$200.00 Sam’s Club, Members Mark Pellet Grill / Assembly and Review

Members Mark from Sam’s Club $200.00 Dollar, 850 Square Inch Pellet Grill / Assembly, Review and First Fire Up


David Fisher says:

“Members Mark”?

David Fisher says:

Lately the price of pellets going up. That’s how they get ya.

Phil N Florence says:

You made me feel real good on this one. Tom had a long video. lol I like your new toy. Well, you know what to do now. We’ll be waiting. Ribs it is

Pickles BBQ says:

Looks pretty cool, I’ve never had a pellet smoker but for that price, might be worth it.

Dan's outdoor cooking says:

Great video, $200 is a great deal.

Grate Meals BBQ says:

Tom, This is too weird . I was just looking at this exact pellet grill last night online. Was planning on going Saturday to have a look at it in person.. Perfect timing!!! Thank you!

Smo'King BBQ Tips & Recipes says:

I have a Members Mark Kettle Grill, and I love it. Looking forward to seeing you use it, might have to get one myself, especially if I can get one at the price you did! Thanks for the video.

a muuron says:

I could watch your videos for a good 30 minutes. I am very interested in what temperature is the “smoke” setting.

Lasse's Food and Barbecue says:

I like it.
I have started gathering info on buying parts to assemble my own, and a decent hopper is 200+ so you got a good deal for sure 🙂

Tommy says:

Your killing me Tom, you keep getting grlls and all I get is bad looks when I even consider looking at a grill much less buy one

Heavy Metal Bar-B-Que says:

I mean for that kinda price……..who could pass it up? If someone gets two years out of it……it’s worth it! Then buy another one! I’m hoping to see Pellets on the cheap at Sam’s this season…….That’s what I want! m/

Ellen's Homemade Delights says:

Beautiful Grill Tom, Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

James Pitts says:

Hey Tom, thanks for the unboxing, and review! I just received this smoker for my birthday! It’s still in the box, but now I know what to look for! It’s my very first pellet cooker! I’ve cooked on charcoal grills all my life. Looking forward to comparing the taste, and tenderness between the two! Please keep up the good work, thanks!

Fred Berger says:

Looking forward to Part 2 on how she cooks……thanks Tom.

Smoking TarHeel says:

That’s a deal. Great video Tom!

Jack Payne's Food Pains says:

Great deal.

Noname Please says:

Geez. For 200$ that’s not bad. Good information thanks.

Tom Horsman says:

Sam’s Club/ Members Mark Brand Pellet Grill

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