Smoked Pork Butt – Boston Butt Recipe – Weber Kettle Grill – Slow ‘N Sear Review

This Smoked Pork Butt was Smoked on my Weber Kettle Grill using the Slow ‘N Sear by Adrenaline BBQ Company. The Slow ‘N Sear is an accessory for the Weber Kettle Grill that allows you to cook at low temperatures for a long period of time, or sear food hot and fast.
I smoked this Boston Butt at 225 degrees for 11 hours, Then raised the temperature to 275 degrees until it reached 203 degrees internal temperature. I normally cook my Pork Butt between 250 to 275 degrees, but I didn’t want it to be done too early the next morning. The total cook time for the Pork Butt was about 15 hours.

The Slow ‘N Sear really allows you to set it and forget it. It held the temperature that I was looking for throughout the entire cook once I had the temperature dialed in.

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FUN BB says:

great video 🙂 liked (。◕‿◕。)

Juanelo1946 says:

Lyle, wow, 12 hours? 6:00 AM? I dunno if I could ever be a smoker guy if I have to wait so long and get up so early. But the results look amazing! My mouth is watering! Those lucky firemen!


Great job brother, Semper-Fi

Teasers Pleasers says:

ALRIGHT LYLE!!! That was so sweet that you took it down to your local firehouse for the fireman to enjoy!!! The wold needs more of YOU . . . XOXO TFS

kyle sego says:

I used to use bricks as well. Got my sns about a week ago and damn its so much better than bricks. Gamechanger

Jason Perez says:

Its citizens like you that make our days at the fire house! On behalf of firemen in south Texas, thank you for your generosity! What goes around comes around! Pork butt looked AMAZING

CastIronSkillet says:

Nice Job! Looked good so it had to taste awesome! thanks for sharing!

jcreeperj says:

looks great!!

Cooking with Cricket (cricket516) says:

That was a very nice jester and I know they appreciated and loved it.

Lasse's Food and Barbecue says:

Good cook 🙂

Whats the difference between a boston butt and a pork butt? Size?

Baby Back Maniac says:

That was cool, man. Really nice to hook those guys up like that. I should look into doing that too. For some reason, it has never crossed my mind.

By the way, I like that color of the kettle.

Ellen's Homemade Delights says:

Yummy Boston Pork Butt!

Julia says:

Вкусный рецепт!

MrMegaFredZeppelin says:

Thank you for taking care of your local fire dept. 🙂 I work in the fire sprinkler industry 🙂 I have yet to try a pork butt on my Weber Kettle. Did I hear thunder? Nice bark on that 🙂 At the end was some sunshine 🙂 A “BIG” thumbs up 🙂 Hey Lyle you are awesome to do that for the fire dept. I just uploaded a simple BBQ video 🙂 Have a great Sunday 🙂 ROCK ON!!!!!!!

Cookingwith Rick says:

Lyle you have one nice looking butt the pork looked good too lol that pork was really good looking.

No Nothing Cook says:

I bet they did enjoy, no doubt in my mined.
I’m not much of a bar bq-er but, I beginning to get interested because of you.
I think I need to find me a grill like that one you used.
If you grilling in those temperatures that’s right up my line where I live.
Great show I really enjoyed it and the education

Rich's River Smokers West Virginia says:

Hey Lyle the butt looked great! I bet those hose dogs loved that pork! Great video brother!

Tango Joe says:

Cooking for others is awesome – Bravo Lyle!
Some nice bark there man.

Elton's BBQ-pit says:

That SnS is on my wantedlist..
Fantastic colors on that butt Lyle..
Nice gesture to cook for the firemen in your area..
Please pop over to my station if you got some extras.. lol
Cheers brother!

Howlin' Smoke BBQ says:

Nice set up for the Weber – took longer than I would have thought, but it seemed to work, great looking butt!! You are all that 🙂

Mel's Simple Meals says:

Really nice of you ! I wish you were filming when they were called to your house that would have been interesting 🙂 Wish we could taste it !

Esie Kecil says:

Great loooking butt sir

David G says:

Good man.

Air Fryer Recipes with Booger500us says:

Very nice of ya Lyle dang…points for Lyle, looked amazing!

Hanna Domjan says:

Good job, Happy weekend:) Like! Hanna and Mia

Pj Danita says:

Sounds like the insulation is top notch if the temperature remained steady through rain and cold weather!

KingNectuluh says:

That is one big piece of meat man

Ray Mack's Kitchen and Grill says:

That was cool of you my brother…I salute you for feeding the firemen.

imfreetobeme8 says:

Looked really good. I’ve thought about cooking for the fire dept or a nursing home myself. Just never got around to checking to see if they’d take it.

No Star Reviews says:

That looks great and I bet smells even better

Pidasian Hippie says:

Your local fire department must love having you around. These days I cannot imagine getting up at 6 am!


Great looking butt sir!!!

Chad Varnadore says:

Looks great and and very nice gesture.

TosTinMan EasyCooking says:

I’m about due to try that in mine again. I used to use bricks as well.

Jiveboy's Food's says:

Wow that looks amazing thanks for sharing like 47

Cooking With CJ says:

Brother that’s awesome you took it to the firemen! My brother is a firefighter and I’m sure he would have loved that too. Very cool!

DriveShaft Drew says:

looked like it would have been great

Biggs' Home Cookin' says:

The butt looked nice… I’m sure the the firehouse was grateful…

Michael Kobitka says:

Loved this video that was a really nice thing to do for the fire department

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