Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Black Review

Here are my thoughts on the weber performer, I have never own a weber so this is my first go at it. Hope you enjoy the video and if you are thinking on purchasing this awesome grill hopefully this will help you make your decision.


Vicki Taylor says:

Have you tried grilling pizza on it?

Richard Krentz says:

We bought the same grill and it’s the best I have ever used. You didn’t mention the use of the propane gas bottle to light the coals. I think you used the charcoal starter hand device instead. The small Coleman propane bottle screws into the receiver behind the clock area. I stack the coals in the center of the coal grill and turn on the valve for the gas and press the starter button. This works very well and gets the coals started quickly. Once the coals are lit on the bottom I turn off the gas and evenly spread the coals and put dampened hickory or mesquite wood chunks with the coals. This will produce the smokey flavor . Place the lid back and get the temps to 400 degrees.
Since we like our steaks medium rare, I sear the steaks for 4 minutes on each side flipping only once directly above the coals then move them to the side of the grid not directly over the hot coals and re-position the lid. Since I have a digital meat thermometer I insert the probe into the meat until the center is at 145 degrees then remove them. Let them sit for about 5 minutes before cutting.
I like your idea of using the ‘Coal Bin’ for a trash can as It’s difficult to scoop up the charcoal from the bin. I agree, the clock is useless, There are several videos on how to use this Weber grill and how to prepare different foods on it. We have purchased the Weber chicken basket and pizza stone both items work as advertised. The pizza was great.Thanks for your video and we wish you good BBQing.

Ryan B says:

Is this grill good for indirect grilling/smoking meats? I would assume you just put the charcoal on one side of the grill without using the charcoal basket?

Marcus M says:

good video. funny you mentioned how useless the times is when I have bought one of those cheap timers to have beside my weber Q2000. We all have iphones now but when you are cooking it’s way easier to just press a button instead of having to unlock your phone, opening the clock app etc.

Not to mention that your hands are usually dirty so you don’t wanna get grease all over your phone 🙂

LikeTheTruck says:

Great video!

MzAngie says:

I was thinking you can add wood chips along with the charcoal. It look pretty easy to use. Thanks for sharing.

Vincent Britton says:

I bet you could Sous VIde those thick steaks finish it real fast on this grill. You should do a mash up with the Sous Vide Everything guys, I have a feeling you know them!

Mike Aartje says:

Your voice….ahahha seems like the guy from publicagent…….hahaha 😉

alex mielnik says:

Great grill…my Performer is 4 years old and is working as great as day 1…I would say that the smoke comes from your fuel and not resulting from your cooker. I use natural hardwood/lump charcoal and have found that Royal Oak is the easiest to work with…virtually no sparks.

Cindy Johnson says:

I was wondering how to use the gas ignition. Do you use it?

Dead Goon says:

Use 100% natural lump charcoal like Royal Oak and add wood chips for smoke.

freddy fred says:

It would be a show for content i know its not sous vide.

Brian Kuhn says:

I was convinced I was getting a Weber Spirit 310 until I learned about this Grill, the Performer seems to limit a lot of the annoyances of Charcoal grills, seems like a great bet for a guy who appreciates taste but hates mess and fighting with charcoal heat.

freddy fred says:

Guga, how about a wood fired pizza? Using other stones pans etc. It might be a great episode to do. Love the show Saludos a los muchachos.

Shop Picks says:

They sure grill great

CallsignSLEEPY says:

From the looks of grill, I believe that you have the Weber Performer Premium (not the Deluxe). The Deluxe would have the gas assist charcoal starter where the timer is. Your grill is part number 15401001

Dead Goon says:

Damn. Nice setup.

Suely Braz Costa says:

Sempre inovando, isto é espetacular, parabéns.

Tim Knoblauch says:

Sous Vide Everything.  LOL

Victor Fortin says:

Just purchased my first Performer, March 20/17, love it so far!!!  Just bought a ThermoWorks Smoke thermometer so I can actually see what the temp is at my food location on grill.  Do not like the idea of the temp gauge on kettle being over coals and draft over meat when one wants to smoke.  Another thing I whish Weber would consider is having a hole with a gasket so one could put probes through.  This way one would not have to pinch probe with the lid of kettle.  Now this is just my first thought about the smoke for I have not even used it yet. says:

If it wasn’t 1am I would go and cook myself a steak after watching your video :-). Thanks for this review.

Jeffrey Boston says:

How u gonna get smoked flavor without wood????????

d307p says:

Great video and very nice review of the Weber

Henry Fabian says:

Have you tried the slow n sear for your Weber? I just purchased one. The ratings are really high on Amazon.

PlanetPowerHD says:

Weber has the worst instruction set, but overall they do a great job

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