You Need This Grill !!!!! 2019 Weber Kettle Grill


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Jamie Smith says:

Nice BBQ. But technically you don’t need it. I just use an old truck rim in my backyard load it up with alder Wood. Get it going turn on the tunes have a bunch of beers for a couple hours and when you get a good bed of coals going put on your steaks. Been doing this for over 40 years! No need to spend hundreds of dollars on a barbecue.

Kretieg says:

No spring operated hings, no cast iron searing grate, now diffuser plate here in the U.S.A.

tttrevin says:

Yea. I think you over cooked them.

John Smith says:

I wonder what happened to all of those Weber employees in Illinois after manufacturing moved to China?

Justin Gibson says:

I can’t find this new version in the US, any ideas where I may could find it here?

darren mcfarlane says:

Love the honesty

EarthPotato says:

I love the conversation between these two guys when they taste the dry meat.
Especially the cameraman’s cat on having good taste XD

black guy says:

Where can I purchase the long burning briquettes

bondscalper says:

Must be nice having weber send you free grilles.

jojojaykay says:

Is this going to be available in the United States? I’m particularly interested in the heat deflector. However I can’t seem to find them anywhere despite Weber being local to almost literally my backyard

Kevin Noll says:

All Weber kettle lids smoke like that. It’s a Weber thing. Don’t worry, it’s not going to effect the way it cooks. Which in my opinion is the most versatile cooker on the market. Direct, indirect, slow and low, hot and fast, smoke, sear. Throw some cast iron pans into the mix and you can cook anything.

mipa74 says:

Hinge? So no more rotisserie ring available?

Unidielts says:

You should have smoked the crocodile cheeks for a little bit and then deep fry em.

robertj426 says:

Soooo.. It’s a kettle with a ring and a pan, oh wait a hinge, no, I don’t need this.

Hillary For prison says:

Jesus that thing looks like very low quality !!

jesus trejo says:

is this dude from the future?

Cavzzila says:

The barbecue looks pretty sweet for weber but that thermometer you have in your video that thing is a piece of shit! Do not buy the weber thermometer if you’re looking for a good thermometer to buy a (thermal pro) on Amazon. Nice video keep it up!

David Orona says:

Great video, love the fun. We don’t need any grumpy BBQers.

Brandon Cohen says:

Should have treated it like chicken breast. Brine city. Love, Florida Man.

eric Fritz says:

A Hollander.

Better At-it says:

I have 3 kettles, I want this one too !!. They should have done this kid hinge years ago.

Christopher Rangel says:

Geeze Im just like you.. “breakfast..? Its lunchtime.” Haha “Were gonna be here for a long time Marshall.” Love it love it

David Doyle says:

I think they make a hi temp fabric that will seal the rim guys.The major barbque grill vendors sell the stuff .Its like a stick on tape I believe. I have been watching this guy for couple years and his vids are great,,,I have learned a lot,,,,,Thanks Pitmaster X!

Kenny Campbell says:

I came here for breakfast. Thank you for the preview, looking foward to this grill here in the U.S. What brand are the briquettes?

Zebo369 says:

I can’t find this grill in the USA. Anyone have a link?

David Camerer says:

What is the name of the background track?

Mike Aartje says:

OMG So funny u Guys!

Abunai One says:

I’ve had a Weber grill before. What I don’t like about them is that there is a lack of grill height adjustment and don’t get me started on that round shaped grill.

My current grill has four rectangular cast iron grates so I can use as many or little as I need. It also has four height adjustments and a seperate warming rack.

Christopher Van Brackle says:

What is the brand of charcoal?

Ed Neely says:

How do you set the temp on a charcoal grill?

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