Weber Kettle Comparison – Original Kettle, Original Kettle Premium & Master Touch –

In this video, we take a look at the Weber Original Kettle vs. the Original Kettle Premium vs. the Weber Master Touch Kettle. What makes these grills different from one another? Today we will have a look at just that! Links to items are below in the Show More section or Info Button in the video.

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Kimo Clyde says:

Can someone confirm that new Webers are made in China now? That would be a deal breaker for me for sure.

Patrick Cox says:

Very Helpful Video. I am looking into getting a weber and this was very informative.

Eric Prochnow says:

I often wondered why Weber puts the thermometer on the other side of the vent. It suddenly occurred to me through the science of convection…

If the vent is over the coals and the coals are radiating a 250 degree temperature, then one would assume through convected heat that the whole kettle is heated uniformly.(as long as you don’t lift the “friggen” top of the kettle. Hence the openings in the top and the bottom of the kettle that allow you to control the temperature inside the kettle.

If you set your coals up correctly and maintain the air circulation, it doesn’t matter what the temperature on top of the Weber kettle is…the prong from the Weber gauge is not anywhere close to the coals. This is usually an accurate indicator of the true temperature throughout the low and slow process.

If you don’t trust this method, at least try it out by inserting another thermometer through the top openings just for grins.

I have done this. The readings are remarkably similar.

Weber Master touch owner, with a “Smoke Eze” addition. Is there anything else?

We are eating meat!

steve s. says:

The master touch… likey!!! My father has the very, very original Weber Kettle, came with wood handels that were replaced with plastic handles off of one of my damaged Weber kettles. His grill is probably well over 30 years old. The gage of metal back then was a huge difference from the (poorly constructed) ones now. However any Weber Kettle is priceless . Even my Weber Jumbo Joe kicks some serious a$$!

redgrapeskins says:

The original Weber kettle had 3 round vent covers on the bottom , ( 9 small holes for air to flow ).. Those were the best ..and the best made!!! The original ones were dipped in paint ….Later they were sprayed,,, but still great!!! The early ones were built with metal handles and looked thicker…The last production run of them employed wood handles … The kettles in this video are all newer

Louis Cracchiolo says:

That’s weird they don’t make the original kettle without the heat shield anymore

Steven Emas says:

They’d all be better if Weber could make the lids fit better so that they wouldn’t leak so bad.

890mikes says:

I would have like to hear the prices.

88sCYTHe says:

Brief but complete. Thanks for this video, very informative. says:

@dirk Van Winckel, Glad you enjoy the review!  I don’t think the Master Touch has changed from 2014, to 2015, but here is a cool article on the comparison of the current Master Touch to the oldschool one:

dotnotfeather says:

This was an EXCELLENT comparison video, thank you for putting it together!

Brian T says:

what is the height difference with the Master Touch compared to the premium? Thanks

Louis Perrotta says:

Bravo. Very helpful!

crimsontide1980 says:

I swear by Weber’s; I grew up watching my dad grill on the old school 18 inch Weber with the old wood handle, he later gave that grill to me and I still have(and use) it to this day,along with my One Touch 22.5 and my small portable Smokey Joe if I’m camping out(or just want to grill up a steak for myself). Just purchased a 22 inch Weber Smokey Mountain and I can’t wait to start cooking low and slow here soon

steve s. says:

Has anyone here used the Smokinator or Grilling Grates?

Charles Bertie says:

The rubber handle on the air flow slider does not make it harder or easier to adjust…and the wheels that are on the first two models would have been just fine on the more expensive third version…the rubber wheels do not make it better.

SteenSmokeHouse says:

Love my Weber Master Touch! My 5th Weber!

deans6571 says:

I’ve just bought the Master Touch myself – one awesome looking grill!! One thing I don’t understand though is why they only include one handle at the front of the grill – would it not have been better to have 2 handles on either side of the grill instead? Additionally, I think Weber alter the contents of their BBQ grills depending on countries as the MasterTouch (£239 for the 57cm one), in the United Kingdom does not come with the warming rack as standard – it is an additional accessory you can buy.


