Weber Summit Charcoal Grill Review |

Take a close look at the game changing features of the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill in this video!
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Key Features of the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill
– Double walled, air insulated design allows for smoking something like brisket overnight, without having to add charcoal
– Stainless Steel wire mesh gasket seals in heat & smoke
– Integrated snap jet gas ignition makes lighting your charcoal as easy as turning a knob
– Included stainless steel hinged heat deflector plate
– Charcoal can be set at 2 different levels, depending on desired temperature

Featuring: Frank Alfieri
Filmed/Produced by: Paris Frederick


David Fuertes says:

yes it is a great grill but it will cost you a mortgage payment

Jason Prometheus says:

You forgot to mention how affordable it is!


only 2k

Tim Martinez says:

Everyone wants a Cadillac – but no one wants to pay for it. I’m all In #I’mNotACheapAss

Cory Daley says:

Honestly, I think Weber could take a huge chunk of the kamado market with this, IF they priced it competitively. Too expensive for what it is right now.

Enoc Cruz says:

Very nice, but for 2k, way over priced.

Aaron Lunzmann says:

Hey Weber!!! Look! Another comment section loaded with dudes who would buy this thing for 500$ less. Too damned expensive.

Maddog8148 says:

This grill is amazing but the price is just not in line of what else you can buy. For this price you can buy two Weber Genesiss

ronnyk888 says:

It’s a great looking grill, but priced too high.

Gray Haas says:

A kamado with a side table can cost well above $2,000. I agree though, they could dominate the market if this were just $400-$500 less.

Bbq Mike Garrick says:

Best kettle Weber makes. Had it over a year and never begrudged the price. I highly recommend it!

serious says:

nice video! keep up the work.

Jay Johnston says:

did your summit leak at the lid seal

5280 Street Dogs says:

I love weber but this is way over priced bordering on an insane purchase

Manuel Miranda says:

Is it that much better than the joe for the money , which one would you recommend out of the two? Love the videos keep them coming

Justin Lloyd says:

For this price point one could purchase the Blaze Kamado.

James Patterson says:

This grill, the Summit, will be considered a flagship charcoal grill along side the Weber Ranch kettle.

However, if I was the designer, I would have designed a 30 inch diameter cooking grate for Summit Charcoal Grill, instead of 24 inches. 7.5 inches smaller than the Ranch (37.5 inch), but 4 inches larger than the Premium Charcoal Grill (26 inch).

$1499 or $1999 price tag demands this consideration.

If you love to grill or BBQ, coughing up $1500 or $2000 big ones for a 24 inch diameter grill makes no sense when one can pay a fraction of this cost on the 26 inch Premium Charcoal Grill. And still do the same kind of cooking, BBQing & grilling & smoking.

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