use my water pan as a defuser plate. I’m in Iowa too so I watch your friends channel.

Easy to Cook at Home says:

Great Review Lyle wow them are some beast smokers !!

Patrick Tanksley says:

Thanks for the video! I plan on getting into smoking this year and have been leaning towards a 26 webber. This pretty much sealed the deal.

Готовим вкусно says:

Hello Friend! like 61

Bill Ross says:

Good review guys!!


Nice video and info on the various smokers and grills by you and Thyron. With a small modification, you can not only smoke on a WSM, but also grill on a WSM on the top grate standing up, just like a kettle on the WSM. Drill 4 holes, add 4 little brackets, use the middle rack, or by a cheap $12 grate for a third level which is 5 inches below the meat rack. This is a permanant mod for the brackets only, and is ready to go any time you want to put the grate at grilling level, so you can grill anytime on the WSM. Weber could easily add that and ship them this way with practically no added expense, but it cuts them out of needing two grills. This mod cost me about $12 or $13.

Mile High V says:

lolol. “lets start this shit over”

Great job, man.

Seth Vigil says:

Great review! Thanks for the share!

Nyle Raps says:

This was awesome, thanks guys!

contreeman says:

great review gentlemen thanks for all the great advice. GOD BLESS

Soul Food Cooking says:

Good Information!! You guys answered many of my grill and smoker questions!!

GamingEnterprise says:

big smoke

Angie Vision says:

wow cool bbq grill

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