Unboxing: Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

This grill is awesome! I love it as much as ever http://amzn.to/2gioVPO

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Ray Mack's Kitchen and Grill says:

Awesome. ….congratulations.

Christine W says:

I think you are more patient at working your way thru assemble directions than I am 🙂

CashMopar says:

That’s funny. Bought this grill today.

sun Tao says:

Oh, this was such a fun, entertaining video:)
Somehow, the roasted weenies were so appropriate at the end! Mmmm…..

NickGoesHAM says:

Just got mine Sunday and tonight will be the first time I use it. I’m so pumped.

Nylyn says:

I know nothing about grilling, or what to for in a grill. You’ve given some idea on what to look for. Tfs

fares ayyad says:

how do you put on the ash catcher

CashMopar says:

Have you smoked any ribs? I test ran it on Saturday and found to keep it under 300 I have to close the top vents. Any input?

MrMegaFredZeppelin says:

My wife bought me the same exact one, I love using it. Have fun with it 🙂 ROCK ON!!!!!

elrabbitsbbq says:

Very nice grill! Excellent choice. I have and old school equivalent to the weber performer which comes with a built in table top. If you close all the dampers and vents off it will choke off smother the fire out conserving fuel. basically saving it for later. to reuse. TFS! Happy Fathers Day to your Hubby!

punkinpie27 says:

Yummy looking supper! I love charcoal BBQ. I think I need to look into getting one.

jamil leslie says:

Get it gurl! Made it happen! Much respect 🙂

noviceprepper53 says:

you go Katie. well done

Hyokwon Chung says:

I really liked your video! Quick queston. Do you know the dimensions of the product box? It would really help me out

mpompa1966 says:

I just ordered mine. Same model and color. I can’t wait..

A Cozy Casita says:

Very nice grill! Your dinner looked super yummy! TFS, Llza 🙂

Arcade Party says:

Your husband is one lucky guy, awesome video!

rogue109 says:

So you bought yourself a grill for your husband’s father’s day present… I hope he buys you a vacuum cleaner for Christmas.

d307p says:

I love the “I bought this for my husband but it’s really for me”.

Raffsy Vlog says:

how long does it last

Cooking with Cricket (cricket516) says:

Very nice grill. I was wondering what to get my husband this year, and I’m thinking a grill might be nice, but if I was to put it together, it would fall apart. LOL. Nice job!

Joel Kopi says:

Nice Video, I think you forgot to put a metal ring that fits between the temperature gauge and the grill.. But you probably lost it by now if you didn’t notice :p

amigo8968 says:


katherine tufts says:

Katie you were right Fathers Day is this Sunday

Fritz is Cookin Again says:

Hey Katie !!! That is AWESOME , there is Nothin Like that Charcoal Flavor !!! The Brats Looked NEXT Level Yummy …

Rurality vlogs says:

Love charcoal grills! My bf bought a big gas-grill… and it works wonders! But it’s not quite the same. But it wasn’t my choice anyways, since I’m never the one grilling.

PartyUpLive says:

I got the Weber Performer with the side table and I Loooove It. I was grilling at least 3 times a week. And I love all the cool accessories you can get for it. I highly recommend the Slow n Sear for smoking and the Weber Sear grate. I just love hanging out in the yard and grilling/smoking meat where before I would have been inside watching a movie or playing Xbox or Playstation. Best gift I’ve bought myself in years.

CashMopar says:

did the color hold up? thinking about getting the green one too.

Random says:

What is the part number and size?

Austin Blues says:

I love that you kept all the mistakes you made along your way to completing the construction of the grill. Very helpful video!

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