Vortex (Charcoal Kettle Accessory) Review

Review of the new charcoal kettle accessory called the Vortex.

The Vortex is a 304 stainless steel kettle accessory that provides the following 4 cooking configurations:

1. Indirect
2. Direct
3. Indirect/Direct
4. Infrared

Check them out here: http://bit.ly/1OG4XDQ

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Eddie Vega says:

What is the metal thickness of the Vortex.

Gladiator1972 says:

so you don’t have to wrap the butt in aluminum foil once it reaches 165 degrees internally? 


doesn’t the unlit coals give the meat a funk taste…since the coals haven’t burn out all the additives the coals contain?

john simpson says:

good video im not so great with the grill but i steal do it live and learn thats the fun in it beer too

brothers of valhall norway says:

cool trick bro peace from norway

Michael Sadkin says:

On the Weber Performer with the propane starter feature you don’t need to use a chimney to start your coals. I just load the Vortex up and turn on the gas for about 3 minutes. Shut off the gas and after another 15 minutes the coals are ready. Works great.

David Bourland says:

26.75 inch Weber only? Good to know thanks!

Jaime Herrera says:

what about all the chemicals that are released from the coals that have not become ignited?

el_mero_mero says:

how much open is the bottom vent and the top vent for that piece ur cooking? thanks

Dougie Doug says:

i notice there is different sizes the website doesn give the direct size only s m l

Wolvpato1 says:

looking for advice on what you set your vents in order to maintain 250 degree cook temp

Oyang Tim says:

It is so simple but workable. I like it. That is a great idea!

Erok BrewMeister says:

Will this work for a 22.5″ Weber Kettle ?

shanetilyard86 says:

When you add coals to those uncooked brickettes they fuckin pour off black feral smoke that stinks like kerosene.

knight shift says:

I actually like the small one better (22″) giving me more smoking space as well as wastes less charcoals. one vortex basket full of charcoal is more then enough for smoking/flame kissed 10lb chicken leg qt for about 2-3 hrs depending on temp, I first smoke on high temp then finish cooking them on direct heat till I see the skin start to bubble/sizzle up…

David Darnall says:

Am I able to purchase a vortex? If so, where can get one? 

ginmyree says:

I have this same size grill and have been wanting a cast iron grate. Where can I get one from as well as the vortex?

Big Nasty says:

are you serious, 6 1/2 hours.

helio raposo says:

Where do I buy one of these

mr skipdiggidy says:

just use a couple bricks!

Anthony Wheeler says:

I see that multiple sizes are available for this item. I am considering purchasing this for a 22in Weber Kettle. I am hoping to use this when smoking a turkey for Thanksgiving. When using this in the indirect method (as you did in the video), is the Vortex large enough to accommodate an 18lb turkey?

swaziwazi says:

Sorry if this is a silly question, how do you prevent coals burning in both directions when using minion/snake method?

Daniel Silye says:

Hi, Why do you use two thermometer on the grill grate? Thanks in advance.

DukeStarbuckle says:

Great demo/review. And thanks for actually demonstrating the “Snake” method. Makes a lot more sense when you’re actually able to see it at work. Great stuff!

Erik Flores says:

What is the best size for a kettle 22 inch I see in the website they have a small medium or large do you know actual measurements by any chance

d307p says:

Great review of the vortex. You provided a lot of great information.

Ed Finley says:

which of them do you use on your 22″ weber? The site you share has 3 sizes. I grew up using a Weber but haven’t owned one in years but am sorely tempted to go out and get another really soon! I love the long term smoking method you use with the ring of coals and all…

CamGroves says:

Steve Swardson???

Without prejudice says:

$30 when you could just use a couple of bricks. Derrrrrrr

Mother's BBQ says:

That’s a pretty cool accessory for the weber, And it is priced right too!

Laxdad10 says:

Great videos. What is the purpose of 2 probes mounted on the grill?

CH says:

Do you know if this would be too tall for the 22 inch kettle grill? Thank you and great video.

David Somerville says:

Steve, how tall is the Vortex? Will it fit in the Jumbo Joe??

Who makes this?

john doe says:

how many briquettes do you think  you used here?

mbrya012 says:

Do you still use the bbq guru, and did you use it on this cook?

Rich Tirpak says:

And yes it works on the 22…that’s what I have :{)

alvin luc says:

great video!

Mr MegaTruong says:

Regarding the direct method, I can see how it excels with high heat

Can it give me low to medium direct heat as well?

ryanhenry21 says:

Doesn’t the unburned coal affect that taste of the meat when it starts burning(fumes)? I was always lead to believe you don’t start cooking until all the black of the coal has been burned to grey?


Just found your channel. Loved the vortex assessory so much I just ordered one. The butt looked fantastic. I have subbed. I’d appreciate it if you stopped by my channel and check it out. I’d be thrilled if you subscribed. Thanks- Phil in Florence

Flex Tango says:

Been using this thing 2x a week.. its bad ass for up too 4 people. Highly recommend

Libratarot says:

Excuse the ignorance but, how come the coals do not burn both left and right of themselves?  How come the only went clockwise?  Like the tutorial by the way 🙂

Carlos Rodriguez says:

Thanks for the video – it was informative. I wonder if you could accomplish much the same with a Lodge Dutch oven. Maybe you could try that and let us know.

Thanks again!

Kamado Joe says:

Another nice review… that might be one of the most useful and most reasonably priced kettle accessories I have seen to this point.  I’m assuming it only comes in one size?  It ‘looks’ small inside your monster kettle but I can imagine it being a lot larger inside a 22.5″ model…. great stuff!

Marshall Harrison says:

When setup for slow cooking. How easy is it to maintain a constant temperature whne using the vortex?

Tango Joe says:

Picked up one of these a few weeks ago, really a good item for the kettle.
Have yet to do a long cook like this so it will be interesting to see how long a burn I can get on a 22.5 as opposed to your 26.
Nice review Steve.

Erik Flores says:

What is the best size for a kettle 22 inch I see in the website they have a small medium or large do you know actual measurements by any chance

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