This really helped trying to decide

Sam_Fisher says:

who says bbq lol

Len Gerstel says:

Is the lid any taller on the Master Touch vs the Premium? ie: the distance from the cooking grate to the top part of the lid. I’ve maxed out on turkey size on my original from 1985 and it is time to replace it. I can live with the same size, but an inch or 2 more inside would allow for a bigger turkey for Thanksgiving.

Pedro Delgado says:

great video. thanks

Kenneth Smith II says:

Hey Tony are they finally offering the additional colors in the US?

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

Great comparison vid, I was wondering about this myself. What about cast iron cooking grates for Webers grills?

Cris Workizer says:

Tony that was a real nice review on the weber kettle grill.this is an inexpensive grill that has so much sear,you can smoke, you can cook indirect.its an awesome grill for the money and they last. my dad has had his weber seriously like 35 years no rust .he did finally burn out the ash cleaner,but thats replaceable.I bbqed on his very same Weber when I was 16 years old. I personally own 2 and I love them both.I reccomend this inexpensive grill for anyone getting started or a seasoned bbqer as these grills have there place…NO I dont work for Weber,they just got a free shameless plug..Ha    for those thinking about grilling this is a good one I would get the 22.5 inch. NOW GET OUT AND GRILL.

Drew Palermo says:

The Weber 22″ Original Kettle is number one on this list- of the charcoal grills in 2015 considered to be some of the best choices (it’s actually the updated version from the One-Touch Gold 22.5″)

Adam Crossley says:

Incredibly informative!

flexathillcrest1 says:

great video. thanks. I guess I have the original kettle premium in dark green 2007. recent craigslist find

Sharkie1717 says:

Unfortunately it seems the local variant of the MasterTouch kettle I picked up, does not come standard with the warming rack, or the char-baskets, but instead includes the cheaper charcoal rails. Be sure to double check before purchase.

matthew adams says:

I’ll stick with my 25 year old Hasty Bake Gourmet.

gunnuts82 says:

What is the cheapest webber to come with the hinged grate?

Steven Emas says:

Id like to know why Weber doesn’t put a hard plastic cover on the vent control so the consumer doesn’t burn their finger while using the vent control. If they offered one for sale I’d be willing to bet that they couldn’t stock enough for their current customers.

Todd Nansel says:

question I have is with the thermometer placement, on my Jumbo Joe I use a brick to indirect cook and put my thermometer in front just below my upper vent where the meat is, that said why do people put the temp gauge where the heat is, in the back away from the vent!?

WoOk1982 says:

Thanks! Just the video i was searching for!

T Trinh says:

What a great review. Thanks.

gerodim says:

I don’t know if something changed over time but I got the original premium last year and the vent wheel came with the easy grip heat guard.

Desert Logic says:

I got rid of my Weber a few years ago when I downgraded to a Charcoal/Smoker/Gas grill. I really wish I hadn’t. There’s something about the design of the kettle that keeps the air flow circling and a consistent temperature. It looks like I may have to upgrade in the near future.

ozwasp says:

The base model is fine


please do a full comparison on the 57 compact vs the original kettle vs the premium kettle vs the master touch vs the summit charcoal

Hunting For The Pot says:

I went with the original premium, I couldn’t see myself using all the gourmet accessories. Why do weber now pet the thermometer on the opposite side to the vent? surely it should be on the same side as the vent as that’s where the food is?

venetiancat says:

Really well done and informative review, thank you!

MrCoffeekelly says:

I don’t understand why weber decided to move the location of the thermometer and vent! Why would the put the thermometer on the opposite side of the vent?! If you are cooking indirect you will have the vent over your food so that places the thermometer over the coals.

LowScoville says:

Thank you so much for this! I was watching this with my mom and a home depot employee at the store LOL came in for the Premium and left with the Master touch. The lid holder, warming rack, charcoal holders, and the gripped heat guard on the vent wheel seem like they’re worth the $50 upgrade, especially since we plan on having this grill for a long time.

Mai Nguyen says:

Thanks, for the in-depth comparison. Really helped in my decision to go with the Master Touch.

Dirk Van Winckel says:

Thanks for the review.  Have you any idea what the difference is between the Master Touch model 2014 and 2015.

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