VIDEO Lodge Sportsman Cast Iron Grill Steaks Features and Use

Throwing some ham steaks on the Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill and explanation of the features of the grill.


manbeastx69 says:

Single layer of coals with just a few to fill in the holes is fine when cooking with just the grill but if you add the griddle on top then having the amount of coals you had works great to really heat up that griddle.

Angie's Pantry says:

Looks yummy.. :”)

Gregory Hobbs says:

Yeah I agree with manbeast 69 a single layer of charcoal briquettes is enough especially for extra lean meat such as deer. That tempered glass table will pop! I have an old X-large cutting board that I put underneath it. Cheers

k9razz says:

i would put a piece of flat brick or wood under your grill to keep from breaking your Glass table top. the bottom throws out a fair amount of heat against your table top ,but your video was awesome thanks for sharing

Cars & Travels ! - REMROB says:

Cooking height is adjustable by flipping the cooking grate over with legs facing up for searing and cooking with pans etc. Good video! Thanks

Teach a Man to Fish says:

Check out this whole chicken on the Lodge

Sidney Mathious says:

That steak seem to be real close to the fire and I would worry about that, but the steak seem to cook perfectly though.

5argeTech / says:

Sorry boss, I do not like this Grill. Lodge makes fantastic cast iron skillets that have lasted me for 20 some odd years. Love Lodge for that. But this thing is non-adjustable and easy to flare up. I prefer the traditional double grate hibachi that is adjustable up and down to control the heat.

Paul Coyle says:

Just tuned in and subscribe looking good


looks good

RJV B says:

Would this hold a (smallish) log that you could cook on once it’s consumed far enough?


kid approved lol

01artist says:

Just curious if you have to season the grill like you do a cast iron skillet? Thank you

Mark Atkinson says:

Helpful tip, wrap in foil for the first few mins so as not to dry that steak out then sear. Or, you can do what’s called a reverse sear, sear it on the outside then bake in an oven until you reach your desired doneness and serve right away.

Honey Island Outfitters says:

Be careful the heat will bust that glass table

247addiction says:

Does the meat taste different from the grills that have a lid?

Jackie Scum says:

Let that meat rest boy

shiftcon says:

Do u season the inside where the charcoals go, and is it safe to put on any surface while cooking?


Y did you change out the coals. Home made to kingsford.

Dennis Ritter says:

can use wood pellets in that

Tonio Yendis says:

Yeah, i got one too and like a dumb-azz i forgot and reached to open the door with my bare-hand. You only make that mistake once! Lol…

Michael Kline says:

Grill is adjustable by flipping the grilltop over

andrew watts says:

Can i get this grill in canada?

Joedy860 says:

Awesome video, I bet Bambi never tasted so good.
I like your recommendation for seasoning with canola oil, would you consider doing a video on general care and upkeep ?

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