Weber ONE-TOUCH GOLD 22.5 Inch Review

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The Weber One-Touch is arguably the best charcoal grill on the planet! Assembling the Weber One Touch was a simple, one-person job. The quality of the Weber grill is immediately obvious. The handles are welded to the grill itself, so the plastic handles that are attached are merely cosmetic and to help to absorb heat (have you ever purchased a grill with handles that fell off?). The thickness of the grill material itself is very substantial. The grill grates are heavy-duty and the ability for each side of the grill grate to pop up for adding more charcoal if needed while cooking is great! The ash disposal is ingenious and is a major upgrade to the Weber One-Touch Silver grill in my opinion. The included thermometer looks very high-end and fits the lid of the grill perfectly! The integrated hooks on the handles are great for hanging a Weber grill brush, etc. The legs are substantial but I don’t plan to roll the grill around a lot. The premium Weber grill cover is a must, as it should protect the grill from the elements! I could not be happier with the extra large cooking surface on the Weber grill! Not that upgrades are necessary, but Weber offers an abundance of add-ons for this grill. Whether you’re new to grilling or have been grilling your entire life, this grill is next to impossible to beat! For people that may otherwise purchase a propane grill, this is a great alternative because the ash tray makes clean-up effortless and not messy! Please share and subscribe to IrixGuy’s Adventure Channel ( and enjoy all of Chef IrixGuy’s videos!

Filmed with Canon XA10 camera with Rode VideoMic. Intro portion filmed with GoPro HERO3 Black Edition on GoPro head strap mount. Contains royalty-free music from

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holm76 says:

Love the Sub C

hardcoremofo says:

The performer is even more awesome!!!

Doug Beam says:

Hey thanks for taking the time to do these videos on install and review… good quality and good information!

steve vaughn says:

Great grill. Put the leg without the wheels in front of the handle. So you can pull and steer easier.
And who wants to put over a grand in an Egg grill when this one works just as good. Plus it saves me from shooting someone that’s walking away with my grill when they think i’m not looking.

Ron Schneiberg says:

I bought the original 18 in. In 1978, used it for 22 yrs, finally got rid of it, such a shame, because the wooden handles roted, I should have kept it and bought the spare parts and redid it. THIS grill is the best-selling, my kids use the gas grills Weber makes, that’s fine, but I love the charcoal Kettles! I just had bought me a new 18in one-touch, added ash catcher, and temperature gauges, someone lucky will inherit this one.

Polo God says:

How much is this beauty?

eminusipi says:

What bothers me the most is that the gold model has handles that have hooks on them. That is an upgrade for the silver model. They cost the same to make. So Weber is offering a cheaper silver model that you have to upgrade for a price. It doesn’t seem right 🙁  That should be the only handle they make.
I do see that the handles seem to be 90 degrees off, you lift the fixed leg and roll the wheels. But still, it is a good review. I’m still happy with my Silver model for $50 less.

Oscar Rios says:

Oh man that ash thing is GOD! Thanks for the video. It cleared my mind. Now I know what to buy

cory smith says:

you may have figured it out by now but the vent on the bottom is designed to serve a duel purpose it is primarily a vent though and not just a easy way to open it up for the ashes to fall through.  you use it to adjust the temp of the grill in correlation with the top vent closed more for slow cooking and open more for high heat such as steaks. You are right that the vent is designed in a way that it makes cleaning out the ashes a breeze by sweeping it back and forth to push them through the holes. Great review i enjoyed it.

Todd Fiquette says:

Do not lift the lid straight up into the air while cooking!  This causes air to be sucked into the vents on the bottom and it pulls ashed up onto your food. Since at least thirty years ago or more, Weber grills have a small hook on the inside of the lid so you can SLIDE the lid to the side and then the hook catches on the rim of the grill and hangs there for ash free cooking. You can always tell a real griller from an amatuer by the way they lift the lid. 🙂

ran dom says:

Can I ask Is it made out of copper? Thanks

Edward Rossiter says:

You put this together wrong. The handle should be on the end with the one leg.

Enoch Furyan says:

For $150 one would expect stainless steel grate.  What you get instead is the el-cheapo,thinly plated steel that will corrode within few months.  What a junk.

The BBQ Jerk says:

You put the legs on wrong.

Daniel Gomes Silveira says:

Nice review, but I believe you assembled in the wrong way. The handles on the sides are supposed to face the opposite direction of the wheels (as the assembling manual shows). 

The BBQ Jerk says:

The grill is crap and won’t last long but it will cook some good food and for $150 it’s disposable. When it rusts through you just put it out for the garbage man and go buy another. 

4u25out says:

I got same exact grill for father’s day.  $149+tax. at Home depot.

bbq-outdoor says:

great, the video you made was quite special and thoughtful.

alex mielnik says:

I’ve never seen that color…looks good!…I would say however that when this grill was assembled the bowl is not on the legs in such a way where the handles run with the wheels.  Meaning, if you want to move your grill you’d want to grab one handle and pull.  The way your bowl is mounted to the legs positions your handles diagonally.  Nice review…great grill!

Roberto Vargas says:

Good review

razberryclownsac says:

Thanks for the video. I was actually taking a look at the Weber One Touch Silver. Basically, the differences between Silver and Gold are: built in thermometer on the lid, better cleaning system, and hinged grates. Is that it? Just trying to make the best purchase, but the hinge grate and ash pot may be worth the $50 alone.

Scott Morgan says:

Excellent and helpful review.  

Been grilling for 40 plus years.   Have had expensive grills which didn’t last, had cheap ones which did, most didn’t.  Have heard great things about the Green Egg, but boy howdy the price. Have seen them in action and do not believe they are worth so much more than a Weber..
Tried propane, uhhhh, something not right for my tastes.   Never ever had a bad experience with Weber.  

Gonna fire my new One Touch up in a few minutes.  BTW……assembled 129.00.  This grill does look like it will last.  Most of my Smokey Joe’s were either blown away by strong winds, or loaned um to never return. 

Although this one is the first time I’ve gone above the Smokey Joe.   Cooked for 10-15 people too.   The secret was simply having more than one going, which also allows different type grilling foods much easier.  The Smokey Joes on sale are fairly inexpensive. Using multi grills will do for instance steaks, BBQ pork-steaks, corn, chicken, all going at the same time, on different grills.  Kinda fun, had three at one time with different NFL logos.  

Again thanks, and do believe this is going to be a great grill. 

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