Smoked Mac And Cheese Recipe / Hot Wings ~ Napoleon Grill review

In this video I’m using two new grills from Napoleon Grills. The “LEX 485 WITH INFRARED SIDE BURNER AND REAR BURNERS” & the “Pro22K Rodeo Professional Charcoal Kettle Grill”. I decided to do a few simple recipes on my first use, but recipes full of great flavor! I was super impressed with both Napoleon Grills, so please go over and check their website out @:

You can order the Lex485 Propane gas grill from here:

The Video Gear I use:
Main Camera_1: Canon HF G40
Main Camera_2: Canon HF G30
New Camera for special shots: DJI Phantom 4 Drone
Still Photography:
Still Photography Lense:
Underwater camera:
Main Mic:
Shotgun Mic:
Audio Recorder:

You can get the Kuisiware “Salt & Pepper) grinder I used in this video here at a $7.00 discount as well.
or buy from here:

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Melanie Truot says:

i need to make one right now!

Chad Atwell says:

I just got a Napoleon as well – similar set up. Love the grates and ceramic burners. How fun is it to cook with new equipment?

Flashpoint Archer says:

Where can I find the Mac recipe?

Michael Lucas says:

Oh my lord. That made my mouth water!


Congrats! Awesome new Grills, buddy!

Deavan Quintana says:

awe yeah smoky!

jeffincabo says:

Hello Russ, I live in West Monroe, LA , thank goodness I found you !

nir766 says:

hy . i m from israel and i love yuor cooking programs .

marifroggy says:

Great video…thanks for the inspiration

Chef Bourque says:

Thanks for the video Rus! Aieee1

Melinda Huerta Greene says:

I want some of that mango sauce!!  Those wings look wonderful!!  I am so hungry now!  Thank you Russ!

Ozzdoc says:

beauty gear!!

Cris Workizer says:

Nice cook on the Napoelon and a good review,but hats off to the killer cook.that mac and cheese brisket was off the chain. and the wings Love em..gotta go back and make that hot mango sauce you made that still sounds killer. should have already made long will it keep in the fridg ??? I want to start canning for stuff like that..I really missed out. My Grandmother was an old school cook who did everything including canning.really wish I would have learned,but we were in two different states…Iam still amazed on how much you do..your kick ass Rus

Smoked Reb BBQ says:

definitely a killer looking wing and Mac & cheese video Rus!

Cook'n on the brink says:

Very nice look’n grills Rus, and nice look’n cooks too!

Sabrina Beaubian says:

I always end up watching your videos when im hungrier than heck… lol looks amazing but i have to admit i find smoking food totally intimidating. i think you need a smoking for dummies video. take us step by step for beginners.

Michael Guzzello says:

Another great vid, 2 new toys that look great to have. I’m sure you will be able to do a ton of cooking with them both. Congrats.

jim bettridge says:

Drooling here Russ!

Cheryl K says:

Nice grill!! Mac and Cheese looks good and so does the chicken!!!

Jugixor says:

Great work Rus! Thumbs up from Finland!

Randy T. Scarecrow says:

I’m so glad you got gas, Rus!!  (  _ahem, koff, koff_ )  😉

Gas… it’s a very convenient thing, (depending how you use the term in a sentence 😉
I love my Weber E330, but your new babe is more feature rich! And if you want to add smoke, just make a packet of aluminum foil with some soaked chips and give a few slits to it, or use that thing you have 🙂  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t, couldn’t live without a charcoal grill, and I’m impressed with the features you’ve pointed out on your new one. That multi-level grate system is an awesome design!
And then you top this off with some awesome cookery, this is a top notch vid, Rus, no joke! Makes me want to hide in your back yard, scourer your garbage cans for leftovers,  and yet somehow be welcomed for dinner at your place 😀

ChangonBBQ says:

You’re a brave man with all those chilies! Looks fantastic.

Melinda Huerta Greene says:

I think habanero would be ok with me…  I like hot, but I dont care for burning your face off hot!  I laugh because I can remember the time when a jalapeno would make me cry.  I can eat them like pickles now!  But I like the FLAVOR of the chili, not so much the heat.  Know what I mean?  Another great video, thank you!

Jajang Nurjaman says:

Look so good

Christopher Malphus says:

Great video Russ. Gonna try the Mac n cheese this wend. Thanks.

michael landry says:

excellent Rus! I like a gas grill for the daily grind of cooking, good to have. now with so many grills, how do you decide which grill to cook what food on.

Cody says:

Bay-Jah-Mel sauce LOL… All joking aside this looks delicious , Rus. That Mac&Cheese was next level.

Onyxoutdoors says:

Man love your channel, I love to grill and just brought a smoker I may never grill ribs again after smoking beef ribs for 6 hours on a smoker! Keep up the good work and keep teaching!

Thereal AdamMercs says:

The one person who disliked this videos is clearly a vegetarian, possibly a dead one.

This is Whats for Dinner says:

Wow, everything about this video was bangin Rus!!! Killer killer grub brother. Cheers!!

Booger500us says:

Rus Rus Rus….Loved it from A tah Z

Smokes A Rollin says:

Man Rus. I’m really lovin the Mac. The wings rock too. I bet they’d be killer with Carbonara, Yum. Great job brother.

Ozzdoc says:

That cheese sauce is ridiculous!!! That would be dangerous to eat everyday ha-ha!

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