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Elton's BBQ-pit says:

Great review and a good testrun!

Sanders Payne says:

really nice grill

Game Knolle says:

Hi X, great stuff. …. one question are you on the Ruhrpott BBQ this year? I would be great to meet you in live…. BBQ aus Moers

Johnny Appleseed says:

You guys know of cooking ribs in the Netherlands? I thought you guys just ate fish, seal meat and blubber…..

Gabriel Boyce says:

Just bought mine, graduated from BGE. I’ve gone full circle back to Weber after 9 years of owning the Egg.

KC9UDX says:

I need another grill like I need a hole in the head, but this one sure is desirable.

Vincent Engelaan says:

Nice review of the Weber Summit Charcoal

Jeff Mohler says:

Grilla kong is so much better

captfuntastic says:

Great review, I’m sold… well at least when I save the $$

michael landry says:

I’m flat out jealous Roel, I want that grill. please do many videos on it 🙂

James Davis says:

Weber! Looks great for me. Zou graag een kans maken op de igrill2.

Smokin' & Grillin' wit AB says:

Good review and a big thumbs up.

Sjeng Zwakhalen says:

Mooi demonstratie en goed uitgelegd en jammer dat de Performer nog nieuw is anders was dat mijn nieuwe bbq.

AJ says:

Lend? They couldn’t just let you keep the fuckin thing?

Sergino Ryanto says:

Weber!! Doe mij zon handige igrill! Ik rock zelf een mastertouch en wil binnekort een keer een brisket proberen! Temperature control is key dus dit zou goed uitkomen!

SooperFlye says:

Btw, Pitmaster X, this is one of the best demo for this grill, even better than Weber’s demo.

Lucho707 says:

Where was the smoke ring on the ribs? From the video you showed, there was no smoke ring at all.

Fabio P. says:


Kwom kwommr says:


Stef says:

Hee PitmasterX, just found your channel (a bit strange since i am seriously been bbq-ing for some years now and look up stuff on YT all the time) and yes i subscribed 😉 A question, the grill was still on the next day. Was that on purpose or does it not stop when you close down all the vents? I think it is a very nice grill but i also think that weber overpriced it by a couple of hundred euros, not that i do not like weber, they have great bbq’s (i own 3 of them) but 1600 euro’s (1999,- on their own website) s a lot of money. I liked the video very much, good thing i allready have a igrill2 since the action ended ;-)Groetjes uit Julianadorp

constantmens says:


PsychopathicBob1 says:

Have you heard of the Weber cold smoking device?

Fred P says:


Rene Westerveld says:


Steve Harvey Ray Lewis says:

How much is it

Jasper Slik says:


Lars van Keulen says:


Ramon van Abeelen says:


pqtat718 says:

Thermapen thermometers should only be purchased from The ones on amazon are unauthorized resells at much higher prices.

Timo Delveaux says:


paco taco says:

No giveaways to the United states???? Come on mannnnn

Dimitri Pitsinigos says:


DD Smoked says:


Antoon Lowlander says:

High price, give me the gift for compensiation 😉

Marco van Liempt says:


Mele Best says:

Zou dit logeetje van #weber een blijvertje mogen zijn voor je? Ziet er prachtig uit deze Weber.

Hilko Guitars says:

I would love to make a revew of the “Weber” iGrill2 if I win one!
Love your video’s too!

Pitmaster X says:

The winners are!!

– Jan Odink
– Corina van der Stelt
– Laurens de Jonge
– Ronald de Vet
– Roy Hochstenbach

Congratulations!! Thanks to all of you who have participated!

Jorge Leyva says:

Awesome grill!!

CRaZee says:


Gen X Murse70 says:

1500 bucks

mshefliniskl says:

Pitmaster-This is one of the most professional videos I have seen on grilling. I also love it when a Dutch person actually gets that Holland isn’t a country! Good for you man! Keep it up. I’d love to see you do a video on R&V Works and any of their products, but mostly a Cajun Grill or Cajun Express Smoker…even thought the company probably isn’t big enough to get you a free model.

Eric van Crombrugge says:

WEBER forever

Mango Mike says:

Did you have a good time eating all the ribs? Great review!

DCLEMMS1 says:

I forgot . How much do I get paid if I post ” Weber ” ?

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