Weber Charcoal Grill Set Up and Review

We have been using our Weber charcoal grill for over 2 years. It is dependable and cooks well. This is how we set it up to cook and a review.


Texas HIKEaholics says:

Great video!! Thanks for sharing!!

Nathan4071 says:

Good tutorial. I like the turkey burgers.

Carlo Carandang says:

Great review, guys.

Rip&Tip Outdoors says:

You can’t beat a charcoal grill !!! Good stuff guys

The Susie Channel says:

ahhh grilling… the best way to cook! Happy to have found your channel thru PUSA studios live feed! Im your new subscriber #913… happy to connect and support eachother!!!

Biker Bushcraft says:

Definitely my favorite grille. I got my first one as a wedding gift on 1989. The ex kept it.
My second one I purchased in 1999. I still have it. The only failure has been one of the rivets on the ash collector and the wheel retainer. I will get around to fixing those some day;) I really like your grille brush!

Vanessa Kitty says:

Nice video. I enjoy charcoal or wood fires to cook and sit around. Great explanation as to how you use it.

DifferingLikes says:

Awesome review, I always used the paper towel also only because “that is what dad always did”. Now I may know the reason why he did

Walker Outdoors says:

I reuse my charcoal as well but I’ve never seen anyone use briquettes to start the chimney I just usually take one sheet of newspaper and want it up and it goes every time I also set mine on to the charcoal rack to start it that way it’s already in the grill and heating it up

shovelhead8 says:

K.I.S.S. works for grilling. There is talk up here in Canada of regulating BBQ brushed, due to the bristle problem. I have to get another charcoal BBQ..They cook better than gas. Thank you for the video, Kay and Matt

Senja Aldee says:

Niceee video AT and full view here

Michael Feyrer Jr. says:

Love a charcoal grill. Great video I’ll have to try this.

Unofficial Bucket List Family says:

That’s nice my brother in law here in New Zealand has that kind of BBQ grill he says it’s the best!! Thanks for sharing

Plum Bob says:

Did you say it’s snowing? I thought we had it bad.Thanks for the BBQ, now I feel like having a burger for breakfast.

Lori Bryant says:

Cool shot of dumping the charcoals. It looks like it was slo-mo. And always stand upwind of Matt when he does that or you get ash in your eye. ;-D Good video and explanation.

Pam's Great Outdoors Adventures says:

I have the same kind of grill they are nice. oh, I like that little trick ….lol great video guys !!!!

Greek Orthodox Vlogger says:

Cool easy way to light up charcoal!

Americas Parks says:

Bring out the burgers, getting ready for some summer grilling!!!

Adventurous Adam says:

LOVE charcoal grills. The taste is so good when cooking with them. I noticed a smaller rocket mass cooker at the beginning as well. Great video as always 🙂 have a wonderfull day. Cheers, AdventurousAdam


Full view #5 like! !

winnieheart's adventures says:

Nice review! Looks like a handy grill that can cook everything you need! 🙂

AOK Foraging and Adventures says:

Cool video, I think this was the first time, I ever saw someone show lighting the chimney this way.

Larry Johnson says:

Everyday is a good day to grill.

Just Let Me Travel says:

Charcoal chimney best thing I ever bought for getting hot charcoal I bought a smaller version of what you have also a Weber and it has been AWESOME …. cooks even get a good smoke flavor etc….. wish it was square instead of round but, I think the round is why it does what it does…..just like the um hum green egg that is crazy priced….. who do you think they copied 🙂 pretty sure Weber has been around like a thousand years or so LOL

Touring Tastebuds says:

Love charcoal grills, always makes the taste a little better in my opinion!


Great video I’ll have to try this./ Watched fully 🙂

Armadillo Junction says:

The kettle is awesome , by far one of the best charcoal grills. Good job on the demo

Bushman school says:

Nice vid thank you

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