Weber Limited Edition Red Kettle/Slow N Sear

Get your Slow N Sear and other great accessories for your kettle here
Adrenaline BBQ Company/Slow N Sear:

After seeing some of the reviews I was pleasantly surprised when I opened mine. Almost perfect condition, a few black spots underneath but it’s not bare metal, you can feel the enamel. On the dry brine, use 1/2 teaspoon per pound if using kosher or pink salt, 1/4 teaspoon if you’re using table salt.

Most of the products I use can be found in my Amazon store.



Louis at R shack BBQ says:

Steaks will look great on the Redhead kettle. Be sure to get a heavy duty cover for her.



BillGoudy says:

Outstanding Christy….  I have used charcoal over the years…  Only recently have I began to use it regularly…  It might have a lot to do with me traveling…  Haha…  excellent show my friend!!   😉

Smokin' & Grillin' wit AB says:

I like that, BBQ starter kit, lol. Congrats and good luck even though you don’t need it.

cookingwithtomtom - BBQ Recipes says:

Absolutely awesome, Christy!! Glad to see you have some cool new toys to play with. Can’t wait to see the cook! 🙂

Jaxx Drinkwater says:

I think you are gonna love it Cristy


That sure is a pretty Kettle. I love mine and I’m sure you will too Christy!!!

Chip's Outdoor Channel says:

You got hooked up when you got that slow n sear! You have some good connections! The red hair and red kettle seem like a match made in heaven too! Looking forward to seeing you work your magic!

Big Lew BBQ says:

You are set!

Survival Preacher says:

Great job can’t wait to see the video God-bless have a great Night

William Logan says:

Good on you Christy. I too purchased my very first Weber Kettle (basic black) in July. I also got a Slow and Sear and the chimney starter. There is a learning curve to using it but it’s really easy peasy. Since I put my offset away for the winter (I reside in extreme northeastern Vermont) I’ll be using the Weber Kettle to do my smoking and grilling on in the snow. I look forward to seeing those huge steaks cooked to perfection as you always do. Cheers!

Gregor Miller says:

lol, oh my…did Fred Flinston come by with those T-rex bones? dang.


Very nice job showing us your new grill and accessories. You will love it. After you’ve cookedon it a while, you will figure out what works. Looking forward to seeing that Cowboy ride.

Jiveboy's Food's says:

That is amazing great review like 45

Homestyle Recipes says:

Nice video

Booger500us says:

Oh man Christy I am so excited to see this going on! you are gonna do that cowboy steak some justice I’m sure!

Anu's kitchen says:

Very nice

CastIronSkillet says:

I hope everyone is laughing at us with blue gloves lol! That’s a nice Kettle! Awesome cooking package! Thanks Christy!

chevy11211947 says:

you will love the kettle, you can do so many different styles of cooking on it . I find it hard to believe that you have never eat any food off  a kettle. you forgot to put your gloves on to  handle the meat LOL ,,keeping the videos coming

Cooking with Cricket (cricket516) says:

Very nice, Christy. I love using the chimney thing. It’s so easy to use and does a great job. Very nice review.

Dave's Ohio BBQ says:

That thing is beautiful. How you liking it so far? Jealous


AWESOME review babes!!! I never had one either so it was refreshing to see!!

Gadjet Griller says:

Hello Christy nice BBQ set up you got there. Just one thing its 1/2 a teaspoon of kosher salt or pink Himalayan salt. regular table salt is much finer and therefore use only 1/4 a teaspoon of table salt per pound of meat. have fun with your new kettle and the slow and sear!

expertnmbbusinesses says:

Great review Christy I will not make fun of you about the gloves use what you want to use. very nice kettle can’t wait to see you good those steaks.

Oren says:

Good job girl. Grill some peaches 🙂


Wow Christy nice kettle
Cant 2 see ya cook on it
Cheers Christy..

Your food addiction TRAVEL FOOD says:

It looks great, can’t wait to see it working!

Daddy Cooks says:

That is the cutest lil red thing that I have seen. Just as cute as a lil button!! I like the grill too…LOL! I can’t wait to see your steak cook Christy! Welcome to the Kettle Club!!

Corby Q says:

Very nice grill. Gloves no gloves it dont matter as long as your hands are clean IMO

Cooking Green Bastard Style says:

Nice to see that you finally got yourself a kettle, Christy. You are going to love it. My red kettles have not yet arrived, hopefully they show up this week.
Rock On!!! GB

Bologna Ring Ranch says:

You’re gonna love that kettle! It shore is perty one! And those steaks……….Wow!

Whats New BBQ says:

cant wait to see you make some great stuff on Red

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