✅Pellet Smoker: Best Pellet Grill Smoker (Buying Guide)

Pellet Smoker: Our trained experts have spent days researching the best Pellet Grill Smoker today in 2019. ⬇️Click SHOW MORE ⬇️
✅1. REC TEC WoodPellet Grill Smoker: http://bit.ly/2EiXnok
* Second Hand on eBay: http://bit.ly/2DTtzgN

✅2. Green Mountain Pellet Grill Smoker: http://bit.ly/2Sl6lcq
* Second Hand on eBay: http://bit.ly/2DY2IjM

✅3. Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill: http://bit.ly/2RndPLK
* Second Hand on eBay: http://bit.ly/2DSQzfK

✅4. Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill Smoker: http://bit.ly/2T2Z3KS
* Second Hand on eBay: http://bit.ly/2DSo02c

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In this video, we make new research on the top best Pellet Grill Smoker on the market today in 2019.
This is a best Pellet Grill Smoker review.
Best time for buying your first or new Pellet Grill Smoker.


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About This Video:
In this video, our experts have put together a list of 5 best Pellet Grill Smoker available now.

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Joy Hines says:

Just ordered this from Home Depot for $199 I wish I had got it for &179! Buying it for hubby for Christmas I hope he loves it!

Joel Gentry says:

Wow! 500 sq. Ft. in cooking space?! That’s twice the size of my living room! It certainly doesn’t look that big in the video.

MisterBassBoost says:

Great video! Keep it up

John Knuckles says:

I’m loving the wifi jim bowie, by green mountain grills.

Dan Kierl says:

Without getting into it, I had a Yoder YS-640 for over 2 years. Those of you who think they are the shiznit either dont use them 3 plus times a week or whatever. The one I purchased was built March 2nd 2017, It was a nightmare from day one. Long story short, I sold it for $800.00 this week and bought a Pit Boss. Used my brothers 820 D and that is the bees knees. Money isnt necessarily the issue, its when I have company or cook for an event…it better be right! The place that sells them here in KS is an extension of the manufacturer. They will not allow a negative review hit the forum. Good luck!

REC TEC Grills says:

The RT-680 have been upgraded to the RT-700. Check out the Bull and all of our other grills. https://www.rectecgrills.com/bull-rt-700-wood-pellet-grill/

Clint Qualls says:

Would like to see your thoughts on Yoder vs. Pitts & Spitts

Arlene Call says:

Traeger Grill should be at the top of the line

deputystryker says:

Pitts and spits 850 or 1250

Larry T Bowman says:

What about the Yoder or the MAK 2 Star

Adam S says:

This is terrible review. Clearly the best smokers were missed. And how can you add the Z Grill when it is a exact rip off of the Silverback made by Grilla Grills? Would be like saying a fo-lex is a better watch than a Rolex….. no real research was done here

thespig13 says:

No pit boss? ha some fan boyy probably made this

mike nicholson says:

What about traiger and Louisiana grills have both work awesome

Jaw Wedd says:

One thing rec tech now has there grills with wiifii from your cell . Also all there fireboxes are now stainless steel . I like to see you match up the rectech trailblazer to the davy crocket tailgate grill. I didnt like the rectech as much before but i sure do now . Do all your other brands have stainless steal firebox like rectec just went to this last spring? The rectech grills also come with two ports or plug ins to plug in your meat thermometers . You can run two at a time and see the temps on your cell phone or grill . Im amazed how much info i can see on my cell phone . On off switch set your temps and see what current temp is. You need to review and compare all these new model rectech grills now

Tyno Vu says:

I never have one pellet grill yet. Really want one. I was thinking about the Cabela brand. Thick solid and made in USA. All 3 look good and which one Made in USA?

