The Weber Summit Charcoal Grill (Grilling Center) is a Kamado!

The Weber Summit Charcoal Grill (also known as the Weber Summit Charcoal Grilling Station) is finally on the market after months of waiting. Weber says it’s a combination of the Weber Kettle, the Weber Performer, and the Weber Smokey Mountain (or “WSM” as it is commonly called) all in one. I don’t think so. I think it’s a kamado style grill.

I’ve owned a lot of kamados including the Komodo Kamado, several Big Green Eggs, Kamado Joe (both the Kamado Joe Big Joe and the Kamado Joe Classic) as well as metal kamados like Akorn Kamado by Chargriller and the Bubba Keg (previously known as Big Steel Keg and now known as the Broil King Keg). They are all great products, by the way, and if you are thinking about getting one, I don’t think you could go wrong with any of them. However, they all have different strengths and weaknesses.

Since making this video, I have actually fired up the Weber Summit Charcoal grill and done a test run. I was expecting the Summit to operate like the metal kamados I have owned before but it didn’t. The Keg and the Akorn are much more efficient but the flip side of that is maintaining temps is not as simple.

However, the Summit felt a lot more like the Big Green Egg XL and Kamado Joe Big Joe. It ran a little hot like all grills do when they are brand new because the vents are not seasoned up, but once the grill settle in, it stayed pretty much where I put it. Also, the heat coming off the grill when you touched it felt more like a ceramic grill than a metal one (meaning, it felt hotter…metal kamados have insulation like an indoor oven.)

Now that was just one test run and there was no wind that day, so we will have to see how it does in future cooks, but it was encouraging to see for the first cook.

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OK, so here are the links

Weber Kettle
Weber Smokey Mountain
Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill
Char-Griller Akorn (you may be able to get this cheaper at Lowes)
Broil King 911470 Keg 5000

The Summit Grill does not appear to be on Amazon yet.


Daniel Rathel says:

I like watching your videos a lot. You tested the new chargrill kamando yet

mike jones says:

great video

DJ Kevgeez says:

I’m not paying $2K for this shite.
Its the principal of it.

If anyone wants to sell one i’ll buy it though.

Jeff Selchow says:

That was funny. Yes it is expensive, wife says NO!!!! now I’m sad and mad.

sideshowtink says:

LOL That was FUN!

Salvador Garcia says:

Won’t it rust over time.

Nic Templeton says:

You’re making great videos, keep it up!

gaurd3 says:

3:28 I concur with your son

Kenn Smith says:

Thanks to your video and my research, I purchased and love cooking on this thing. The ability to change temperature or the consistency for it to stay the same is amazing. Honestly for what we got its priced appropriately.

Keith Clark says:

I could not tell from the vid but how many stitches did you get from your assembly injury?

Jared Meit says:

What’s with all the dislikes? This was great!

Dmrdecs says:

Love it. Thraping wallets in USA like they thrape us in the Old Dart.

Anthony Chappell says:

Nice video. So when you use the kamado instead of your weber? They both seem very expensive.

BEER-N-BBQ by Larry says:

Nice video.  I wish I had that amount of energy & patience to do all of that outlining, staging, and editing on my videos. LOL

jokermann77 says:

Very Entertaining!

JTM8863 says:

Hi, can you get me a tip? I’m using a Weber WSM Smoker a Weber 57cm Kettle and an Weber Genesis Gas Grill and now I’m looking for an Kamado. What do you think is the best option a Weber summit Charcoal or an Big Green Egg? Thank you for your answer and best greetings from Switzerland Mark

Joseph Adams says:

hahahaha, good video

Clover Patch Smokehouse says:

Brilliantly put. I will now look for a Komado to go along with my Masterbuilt Electric Smoker.

Jon S says:

This guy tries way too hard to be funny, I lost too many brain cells I had to stop watching by the 2 minute mark.

George V says:

Your videos are very informative and fun to watch. Looks like your whole family is involved too! Do you think a Weber 26 inch kettle (with some accessories) could compare to this beast for most smokes? For as impressive as it looks and performs in your videos, I can’t justify paying that price.

Absdrakt.Recon says:

So is it a kamettle? Kettlelado? – Can’t take credit, taken from when looking at the review hehe.

amigo8968 says:


Larry Webster says:

New Sub, Great video! I have a Weber Summit 640 that’s 15 years old and still looks and runs great. I love Weber, and I had been looking at a performer to add to the stable. After seeing this launch I am considering one over the performer. I agree the price is high, but they last and just work, so they justify themselves. I was hoping it would have been a pellet grill, as that would have been something new for Weber, but a Kamado style is something I have never had or used, and I have looked at the BGE and others including the Komodo brand or as I call them “Pieces of Art”… 🙂 with curiosity.

Baron Qualls says:

Great info on the Summit. Subscribed.

Ross Lorenz says:

Excellent review. You have convinced me to stay with my performer and pick-up a smokey mountain cooker.

Jeeves jaheebs says:

An OK review.
I agree the way they marketed it was off.
That, the price and the extra grate were the only things you nailed spot on.
Kamado’s don’t need a water bowl. I don’t know about the summit, but I’ve never had to add a water bowl in my egg and I’ve yet to have any dry BBQ.
You also don’t need to access the fuel because they run much more efficiently than any of the other grills/smokers.
It has more pro’s than con’s IMO.
There’s things you can do with a Kamado that you can’t with the comparison Weber’s an vice versa.
If I didn’t already have a BGE or if something happens to it, I’d probable pull the trigger on one.

Marty Lynchian says:

Whats up my nigga. Wow, that video was kind of all over the place. Anyway, if this does not have ceramic top and walls, its not a Kamado.

SteenSmokeHouse says:

That was fun Justin.

tpt213 says:

hahah funny.. luv it… its does make sence…

p.s im diggin ur zack morris 90s hair. lol

Man Pap says:

One of the best directed channels on YouTube. Dude you rock, keep BBQing and we’ll follow. P.S. ITS A KAMADO!

REEF X mr says:

Even if it was $1000, I would be thinking long and hard about buying one. $2000 is asinine.

Neville Chapman says:

I kind of wanted to poo poo this video but fuck no mate. The meat of this review is really useful and interesting.

Oh and you’re not Weberfied, I take that back………..

Stop trying to be Casey Neistat tho, u dont need it fella. Stick to the honesty. It’s the best policy……

Jimmy Nguyen says:

Just subcribed to your channel. Very funny and creative but need more videos!! =)

icychap says:

Awesome video, loved it. What’s the circus-y music called?

Adam White says:

Very funny!! And very logical. I sell this grill at my hardware store and the price is very difficult to get over for customers. Haven’t sold one since they’ve been released.

Dave Sturdy says:

Great vid, very amusing (and informative!)

Mackenzie Dorton says:

Plano Texas in the house

Carlos G says:

Weber has always overpriced their grills …and I happily buy them

Eric Fogg says:

Just found your channel through T-Roys… Very well executed videos… Nice job! keep them coming!

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