$500 Pellet Grill vs $99 Weber | Beer Can Chicken Review

This week we compare the Camp Chef SmokePro Pellet grill VS the Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill. We are cooking 2 beer can chickens with the same recipe and comparing:

Ease of Use
Cooking Technique

Cheers and Happy BBQing.

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Charlie's Smokin' BBQ says:

Just Subscribed to your channel, come check us out

George Silver Hawk says:

Had a Traeger, and other then for cooking fish, I was a little disappointed in it.  The flavor wasn’t not close to the Weber Smokey Mountain for smoking meats, especially long low & slow cooks of Brisket or Pork Butts, and it didn’t grill even close to my Weber Kettles.  I gave the Traeger to my sister for her Jersey Short House.  She uses it mostly for sea food, which it does well at.  The Webers are more work, but the finished produced is well worth the little effort for me.  All my best to you and yours…

Big Lew BBQ says:

I loved this. The Weber beat the Easy Bake Oven.

Chris Hull says:

There is no reason to rest chicken or turkey, it’s not a brisket. There is no reason to use a can with the bracket.  That just stops the air flow through the bird during cooking making your cook take longer and drying it out more. Keep the bracket and get rid of the can.  Also no need to remove the grate.  A chicken on the bracket you have will easily fit under the lid. There are many baffles made for the Webber kettle to avoid direct cooking.  I just made one out of some sheet metal and it works great. Sorry for the criticism, I’m not trying to be mean,  but you need to do more research. Again, I apologize for the harsh review of you video.

Regexpert says:

Forgot to mention electricity– the Weber doesn’t need it so it’s worth learning how to use one to smoke.

TheRydog61 says:

Weber Kettles rock!

Detcord 1911 says:

Weber Kettles ROCK, Try a slow and sear, got one for my Webber and still way less than a pellet smoker

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