Weber Summit Charcoal Grill Review 1 year later- The best kamado ever?

The Ultimate review of the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill / Grilling Center. This is everything I know about this kamado style grill after 1 year of heavy use. It’s not perfect, but it’s VERY good. Maybe the best. Hope it helps you with your shopping.

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Big Green Egg Temp Controller by BBQ Guru
Kick Ash Basket
Thermaworks Smoke-ABC affiliate link, not me (Thanks for helping out my friends at ABC):
Maverick 732
Craycort cast iron grate (pick the one for your grill)

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Phil in Florence
Tom Horsman
Heavy metal bbq

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Kamado Joe Big Joe-
Weber chimney starter-
Weber 22” kettle-
Slow ’N Sear Plus (22 inch kettles)-

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gordon farmer says:

T ROY sent me to check yah out

HouseofChains81 says:

I wish I would have known about this before getting an EGG. The EGG is great but this is more up my aisle.

Big Lew BBQ says:

Phill, HMB and Tom Horsman are all great channels. I love what Phill did to his WSM. Very good honest review, it let me know that I still have no interest in a Kamado, even if it is lighter and made by Webber.

Patriot BBQ says:

First of all, I’m totally jealous of your video production skills. Seriously, best production of all the BBQ channels on YouTube. Kudos. Second, great 1-year review of the summit. I had a 22″ kettle that I just sold because I felt it was a bit too small for my needs. I’m seriously considering the summit at this point. Thanks for the detailed review!

Logan West says:

Great video, thanks Jason…I mean Justin! It’s a lot of money but there are some nice things going for it and you covered those things well.

Mike P says:

Another Great video BBM! Thanks!

Frank Diaz says:

Have been wanting one of these since your side by side comparison of it and the Big Joe, but the price is eye watering. I appreciate you paying lip service to the Webber Performer, and the great alternative.

Please continue to make these fantastic reviews that are always fun to watch.

johnnyr2961 says:

That sucks about the CS. I’ve never had that kind of issue so hopefully next time you won’t deal that particular person.

Travis Fisher says:

Drop a little high temp red RTV silicone on that gasket. It won’t void your warranty.

Stephanie Yeminez says:

beautiful grill

Tom Scholle says:

Hi, I have been watching for a few months now and love your videos. I am looking to move to the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill, but keep wondering since summer is almost over if I should wait until 2018. What do you think the odds are they will update this grill next year?

David Darrow says:

Great vid, and thanks for the follow up. Your Weber CS experience is interesting to me. Just the other day I went casually shopping for a new gas grill (don’t actually need one, hehe). I’ve always had outstanding experiences with Weber, and was very disappointed by their current offerings in the Genesis line. I was always a fan of the heavy cast iron grates on older models, and found out that now you either get super thin cast iron (at least that’s what it looked like), or skinny stainless steel grates. In addition the entire grill had a less substantial feel to it. A seemingly knowledgable sales person informed me that the latest line is built in, and imported from China. So it would seem obvious that they are trying to cut down on weight for freight purposes, which means certain sacrifices. I wonder if we’ve seen the end of the Weber we knew. Anyway… As a side… Also wondering if you have any experience with the Monolith ceramics. Seems they might hold a few small advantages over the Kamado Joe, but struggling to find enough reviews in English to make an informed decision. Thanks again!

Stephanie Yeminez says:

are you on Facebook. Hi to your wife and your family.

M Murphy says:

Hi Justin, great review, I love your channel, quality information, lots of grilling wisdom presented in an entertaining manner, I have learned allot from you.I bought a WSCG two months ago based on your review and am very happy with the grill but have had similar issues with Fit and finish.

Bad Beast Barbecue says:

Nice review, it is a shame about the gasket problem you had with the summit, you would think that you are not the only one having this issue. I agree, I would hope this is not an indicator of Weber’s future customer service efforts. A company should stand behind their products and try to resolve issues that may come up after releasing the product to the public, I am sure they have analyzed the problem and did not want to absorb the cost of replacing all the failed gaskets. Brother you are growing so fast, wish I knew your secret….you have fantastic content. Keep on smokin’

d307p says:

Which slow n seat do I want to order for the WSCGS? The lo profile?

Chris Brown says:

Really enjoy and appreciate the amount of information you put into these videos. You tell it like it is. Very nice job.

Keepit Fair says:

Hey brother, again man great video. Friendly advice if I may and it’s only because you had me counting how many times you said “we’ll talk about that later” LOL. In the future make a prompt list or something next to you that checks it’s self what your going to go over during the video. You did amazing from beginning to end no doubt, and your review of the product I couldn’t agree more. Forgive me if you feel otherwise, I mean no harm. you have me as a true major fan of your YouTube channel, I’m just being true and trying to help your success continue smooth brother!!! God Bless

Jay Johnston says:

I’ve never heard of a gasket designed to leak?

Jeremy Jones says:

I have a Weber Performer. I’ve loved it since day one. This looks like another Weber product I would enjoy. However not at that price point. That’s nuts.

William R says:

What I can’t deal with …. about the Weber… is the price. $1000 too much.
Good Video

10 minute meals says:

Hi Justin, great video. I’m no expert in this, but you said the gasket was okay. I’d say it is the gasket at fault and is a design floor. Certainly wouldn’t be happy shelling out £2K and for the BBQ not to be perfect.

Josh Jacobs says:

Great review. I love all your videos. I started out on some pretty flimsy grills, the “walmart specials”. I then needed something I could easily take with us on a picnic so bought a “Smokey Joe” and have been a fan boy of Weber ever since. Their products are simply amazing. 26 years later, Weber only please LOL!!!! I now own the original kettle premium and can pretty much do anything with it. Would love to test and own a Summit, but are a bit out of my price range. Some day maybe.

Weber Kettle Club says:

Wow. I’ve wanted the summit since it came out, but now I can’t sleep without one. Fantastic job on this review and video. I loved it. Very sad to hear about your customer service experience though 🙁

Josh F says:

Justin, thank you bro for all your tips and reviews. I’ve learned a lot about slow smoking and bbq in general from watching your videos. You got me excited about the Weber Summit, and I”ve been setting money aside for it! Definitely next summer I will be smoking my first brisket on the WS!

Stafford Lewis says:

Do you think Weber is listening and will make the suggested improvements soon?…..such as the wheels

Peter Jurow says:

Love your honesty

TheHollarBBQ says:

Nice review man.  Keep up the good work and thanks for inspiring us young channels.

Philo Beddoe says:

the only thing the price tag. the KJ is way better priced than then BGE as well. But cuz of T-Roy…i got the WSM. 🙂

silverbankruptcy says:

Great Video, and Good Advice. This channel is now being renamed to “The Good Marriage Channel”

Adam Blackburn says:

Wow! Great review. I subbed your channel. I’m looking forward to many more videos from you. Thank you.

jason hullihen says:

i like your new intro… i also got to thank you bro for the slow and sear introduction…works great i use it all the time….cool video

Jamie Finlayson says:

hey Justin just curious, have you heard from slippery chicken bbq guy. he was fun but i havent seen him in a long time. I went to facebook page with no avail. anyways have a great week

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