Weber Kettle Grill 26 Unboxing and First Impressions

Hey Guys, I got a new BBQ toy in the mail to day so we’re going to take our new weber kettle grill 26, unbox it and give you our first impressions. Firstly this thing is enormous. Seriously there is so much room on this cooker that there isn’t really going to be a size limit other than if we wanted to cook a whole hog. The second thing that is apparent and awesome is thing grill took hardly anytime at all to assemble. The instructions were very easy to follow and required only a screwdriver and a 7/16 box wrench.

As a side thing….we also got a slow n sear xl so…..its about to go down. Till those videos drop though dont forget to follow me on the other social media platforms below.

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Lasse's Food and Barbecue says:

I kind of drool when i see one of these in the store. But i cant really justify it. The 22 inches i have a more than enough for us. And if i have a need for a lot of grates i have my UDS which is 2x22inh. So ….

But i still would not mind hehe

Happy for you Steve!

Phil N Florence says:

You can get around some limitations by going 26 for sure. No problem with laying out 3 pk ribs, then loading up SAMS large pack of wings is no problem on the 26. You will love it. READ those assembly instructions. LOL Once I did an assembly w/o reading and had a part leftover on last step which required one of the two bolts be installed at step 3 which would be covered and inaccessible later. I was at step 15. You know what I had to do. That cured me. At least look at them to see if there are any blown up boxes saying IMPORTANT. LOL

Rocen Rol says:

so…ive been saving my $for the chargriller akorn with the table …..but ive been wondering bout this kettle grill on please leave a comparison. it would make a grew vid

No Hippie BBQ & Cooking says:

I love my 26


The 26 is gigantic. You are going to love it Especially with the SNS. Now go burn some meat. LOL!

MeatCranium BBQ AND REVIEW says:

That’s what’s up Steve. I think I need to keep up with thE JONESES And get me one. I ain’t no big baller like you, I cannot afford a 26 inch. I’ll start with a Smokey Joe. Lol

Russyl Royer says:

I just ordered my 26″ Kettle and Slow and Sear last night to do Slow and Lows cooks which compliment my Barrel House Cooker which uses the Hot and Fast method of smoking.

Red's BBQ and Pizzeria says:

LOL, Steve, that could not be further from the truth about me too! I don’t read anything and have to take a couple passes to ensure I did it right! DAYUM, SNS XL TOO?! It’s like Christmas in the summer!!! Fantastic brother and what’s on the menu for the first cook?!

digijams says:

LOL “That’s a charcoal grate Ya’ll!” Ordering mine tomorrow, the Adrenalin BBQ guys are killing me. The 22″ just is not enough.

Everyday BBQ & Cuisine says:

Nice new Toy… rock that thing…

Baby Back Maniac says:

YES! That is a fantastic combination! If I had my druthers everybody would have that exact set up (…And also someone would tell me what the word “druthers” means. LOL)

Awesome, brother. You are going to love that!

Heavy Metal Bar-B-Que says:

Nice…..that’s all anyone really needs.

Doug Lynch says:

Ass catcher ? I guess that’s for Boston butts.

Rocen Rol says:

dq coach i know im stil rambling n loving your bbq vids but ,,on the akorn ..i know it preserves coals for later cooks cause its efficient. .. we need to know the efficiency of the 26 weber …period youve got both n i wanna buy 1 i research all my big money purchases. so you’re the guru for us. i seen a video on the really expensive weber with the automatic charcoal lighter. .. i
he loaded the kettle all the way , i believe it went over 50 hours

Grey County Grillin' says:

Damnit…all you guys getting the 26″ kettle are making me want one. Good call on getting the SNS, that’s at the top of my want list for my Red kettle.

Cooking with Kirby says:

Nice new toy my friend. I had the 22 inch version, ended up giving it to my brother n law. I didn’t give it a chance it deserved. They do cook fast since they are small and only use a small amount of charcoal. There is a big following with those grills and the slow and sear, you got the perfect set up to get some attention. Can’t way to see what you cook brotha!

RaleighSmoke says:

Looks like a great combo.

Rocen Rol says:

I believe it’s the kettle I know I can do things with it …I bought a kettleman n was not happy cause 0 things u can order for it plus you gotta lay your cooking grate right on top of the coals on a long cook no room plus it has only 1 damper on the top it’s got holes all around the side to let air in cool the grill I open up the top damper .I’ve adjusted my cooking to it , so cook a 3lb Chuck roast on both ,I usually cook a lot of Chuck it’s cheaper. Ty man!!

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