Amazen 12″ Pellet Tube Smoker – Quick and Dirty Review

Quick and dirty 5 minute video on the Amazen 12″ Pellet Tube Smoker (aka. Smoke tube). The video gives a quick review and my lightning technique. Enjoy!

Follow Up Video (2 years later):


Howard Freeman says:

what if you just use this on a regular grill to smoke? is it still just as affective

John Black says:

so basically this tell you the truth that Traeger is not really a smoker, you got to use a tube just to smoke the meat while the Traeger is just cooking.

Skip Pickens says:

Make a wide mouth funnel……………..simple isn’t it

Kool Burn says:

only 4 hours

YoMoma777 says:

Have you tried wood chips in this tube? Will they stay lit? How long can you expect the smoke duration from this 12 inch model using wood chips?I might try the wood chips. I can tell a noticeable difference in smoke smell using wood chips compared to pellets. The wood chips have a way more natural smell to then compared to pellets.

Михаил Волошин says:

This is a awesome grill.>>>    I used it to smoke a brisket. This is the way it should always be done!

J H says:

Nice vid. Thank you!

Paul Rementer says:

Mike, thank you for your product review. I look forward to hearing your opinion on products and I trust your expertise.

betoxyz68 says:

Clean it before you cook!!!!

wq1299 says:

IMO that is to much smoke. The grill alone puts out enough smoke on the meat. But hey, to each their own. Might be good for a little cherry for ribs.

Mike Jordan says:

I use my tube all the time. I use in electric smoker and gas grill. A must have for all your grilling needs.

xXTitanfallXx says:

Isnt the white smoke dirty or bad for the food?

AmazonDon 703 says:

Nice video . Is the smoke constant ?

mikeswain612 says:

Use a heat gun to light the pellets. Way easier and no propane needed just an outlet

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