Red Weber Kettle limited edition review vs Weber Premium | Which is better?

Brief review of the red Weber 14615001 Original Kettle Premium Limited Edition Charcoal Grill… and comparison my current Weber Premium kettle. Sorry about the quality. I was fighting the rain and pressed for time. This cooker is cool!

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Austin Grove says:

Razorback red! I like it

bill19731000 says:

1952 my BD

BEER-N-BBQ by Larry says:

Almost makes me want to get a new Weber… almost. Ok. I may get one.

Paparoach8676 says:

All it needs now is a, Baby Back Maniac badge. I think they made it for your channel. 😀 Great video, thanks for sharing.

Mack's BBQ Team says:

I want one. I just ordered a grill last week that wasn’t that one. Aaaaahhh. Thanks Justin, I think

Keith Brookshire says:

I THINK that’s the same red as my old school Performer. Now i’m wondering if mine is the same height as yours. Congrats on the new grill.

Greg Winchester says:

Thanks Justin, I’ve been anticipating the release of the Red Kettle. Thanks for the review. I’ll be adding it to the family: Weber Performer, WSM and my original Black Kettle!

Charlies Smokin' BBQ says:

The slow and sear with the metal on the bottom or the one that is open on the bottom what one do you like best

Orlando Avalos says:

Why don’t they change the location of the thermometer if they know the smoking procedures..???

harborx310xarea says:

I’m doing a 18 spatchcock turkey this thanksgiving what weber would be best the 22 or 26? I have both.

The Spincast Guy says:

Awe I enjoyed the videos you guys made

GrabberGT says:

I bought my first kettle last month and just cant get used to it. My previous grill was a Char-griller Akorn. I really liked that grill but do to some abuse and neglect from its owner it developed a rust problem. Also, my family has grown to where I need adequate space to do duel zone cook for 4-6 adults. So after looking around I figured I’d give the Weber a shot considering its following. I cant knock it for its effectiveness at producing some tasty grilled food but I just cant seem to get used to the lower cooking surface. I havent measured but it has to be at least 6″ lower than what I am used to. Im also having issues with the lid. Perhaps the bail holder method as seen on your red would be easier but being used to a hinged lid I find myself just wanting to throw this thing just to get it out of my hands. I just dont know what to do with it. lol. (and before you say it, yes I know about the hook on the inside of the lid.) And then the last thing… properly maintained, people keep these around for decades but I just cant get passed how flimsy it feels. My Akorn was no work of art but it has a solid feel that makes you feel like your cooking on something much more substantial.

Feel free to delete or edit my comments above but apparently I needed to rant. My wife doesnt understand so… this leaves you guys. lol.

Barlow BBQ says:

Love that red color! Thanks for giving us a quick review. ✌️✌️

Joe Sloan says:

Hello Justin, great video, but I have to agree with Mr. Gene Waddle. Red will just not do. War Eagle.

Mike Beagan says:

Justin, if you have the time, I would love to see a list of all of your grills. For purely loathing factor if anything.

Dash Cam Das says:

If only it was $199. Over here in the UK $392(£299)!!!

Aussie Valiant says:

So what are you cooking for us on it???

Ricky B says:

I have a red kettle that’s 30 years old and still cooks a great feed.

GQue BBQ says:

Great video Justin – the lid holder is pretty sweet!

Charlies Smokin' BBQ says:

So Justin, the slow and sear , I know you have the original one and I just saw that you have the extra as well , what in does better with Charcoal, I don’t use lump

Andy Olsen says:

Nice Justin….I have a red one that’s 18-20 years old. I’d get the new one but local wally world had the masters touch 22’s on blow out clearance for 59 bucks. However I want to know if they are offering that red one for the 26.

Joe Brindisi says:

Where can you buy the limited red special edition?

TheHollarBBQ says:

Nice job Justin. Now get it dirty.

Games N' Grills says:

Nice quick review Justin! That new Kettle looks fantastic. I’d love to get one, and had plans on buying one for myself for Christmas, but plans have changed. I hope it’s still around in the spring time. Can’t wait to see your first cook on it!

SteenSmokeHouse says:

Really love that.

Andrew Maher says:

Great quality video. Phone video reviews like this work just fine as the quality is really. really good. MAKE MORE VIDEOS

C.Kronkright Rough House Sports says:

You sold me.

JL 4B says:

Used my Weber last night, same green one as yours. A little bit of rain never stopped me! Thanks for the video, digging the color on the limited edition


That’s a pretty grill brother!!!! Red & Black is always a great combination. I look forward to seeing you doing some cooks on it!!!

Tim Harper says:

It looks Maaarvelous!

ethedr25 says:

Man that thing looks awesome. Great pickup!

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