Weber 26 inch Kettle with Slow n Sear VS Char Griller Akorn

I’ve recently got several questions about the weber 26 inch kettle with slow n sear vs char griller akorn. Today were going to do some tests and comparisons. Since they cost about the same by the time you add the acessories to them at the end of the video I’ll let you know if i could only have one, which one I’d put my money towards. If you have any other questions about these grills that I didn’t answer in this video please leave a comment or send me a message on one of my social media pages.

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Sheldon Goff says:

I like my Weber. Had a small one for over 20 years, it’s traveled all over the country with me and I’ve only replaced the grates.

TheOritek says:

Kamado cooking is great but the Akorn fire box rusts much faster than a Weber kettle. I like the innovation in the Akorn: it looks great, has easy controls, it’s lightweight and easy to remove ash. All that does not offset the rust issue. If you grill several times a week then the Akorn is a poor value.

Robert Willis says:

Just bought my first kamado yesterday. Found it at Walmart for $139 so pretty excited about that. I’m new to using it. But am excited about learning how to cook on a new style!!!


Nice comparison video bro. Weber is definitely my vote all day long.

Heavy Metal Bar-B-Que says:

Kettle wins…….every time!

Russyl Royer says:

I choose the 26″ Kettle also. I use the Kingsford Long-Lasting charcoal because it last longer and produces a smaller amount of ash. Good video!

Nathaniel Swan says:

Something is wrong with the sound

Captinprivate says:

I was wondering about this too.. Thanks!

BamboozleBeats says:

Great informative video! Just when I need it cause I’m currently in the market for a new grill!!

Lenny G says:

I have both. Except, my kettle is a 22 inch as the 26 inch is not available in Australia. With the Akorn, after you learn how to dial in the tempurature, you don’t overshoot. For Briskets, chuck etc, the Akorn is really in another league. I think it is worth to spend time on how to use a kamado. It really is enjoyable for smoking. I can get over 30 hours on one of load lump charcoal. Also, the high tempurature you can get is amazing. It’s almost scary in the beginning. It is not a buy in morning and use in the afternoon cooker for an inexperienced kamado user.

However, for steaks and sausages, I like the 2 zone set up in the Weber with the slow n sear. The lack of a proper 2 zone system in the Akorn can be a little frustrating. I sometimes fire up my Weber Smokey Joe to for searing after indirect cooking in the Akorn. For chicken, I like using the rotisserie in the Weber. But, the Weber goes through fuel like there is no tomorrow. The Weber is a dependable and a great cooker. However, it doesn’t have the “WOW” factor of a kamado.

I do have to say something about the Kingsford Professional briquettes. I know they’re popular in the US. However, in Australia, we have briquettes that last a lot longer. The Kingsfords are easy to start and can get very hot. Maybe that is their attraction. For longer cooks, I can get briquettes that last a lot longer. I tend to use the Kingsford Professional for hot and fast cooks.

For me, why choose? Have both. Also, for entertaining, two BBQs are very handy. The ultimate might be the Weber Summit. But, expensive! (not available in Australia). Plus, I still think it is worthwhile having a 2nd BBQ.

MeatCranium BBQ AND REVIEW says:

Nice comparison. I need to get a Kettle so I can do some testing. I want to test the cold grate technique, I don’t believe in it. That 26 inch Weber kettle is a beast dude. I would probably pick that as well. Which one, structurally would you fight to be more durable, and would last longer?

avega2792 says:

Weber kettle all day long. I have an 18″ kettle and 2 22″ kettles. I would love a 26er!

The Smokey Patio says:

Nice comparison!! Weber kettle is my choice too. But I do need to add a Kamado to my collection. Lol

Phil N Florence says:

Very nice comparison. You brought out some great points and personal experience.
I totally agree.

Rocen Rol says:

Yeah coach I had a bad cook on my kamado due to heat got away,my wife was mad at me for 2 days!!! The ribs were rubbed with the basic salt pepper n bbq seasoning. I haven’t cooked ribs on it yet either,I’m a old Weber guy load the opposite side n smoke on the other,my temp was supposed to be 250 for 6 hrs..well when I opened it it jumped to 384. But I didn’t check them like I should have ,they were so tender the bones fell out ,but the tub didn’t set in properly they were gummy,I had to eat them like pulled pork ,I liked it but she likes the tug of a rib not so soft. So…I watched t-ray do some ribs backyard style on his ceramic egg. I should have pulled mine way sooner ,I just thought like on my old Weber I knew how they’d turn out… nope. Took me a long time for the temperature to come down. Women forget,when they started cooking u mess up more than u can eat,I ate mine. But I was curious on the Weber 26 ,I was so tempted but for 260$ for my kamander …I had to!!! Good job on your competition too, another thing trying to move a akorn or kamander SHO AINT EASY!!! I can’t take mine out of the garage cause of the lip getting it back in ughhhhh. I’ve had both my hips replaced n I’m not as agile as I once was!!! Anyway good to hear n see ya. I do have some funny stuff on my channel Rocen Rol . Thanks

Daddy Dutch BBQ And Cooking says:

Well done comparison video ! Great job Steve !

Rich's River Smokers West Virginia says:

Hey Steve nice comparison video! Love me some Weber!

Jeff says:

Which Slow n Sear did you use? I have a 22″ Kettle with a Slow n Sear 2.0. The 2.0 was made for the 22″ Kettle, but if I got the 26″ Kettle, how well would the 2.0 work compared to the XL?

Lasse's Food and Barbecue says:

Really good comparison.

I have been oogling the acorn since i have webers already, only 22 inch but its enough for me most of the time. At home i have the uds and that has 2×22 inch so its large enough for a bigger cook.

Ellen's Homemade Delights says:

Great Comparison my Friend!!

Shawn1112 Herigon says:

I appreciate the comparison, well done.

Hinds15 says:

Should give the fire Butler for the 26 kettle a try. It allows for full grate indirect but the down side harder charcoal refill

Adrenaline Barbecue Company says:

Nice comparison Steve. Thanks for posting!

Whats New BBQ says:

good stuff man! Good educational video

RaleighSmoke says:

Great video, Steve! Lots of good info and insight on both. Well done.

Food For Men says:

As a recent owner of the 26″ (last week) and the SnS (yesterday), I thought this was a great video!!

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