Phil Harris says:

With pellet grills, you’re going to have problems, parts are going to fail and break at the wrong time.
 Rec-tec has taken care of me for 6 years and can’t ask for more! Thank you

Review Tube says:

✅1. REC TEC WoodPellet Grill Smoker: http://bit.ly/2EiXnok
* Second Hand on eBay: http://bit.ly/2DTtzgN

✅2. Green Mountain Pellet Grill Smoker: http://bit.ly/2Sl6lcq
* Second Hand on eBay: http://bit.ly/2DY2IjM

✅3. Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill: http://bit.ly/2RndPLK
* Second Hand on eBay: http://bit.ly/2DSQzfK

✅4. Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill Smoker: http://bit.ly/2T2Z3KS
* Second Hand on eBay: http://bit.ly/2DSo02c

Rich Keller says:

I just purchased the Camp Chef Woodwind S/G grill I ‘ve used Traegers for 15 years. This Woodwind has been just great with the S/G technology. I noticed that your review did not cover the Slide/Grill which makes this grill extremely versatile.

Donald Olson says:

I have a camp cheff and the rec tec. I love and use my rec tec for home and the camp cheff at the cabin. The rec tec hands down is my favorite. It is worth the extra money for ease and the consistency of temperature control and the pellet hopper is huge

Piledriver says:

Camp chef woodwind is awesome!!

Laveda's Kitchen Tips and Tricks says:

What about the Sams Member Mark Brand

Bill Peirce says:

Did not see the best. Traeger, did not see the pit boss, or camp chef eather.
Never heard of these brands ever.
So how can they be the best???
Are the the best budget smokers below 250.00!!!!

Aaron Ross says:

Would like a review of Sawtooth Pellet/ Outlaw grills. The only American made that I can find

rodv69 says:

Would you review the pit boss vertical pellet smokers 3, 5, and 7? Love to see how the smaller smokers to the pit boos Austin xl comper.

Larry Gwinn says:

How does yoder pellet grills stand to this list

John Scott says:

How about reviewing the Myron Mixon Barq Pellet grill…?

Larchin Grant says:

Green mountain pellets grill.

Kevin Youngblut says:

The Camp Chef does not come with the sear box, it is an option.

Jonathan hawkins says:

Can you please do a review on the Traeger Timberline 1300

John Lover says:

Im reading the comments and alot of people talking about Yorder grill but if im not mistaken there pellet grills is like $1,400 and ☝ the average joe not paying that much for a pellet grill

subvet657 says:

Green Mountain pellet grills are MADE IN THE USA. I love mine.

Ron Sanford says:

How does a Woodward compare?

Knowledge is Power says:

Great review, thanks. Hope one day I will be able to replace my $70 grill with one of them 😉

MackGauge1 says:

Did this video get edited??? The clickbait said Top 5… The video discussed 4???
Ive had a lot of issues withy Traeger, had my buddy look at a rec tec and he bought it. The Rec Tec is definitely a way better smoker. I’m replacing my Traeger with a Rec Tec.

Heriberto Irizarry says:


James Noon says:

Smoken Brothers #1

darerog says:

I swear he’s saying “camp chefT”

Shawn Mitcham says:

why not review the Yoders Smoker Pellet grills? YS640

Gary Lane says:

Bought a Camp Chef Woodwind and have loved smoking anc grilling for over a years. I recommend purchasing a bluetooth digital thermometer with two probes so you can monitor internal temperatures while inside cooking or any other activity that allows frequent temperature checks with the remore alarm/temp display.

Bill Carroll says:

Pit boss Austin XL

William White says:

I think the Traeger pro OrTimberlain series grills

Ty Chapman says:

Yoder Makes best but very exspensive, the rec tech be my second choice, but all pellet grills have trouble in cold weather holding temperatures

Larry Delong says:

I ordered my Z Grill 700E yesterday with the free pellets. This Marine will give ya’ll a review also. OH YEA !

Ross Carter says:

I choose the camp chef

Stephen Foster says:

Umm Yoder is clearly the #1

El- J's Kitchen says:

Thank you for this information. I notice you didnt mention the Trager pellet grill. What do you think about this grill?

Mr. Walnuts says:

Can you review grilla grills?

tintman831 says:

Traegers not on the list? Wtf?

Jeff Henry says:

pitt boss gives u everything these have at half the cost.

Johnny Tyler says:

Are you kidding me? Those smokers SUCK!!!

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