Weber Rapidfire Charcoal Chimney Starter Review

This little device has been worth every single penny. I love cooking with charcoal, but I hate the wait and I don’t like having to use lighter fluid. I’d never heard of something like this before, but I just happened to see this chimney starter in my Amazon suggested items listed when viewing other grilling items. When I saw it had over 900 five-star reviews, I knew I had to give it a shot.

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I’m happy to report that the previous reviews weren’t just blowing smoke; this little gadget is AMAZING. A few crumpled pieces of paper underneath, and this had my coals glowing cherry red within 20 minutes. I can’t believe I’ve been using charcoal all these years without this. The first day I took it out to grill at the park, several people came up to me and all of them said one of two things:

“What is that?”
[short explanation by me]
“That is AMAZING!”

or they’d tell me:

“Isn’t that thing awesome? I’ve been using mine for years. Best grilling accessory I ever bought.”

Everybody either wanted to get their own after seeing it, or wanted to tell me how much they love the one they already have.

If you grill with charcoal, this is a must-have item. I’d give this 100 out of 100 stars if they’d let me. This is probably one of the most useful and best-working-as-advertised things I’ve bought in the last 10 years. I normally don’t gush so much in my reviews, but this device just seriously impressed me. Love it!


Jrivera says:

Have to try this starter out I have a cheap one I bought at Walmart and sometimes it takes 30 min or more to light charcoal. If I use lump wood charcoal even longer.

Memphis Darkside Muzik says:


Anthony Verdibello says:

I’ve been using one of these, for years.

They are the best. I roll two pieces of newspaper, ring them around the bottom leaving a little air hole in the middle, and light it.

By the time you prep the food, the coals are ready to dump into the Weber.

A word of advice … don’t use briquettes. Use lump charcoal. It’s a more natural charcoal process.

eminusipi says:

I’m curious if you noticed different results with different newspaper sheets. Usually I’d use three full sheets and it would take about 20 min ’til ready. Sometimes the paper didn’t work as well. I’m thinking that highly color inked paper didn’t work as well as plain black type sheets. I’m prefering the Weber lighter cubes-one seems to work very well and there is no ash flying all over and they are relatively cheap and 100% reliable.

Dragon y2k says:

Do you know the maximum temperature it reaches too?

Rooster Comb says:

would this work for lump charcoal as well?

Cletus32261 says:

those things are a must, nice vid GG

Killing-Time says:

I had one of those cheap ones, probably lasted a year. Bought the weber brand chimney and was impressed as well. The weber chimneys start the coals faster and don’t require as many relights as the cheap ones. Think one of my weber chimneys is going on five years, sits outside and is still solid.

Lori Roe says:

Questions. I have a dual 50/50 Chargriller. Could I just start this over the propane side instead of using paper?

ryan pitre says:

What in the world is the metal handle thing used for? The one that moves,and gets in the way?

Steve Carter says:

Been watching a ton of these videos this morning and yours is one of the clearest, in terms of what you’re saying, picture, sound, and the burn too. Thanks!

Matt Hartup says:

Cool product thanks for the video.

SooperFlye says:

I have the feeling you’re using one of those BIC Multi-purpose lighter. I got one too. They’re real handy to have for BBQing, but damn, they can be hard to get a light.

BTW, since you’re using a chimney starter, might I suggest Weber’s lighter cubes? You’ll never use newspaper again … ever. *You see all that ugly dirty smoke? It’s not the charcoal causing it.*

john smith says:

I simply put charcoal on the charcoal grate – light it up with charcoal lighter fluid and then drink beer while I wait for the coals to heat up.

Robert's Room says:

Got the compact one, a do a vid soon.

Leaf4IF says:

what kind of charcoal do you use?

Piet Stone says:

Use starter qubes instead of paper. They dont create that much smoke and are more effective.

eminusipi says:

Don’t put it on your cooking grate, put it on the charcoal grate.

JOAX55 says:

Hey there, I was wondering if this would be good to use for rocks/stones?

Brian H says:

Great video. I was almost certain I was going to get a propane grill. Mostly cause propane grills heat up faster and you have to constantly attend to the charcoal when trying to get it hot. Thoufh, to me charcoal grills give out better taste. Until I saw this device. I’m just about sold on getting a charcoal grill.

bert H says:

I have found it is better to spread the coals out a little before the flames get to the top and all of them are bright red. The coals will light more evenly, and the ones at the top that don’t get red in the chimney will ash over within a couple minutes of spreading them usually, and the coals will last a good bit longer.

Tim Ruiz says:

Looks like you have the Char Griller gas/charcoal with side burner grill. How do you like it? I just literally put mine together today.

sariharis says:

excuse my misunderstanding if i am missing something
why do i need this tool to start with?
i could just start it in the charcoal grill directly !

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